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NBA Player: I'm Not Dating Mayweather's Baby Mama!

9/14/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chicago Bulls point guard C.J. Watson wants to make one thing perfectly clear -- he has never ... nor will he ever ... date Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s baby mama ... despite what she told police.


As TMZ first reported, Josie Harris told Las Vegas cops that before Mayweather Jr. allegedly attacked her last week ... he demanded to know if Harris was dating Watson ... and she responded, "'Yes, that is who I'm seeing now.'"

But multiple sources close to C.J. -- including his father Charles Watson -- tell TMZ that the NBA player is only in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Danielle -- with whom he has a child.

C.J.'s dad -- who says he talks to C.J. every day -- also tells us, "I know for sure that Josie is not his girlfriend ...  she did some event planning for C.J., but other than that, they have no relationship whatsoever."

Charles adds, "C.J. would never do anything like that to Mayweather [Jr.] ... he doesn't need that."

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yeah ok so this guy was cheating on his girlfriend with this woman i mean doing "event planning" with her but now that it comes to light he's denying it.

On another note i dont see how this is news worthy

1478 days ago

James RB    

Mayweather's going to jail

outdoor wireless security camera

1478 days ago


So, who is the mystery man that text sweet nothings to Ms. Josie Harris' iPhone that set lil' Floyd off to question Ms. Harris' relationship with the mystery man.

Get on it, TMZ.

1478 days ago


its manny pacquiao! so theres gonna be a fight next year, march! theyre gonna be fighting on whos gonna date the hot girl!

1478 days ago


HE doesnt want to get beat up

1477 days ago


@5. its manny pacquiao! so theres gonna be a fight next year, march!

1477 days ago

summerhill ga    

jh what are you thinking, what are you doing, finally what are you going to do now?

1477 days ago


After all, who's thief would admit? no one will admit until they caught on spot eh?!

1477 days ago

rocky brooks    

how about, "he would never do that to his current girlfriend/babymama"?...yup, they fu@#ed...

1477 days ago


This is the #1 reason and cause of spectacular confrontations between baby-daddies and the men the B-Mama brings into the entire picture..

i wish one of these individuals grew up and simply tells the truth.

1) you're not dating her? then why are you there?
2) event planning? all by yourself? take backup so there's proof and witness's that there's nothing shady
3) SHE set you up... she knew she was sending floyd into a rage.. were you playing Capt'n save a ... ya know???
4) Again Again.. Again.... why waste your time on used goods.. can you not find someone else single? without a kid tied to a different man? C'mon now dawg this is about your life and future afterall.. keep it clean.. have you not paid attention to how much drama she just dragged your behind in afterall? THINK!!!!

priceless... so she says you are.. you say you're not..

you both are just lying thru your teeth.. lol.. what a setup for floyd to burst into a complete rage... if he was tyson.. you would no longer have your legs to play B-ball.

lesson should be learned.. simply just stay away from babymama's period!!!!!!!!! have you not seen the drama they cause?? look at Fantasia for reference..>ROFL

1477 days ago


What is it with athletes all having baby mamas? Do none of these guys know how to wrap it? Maybe its not an athlete thing since you don't hear about many baby mamas from tennis players and golfers (Tiger is the exception - who knows with him).

1477 days ago


I'm not dating her, just fuggin her...

1477 days ago


I dont blame CJ.
Gayweather is one crazy dude.

I was not doing your girlfriend, but we text each other all the time day and night.
Oops i guess you right man.

1477 days ago


Boy Floyd is no Tyson.Eventhough they both experienced early childhood parental guidance issues there is clearly no contrast& comparassion concept to look for.Floyd is not going to jail.examine the state laws in ref to domestic violence patterns,B4 you convict a man.He brings in Nevada revenue, do you believe the state of Nevada is willing to sacrifice this? Some of us believe turn-about is fair play,therefore these players are very aware of the rules,all parties implicate in their fiasco.
Cj Watson's Dad's statement makes it appear as if he's the sedative for the boys bondage breaker.A boy's innocence is no longer when one knows how to compromise himself out of a uncompromising position.

1477 days ago


It makes sense. The ball player has a guaranteed contract worth millions for many years and the boxer is headed to the poor house. Boxers don't have the same type of security that NBA players do. She's smart enough to know that Floyd is going to end up blowing his cash in Vegas. If not Vegas, Florida, because they have casinos too. Not to mention he has to maintain his lavish lifestyle, which I might add can't just be turned off like a light switch. But money problems, girl problems or the rite to call yourself the greatest, which, if earned properly by fighting the best would bring residual fame and fortune for a life time. So to fix this problem Floyd, Just fight Pacquiao or Williams or Martinez.

1477 days ago
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