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Danielle Staub -- I'm the New Jerry Springer!

9/13/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You haven't seen the last of Danielle Staub ... in fact, the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star tells us she has TWO new shows in the works.

Danielle Staub

Staub -- who wanted to make it VERY clear that she didn't get fired from "RHONJ" -- tells us she starts taping her "spin-off" next week ... followed by an "over-the-top hosting show."

Staub insists her "spin-off" will be a reality show based around her family drama -- including her daughter's fashion career.

As for the "hosting" show -- good luck finding anything more "over-the-top" than the "Real Housewives" reunion!


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There is somthing really wrong with this woman.

1479 days ago


Everyone thinks this Danielle Staub is one really 'stupid' overrated ho bag in this series.

A 'ho-ho bag' yes, but a stupid woman???


She managed to pull off a 'singing gig' and she's a so-so singer, that's IF you want to call her that.

Her ugly, over-botoxed mug is plastered on too many internet 'gossip' sites, magazines and even on tv!

People 'forget' she's getting paid and receiving attention for all these public appearances too.

Is she REALLY as 'stupid' as we think, or are we the 'stupid' ones for being conned into her games, lies and creative ways of manipulating people in order to make further gains on her end???

Only time well tell.

I give her 6 months before the media and public, scream "NEXT" to her face!

1479 days ago


Danielle is totally delusional. She is under contract with BRAVO for two more years.....she CAN NOT do another tv show unless its with them or they approve. Look how that worked out for Jon Gosslin. LOL Here come MORE lawsuits. Is there anyone left out there who isn't suing this trash for her lies? Good Riddance Prostitution Whore !!

1478 days ago


Danielle, just another Jersey wannabe Mob Moll. haha I don't know if the ex-husband should have custody either. Someone needs to step in for these girls before it is too late. Bye, Danielle.


1478 days ago


WTF how do wackos like this get shows ?

1478 days ago


Is this show going to be on Bravo? I read that Danielle can't do
anything outside of Bravo for the next so many years. As far as
Danielle is concerned "that's a F***n nuff." Enough said.

1478 days ago


I find it hard to believe anyone would give that walking liability a show, but stranger things have happened.
If she isn't lying about this too, I'm sure it will be as huge of a failure as her song and sex tapes. Nobody wants to look at you or hear from you skank! PUH-LEASE disappear!

1478 days ago


Hollywood Life states Danielle be filming next week for a show called "Social" This is a Robin Leach type show. OMG please help us all. How can somone like this get any type of show except maybe a porno flick?

1478 days ago

Jeannie Yaild    

I didn't like how she ran away from the other ladies. She should have stood there and let Teresa fight her..she would have had another lawsuit on her hands. I'm sorry to see her go but happy she has other things in the works. Although, she does tell her daughters too much. The kids should be allowed to be kids. If the youngest wants to sing when older? Great but until then give her a barbie doll and some friends and sleep overs. These girls are always alone with Danielle and talking about Danielle's problems..That's too much.

1478 days ago


Normally ugly ass people are kind, but this witch is not only ugly on the outside but on the inside as well. I really feel for her children. Go away already!!!!!

1477 days ago


To all the people who wrote negative post are just jealous and wish that they can be in this "old hag" shoes. She looks good for her age and some of you are probably fat and out of shape.

1477 days ago


If I were ANY network, I'd be scared to work with her/hire her. She's 'sue happy', not to mention that she's a total sociopath/psychopath.

Yes, Danielle, you ARE garbage! Do you have to be told THREE TIMES to get it through your thick head?

I hope that the ex gets his kids back. I feel sooooo sorry for your girls. They're not going to tell you that even they think you're a nut-job because they're scared of you. Maybe you should take a look at some of the episodes where your girls ask that you don't do a drive-by at Carolines' party. In fact, in one episode, your younger daughter actually cries!!! AND YOU STILL GO ANYHOW!

You have no business being a mother. NONE.

1477 days ago

B*tch Please!!    

Yay! She's finally away from the thug three stooges (Caroline, Teresa, and Jacqueline). Can't stand Caroline, the manipulator. There's no one crazier than Teresa, the deadbeat. Jacqueline is just a sheep that does as she's directed by Caroline. They gang up on Danielle and attack her, then act surprised when she responds. What a bunch of morons. Glad to see that she may have her own show(s). I definitely won't be watching RHONJ as long as Caroline and Teresa are on it. - This has got to be Skanky Staub! Skanky Danny when will you ever tell the truth about any of your whorish ways? The entire renunion show you kept saying how you were rounding them up but in actuality they had you ass running faster than the roadrunner. Everybody knws you sent those videos too..stoopid! How about all you can threaten is lawsuits tht you have to drop as soon as you file...idiot! And then to go after a child because she called your bluff...scarry

1477 days ago


I have been watching the RHONJ from the beginning and Danielle Staub is a certifiable lunatic. She goes from wanting to be friends with all of the other cast-mates to publicly suing one of their daughters. She is a fake and a fraud and her poor daughters have to be subjected to her delusional antics in the public spotlight. She also thinks her youngest can sing and the poor thing couldn't carry a tune in a paper sad, so very very sad.

1477 days ago


I love how she always acts like a victim, and then in her side interviews talks like she some big, tough bitch that will kick "their" asses....but all she ever does is run away & act like they are picking on her....grow up Danielle - you are how old?? sorry excuse for a monther!

1472 days ago
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