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Heidi and Spencer -- Reunited and it Feels So Bad

9/13/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer, please ... just divorce already. We got these photos, which were taken yesterday just north of Los Angeles, and the rat we're smelling is really beginning to stink.

Although Heidi insists she's divorcing Spencer, they were walking in stride in Carpinteria, CA at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Spencer is fresh off his arrest at the airport in Costa Rica, after he was snagged for illegal firearms possession, cited and released.

If these crazy kids can't make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?


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Geez Harvey, why don't you just blow Spencer already. You print every one of his moves, and then feign disgust.

1478 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

"These go to 11."

1478 days ago


How adorable they look! So happy to see they are together! Heidi would be crazy to give up this terrific, cute, intelligent guy who just adores her. It doesn't matter how beautiful you are, it's really hard to find the right guy for you. Heidi looks totally awesome even without makeup -- just absolutely gorgeous, even with her nose tape. So cute! Thanks for bringing us our Heidi and Spencer news TMZ -- that's why we come here. And glad to see TMZ that you are adding positive comments about their getting possibly getting back together.

1478 days ago


Seriously. They look horrible.

1478 days ago


Is this really a picture of him from this past weekend? The pictures from the weekend about his arrest in Costa Rica showed him with shorter hair and clean shaven. How could he grow so much hair so soon? One of the stories have the wrong pictures with it.

1478 days ago


Stop acting surprised TMZ. You keep buying their garbage hook, line, and sinker. The very first time you reported their divorce I knew it was fake. Then you guys were POSITIVE the divorce was real when the papers were filed, seeming not to understand that CA has a mandatory waiting period of 6 months or so before it can be finalized. Of course they knew that and also knew it is no problem to pull the plug on the divorce any time before that.

Maybe these two get your website lots of page hits so that's why you keep reporting on them. But do be idiots and buy into their nonsense every time.

1478 days ago


bann them TMZ

1478 days ago


Spencer is my hero, has has that chick whipped. Now that is how you handle a woman.

1478 days ago


This picture was taken at the finish line of the SB Avon Walk where all the REAL walkers were celebrating their accomplishments. H&S drove up in a Lexus got out of the car with a photographer staged and snapped this picture and then got in the car and left. I could care less about H&S - but find the behavior totally disrespectful to all of the volunteers and walkers who put their heart, souls and bodies into this weekend. Shame on yoiu H&S - take your antics somewhere else!

1478 days ago


If the stupid press would stop giving them power--our wishes would be granted and they would fade away.

1478 days ago


Look at her nose when she isn't smiling. It's almost as wide as her mouth. It also points straight up making her nostrils look huge and you can see right up them.

Also what are the brown spots on her nose? They look like liver spots.

LOL @ the comment that Spencer looks like an armpit with eyes.

1478 days ago

There's a problem here    

She had more facework done, and now looks like yet another person: Heidi #3. Look out catlady Heidi is gonna leave you in the dust.

1478 days ago


ACKKKK! Go away you whack jobs!

1478 days ago


She had more plastic surgery on her mug. What's really funny is that her chin is still lopsided and the right side is bigger than the left side.

1478 days ago


is it just me? or I can't even be 100% sure that is Heidi anymore...

1478 days ago
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