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MJ Cemetery Charging 3 Bucks to Leave Gifts

9/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's gonna cost Michael Jackson fans if they want to continue leaving gifts inside the King of Pop's mausoleum -- because TMZ has learned the cemetery is now charging a special $3 MJ delivery fee.

Michael Jackson mausoleum gift fee.

According to sources at the infamous burial space, Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA has decided to take down the stage where fans were previously allowed to place gifts -- and are now enacting a new gifting policy ... so long as fans pay the price and abide by the rules.

Effective immediately, cemetery staff will take gifts for MJ inside the mausoleum -- where fans are still forbidden from setting foot -- for a $3 fee ... oh yeah, as long as those gifts are flowers.

Anything else -- teddy bears, posters, picture frames, candles -- will get dumped ... and if they run out of space inside, we're told excess gifts will have to brave the elements outside.

UPDATE: The cemetery tells us "Anyone who purchases flowers, for any decedent, can request that the arrangement purchased at Forest Lawn is to be placed at an interment site."



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I'm on the hoax site on the investigation of Michael's "Death" and I never thought about the comment posted about a mug shot for Doc murray....Really, that does make a lot of sense. Everyone else has them. Also, this same company that DOES take his pics and the supposed pics of the ambulance and the helicopter are all the same company. No other pics but theirs, and yet not mug shot???

1496 days ago


Whats the big deal about 3 bucks for mj anyway? it certainly does not compare to the millions he contributed to orphaned children and alot of people in need, and mj being mj he never questioned it he just did from his heart!!!! if i wanted to send something i would just have to pay the 3 bucks but it is everyones choice if they want to contribute to the cause!!!right?? ITS ALL FOR L.O.V.E. ITS ALL ABOUT MICHAEL!!! sue from tampa

1496 days ago


Anything for a buck!

1496 days ago


Even before these supposed crazed fans ruined it for the rest of us... the family, the courts, the associates of Michael... all seem to be trying to keep the fans from mourning him.
From the beginning, first the police tell us not to go down to the Staple Center for the memorial. We were told to just watch it on TV. Then the fans were kept back several blocks from the opening gate of the cemetery during the funeral. Then we were told we would not be welcomed at Forest Lawn for the anniversary. We were told not to bombard the grounds with flowers. I heard there was even an order of no loitering outside the front gates of the cemetery.
Now this!
What's next?

This is just another reason why Michael should never have been entombed there. He should be at Neverland. He said he would never live there again after 2005, but he would visit.
Well, He's Not Living!!!
So what's stopping them from making it his final resting place?
There could be a rear access road built that would keep people from traveling through the neighboring town upsetting the residents if that's a problem.
The attorneys and the family can make it happen if they really want to.
Like everything else, the issue is probably money.

Whatever the reason... Neverland should be restored so the fans can have a proper place to mourn and visit him, without having to face constant objections from MJ hating outsiders and money hungry opportunists.

1496 days ago


that must be their way of trying to discourage the fans from leaving mementos .
of course the flowers makes money for them .topped off by the three bucks and no guarantee they make it inside the mausoleum.
i wonder if some fl employees wives and mothers have been getting some beautiful floral arrangements ? hmmm

1496 days ago


Take your 3 bucks and give it to a homeless shelter.

1496 days ago




1496 days ago


Instead of using your money to buy gifts for a dead man who was, I'm pretty sure, a pedophile, why not donate the money to the needy?

1496 days ago


Don’t you think the money spent on flowers would be better served donated to charity?

1496 days ago


I love Michael but those toys should be given to needy kids. Some fans need to really get a grip. It's totally possible for your heart to turn cartwheels daily over Michael w/o disturbing FL all the time.

1496 days ago


I sure hope all of the Jacksons are online getting the truth out about Michael

1496 days ago

mj fan forever    

Will be done!!! After all that Michael Jackson has given to the world it really seems me the minimum!! Love you so much Michael!!

1496 days ago


to #34

Yes, the lack of a Conrad Murray mugshot is a major clue that no one thinks would think the tabloids would be fighting each other for it..

They had gotten MJ's mugshot, and recently Paris Hilton's, but Conrad Murray's is impossible to get? Why is that?

I'd like to see if Harvey can explain why they haven't pursued that. They get Murray posing at Starbucks and by a hotel pool but can't obtain the mugshot????????????????

If one does not exist then boy, that opens up a lot of discussion, doesn't it.

1496 days ago


I could see why they wanna charge a fee for handling the gifts as they have to spend the resources to do this, i.e. the staff, the time, the efforts. Yes, I agree with Chico, they should pass them along to charities/hospitals. Not everyone could afford to buy flowers for their loved ones in hospital. I hope this is just their oversight saying that they would dump them. No, they shouldn't. MJ would have wanted them to donate them. Charge the fee, I'm OK with it, and then send the staff to drop the gifts off at charities/hospitals.

1496 days ago


Hi Daphne,this is the first time i ever heard of a cemetary charging a fee.Is this a private cemetary?

1496 days ago
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