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Wesley Snipes -- My Money Guy Lied on the Stand

9/10/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes claims his ex-financial adviser -- whose damning testimony led to the actor's 2008 conviction for tax evasion -- is a lying scumbag ... and should be charged with perjury for turning the jury against him.

The financial adviser in question -- named Kenneth Starr (no, not the Lewinsky guy) -- pled guilty today to one count each of wire fraud, investment fraud, and money laundering ... and now faces 45 years in prison for allegedly bilking between $20-$50 million from his celeb clients.

Snipes' lawyer Daniel Meachum tells TMZ, "Starr is a certified liar and a fraud, which is what we always said and believed, and knew he perjured himself by doing the trial. The government should charge him with perjury."

As we first reported, Snipes -- who has been ordered to serve three years in prison -- is demanding a retrial based partly on Starr's testimony ... which Snipes claims shouldn't count because the guy was under investigation for fraud at the time.

Bottom line -- as far as Snipes is concerned, Starr's conviction today is just more ammo in his fight for a second chance.

Patryk Zubrowski


No Avatar


"That cocaine isn't mine -- in fact -- that purse isn't mine either!" Oh, wait. . . wrong famous idiot.

"My financial adviser took all the money and didn't pay my taxes." Yea, that sounds better.

Don't drop the soap in the shower -- your too skinny.

1507 days ago

JungleTails com    

Snipes hate’s America, that's why he cheated Uncle Sam.

1507 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This idiot just needs to face the fact that he is going to jail.

1507 days ago


I see no problem in a retrial if one of the main witnesses against him was convicted of these finance crimes. Snipes claimed Kenneth misappropriated money and hid this from him. Kenneth claimed he paid taxes on Snipes behalf but did not. Kenneth was just convicted of misappropriating other clients money. So Snipes answer actually holds water.

Of course Snipes still owes the money regardless of what happened with Kenneth. I still think Snipes will be convicted on a retrial because of other evidence as it wasn't just the testimony of Kenneth that did him in. But I see no problem in giving him his day in court on a retrial before he is convicted again.

1507 days ago


Meet the next shot-caller on the fifth tier...

1507 days ago


Another s***bag that should jsut be shot already.

1507 days ago


Celebs don't manage their money... that fraudster did and pocketed the money rather than pay uncle sam.

1507 days ago


Bubbles The Chimp, you are a certified , Snipes is not going anywhere idiot !!!!!

1507 days ago



1507 days ago


I heard that, according to The Rev. Al Sharpton, this gorilla shopuld get off with just a slap on the wrist and a few hours community "because the Devil made him do it."

1507 days ago


Wesley should already be doing time. You don't cheat Uncle Sam and blame somebody else. Ask Richard Hatch.

1507 days ago


It's always someone else's fault. These people know where their money is going. Snipes hid out in Africa to avoid the charges. Also isn't it Snipes who hit Halle Berry so hard he broke her eardrum?

1507 days ago

DW Wood    

Another Lindsay Lohan celeb....everyone's fault but mine. He is an obvious tax cheat and crappy actor (he should get time for the movies he made).

Throw his ass in jail and lets move on!

1507 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Weasely is a liar, a thief and a cheater.
Of course, "IT'S THE WHITE MAN'S FAULT". We are all racists keepin a brother down.
I HOPE he gets a new trial and this time gets 20 years instead of 3.
I pay 40% of my income in taxes, and this punk thinks he gets away without? FAIL.

1507 days ago


Wesley Snipes was convicted in July of 3 counts of willful failure to file individual federal income tax returns for 1999, 2000, and 2001. Kenneth Starr was his "financial advisor", who defrauded OTHER clients. Wesley Snipes is an ass, and should have his ass in JAIL. Pay your taxes assfraud, you made 38 million dollars. You deserved to keep every penny? Why?

1507 days ago
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