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Dwight Howard -- My Baby Mama Owes Me $500 Million

9/16/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA star Dwight Howard claims he's sick of his baby mama bashing him to the media -- a violation of their court settlement  -- and now dude wants at least $500,500,000 to make things right.  

TMZ has obtained legal docs filed by the Orlando Magic star in Orange County, Florida, in which he claims his baby mama Royce Reed -- who stars on VH1's "Basketball Wives" -- leaked dirt about him to the media at least 11 times ... thus violating a 2009 gag order. 

In the docs, Howard explains that if the leaked stories reached 1,000,000 people -- a safe estimate given that the stories were posted all over the Internet -- the damages should add up to $500,500,000 based on the terms of their previous agreement.

A rep for Reed denies any wrongdoing -- telling TMZ the leaked info originated from legal documents ... which is "immune to any agreement made by the parties."

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@Texas Knight African American women do not dream of being with a baller. If you check out ballers wives more than 90% are not african american. so who is really after them? I like dwight as a person, i think that he and his baby's mother should get along for the child's sake. No matter what he'll still have to pay child support, but what I don't understand is if Royce Reed is getting 10,000 a month in child support, why should she want more. She is not working for that money. She is not running up and down that court every other night. Be satisfied for what you already have.

1506 days ago


Dwight must have lots to hide...

1506 days ago


Howard should spend less time outing his personal life and more time practicing free throws.

1506 days ago


Dwight, sit your whining a$$ down!

1506 days ago


Dwight is a loser!!! He is a professional bball player. Hello his business is going to be reported especially when he is lawsuit happy! He is just doing this because she called the cops when she went to the daycare and her kid was gone!! You havent seen her filing big dollar dumb lawsuits, just him! he is a jerk! he and his lawyers are doing more to ruin his reputation than her!

1506 days ago


I am trying to see why he is being blasted for wanting to spend time with his child? If he wasn't trying, he would be called a deadbeat...if he tries to pick him up, he's a loser....come on lady...grow up and let you son spend time with his daddy....the kid was at daycare at the age of 2, it wasn't taking time from you. Furthermore, why is this child in daycare and you are well paid? Ever hear of a nanny at home or even better....stay your butt at home and take care of your kid. You get a big fat check for child support.

1506 days ago


Well she agreed to shut up and she chose not to, so who is really at fault? She should have never agreed to go on that show anyway...they are all golddiggers...they all make me sick...get a job you idiot women! Have a little self respect about yourself and not air your dirty laundry on TV...so stupid! I dont understand...10 minutes of fame and a lifetime of humilation...is it really worth it? Cause in years to come all we will remember about her is that she is his baby mama and the others will be insignificant as well...worthless!!

1506 days ago


You go Dwight. You people should see what actually happens with these women that go after b-ball players. They will do anything to get a piece of them. I have been to too many of these parties. Yes i agree Dwight should have kept it in his pants, but to say it came from legal do***ents is just a end run around the agreement. Bust her behind Dwight!!!!

1505 days ago


the guy is a 6 foot 11 black dude...
she has gagged enough, i dont think she needs a gag order.

1505 days ago


I love Dwight Howard!

1505 days ago


I didn't know Royce well, she was too young, but I know one of her sisters. ALL of them well educated in private schools, from a good family but they also are drama queens. I won't divulge any family details beyond this, but I'm not shocked

1505 days ago


It is becoming more evident to me that he despises this woman and is trying to drive her insane. Leave her alone and let her take care or your son in peace! All this extra BS he is doing is drawing more negative attention to him than she ever did. Now this ish is all every webpage bc of his own foolishness. Pay the woman and sign over your rights if she bothers you that much. The woman can barely breathe without this 7 foot fool all in her grill

1505 days ago



1505 days ago


dude she should just STFU problem solved damn if women want everyone too treat them with so much respect dont act like a naggy, big mouth, bitch plain and simple... the whole 500 million was a ploy to keep her mouth shut period. most people who are binded by a contract and threatened to be sued for 500 million for talking about certain subjects wouldn't say a word but of course no self control and its Dwight's fault too because he slept with this crazy chick.. screw the magic lol and to A.M.D. she didnt do **** for that money

1505 days ago


Dwight is right for this sue this Gold digging ho look at what happened to Tiger Woods she simply shoulda did what the court said and kept her mouth shut now she gotta pay every single dime she have or gets for the rest of her life to that man she is dumb gold digging whore its funny cause girls always do this to guys now its the other way around people are saying he is wrong get the **** outta here with your hypocritical ass!!!!!!!!!!!

1505 days ago
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