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Katy Perry Strips

... Then Rips Old Classmate

9/15/2010 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry burned one of her former classmates during a surprise performance at her old high school yesterday ... calling out some dumbass who ignored her during her pre-girl-kissing years.

Katy Perry Strips
It all went down at Dos Pueblos High School near Santa Barbara, CA -- where 25-year-old Katy claims she spotted and then singled out the "most popular kid" in her class -- then rubbed in the fact that he "never wanted to date" her.

Katy then poured salt in the wound by screaming, "What's up now?" ... and followed it up by dedicating her next song to him ... titiled, "You're So Gay."

BTW, Katy started off the show wearing a cheerleader outfit ... then stripped into something more revealing ... and yes, we left that part in.


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Amy Oliver    

What Katy did was hilarious!! If you knew Shane you would be laughing to. Katy is hot and all the haters are just jealous! Like Katy could care that much about Shane, she did way better then him :)

1463 days ago


Maybe he was turned off by her acne.... must have been bad based on her INFOMERCIAL. She was a freshman before quitting to get her GED while he obtained a college degree and says he's happy with his high school girl. All these years later and he's still on her mind. STALKER!!!!

1463 days ago


Yeah maybe that felt good for her to do, but look how it makes her look! Very very bitter. She would've been the bigger person to just ignore him. But by acknowledging he was there & attempting to "embarrass" him she only ended up embarrassing herself.

If this was her personality in high school then maybe that's the reason he didn't date her.

1463 days ago

kind adams    

HEy every one should think life is matter of whom you love the emotional feelings pushed her to sing that way so evry one it all about you loving up with a man or a lady you were both high school..........i want every body here to listen and understand about ROMEO AND JULIET.....) nobody is perfect. Dont insult her personality thr is new life and hope in every thing in luv advents,....................u can share about me on my aol any one is free

1463 days ago


lame. what a bitch.

1463 days ago


All the people that are giving her **** are stupid. You can tell she was joking around. Some people don't have a since of humor.

1463 days ago

Russell better marry Russell ASAP...your future is on reality shows

1463 days ago


No talent, no class & fulgy b*tch. Give the guy credit for seeing this years ago.

1463 days ago


Anyone who thinks people are criticizing her due to jealousy are either stupid or naive. Jealous of what? Her looks? Looks are subjective, and it's easy to mistakenly think someone is hot simply because they are more attractive than you. Jealous of her money? If you're making enough money to pay the bills and have a decent amount of money left over then what is more money going to do for you? Absolutely nothing, really. I doubt they'd be jealous of her fame. Why would anyone want to be famous? You end up with people following you and trying to find out about your personal life. Honestly I can understand wanting revenge if someone did something to you, say shoving you into lockers. What I don't understand is wanting revenge for someone not liking you, especially if they hadn't purposely led you to believe they had feelings for you. To be so spiteful towards someone for not liking you is a sign of a shallow person in my opinion.

1463 days ago

Fred Garvin    

Calling this guy out while being hooked up with Russell Retard?
This idiot wannabe has lost her mind for real.

1463 days ago


hmmm, now that I think about this, it must have been staged....just more PR crap for some artist....

1463 days ago


Really pathetic on the part of Katy Perry... Get the heck over it, geez. Aren't you about to get married anyway? She's such a fake.

1463 days ago


Here's the real question, what was this guy doing at the school with Katy Perry performing anyway. Everyone wants to say "she is the one that still thinks about him" and "just because you are famous now doesn't mean he is struck with envy". So obviously he was curious as to seeing her sing because he showed up. If you didn't give a rip than you wouldn't have even been there.

1462 days ago


@jody that same more about that person if they feel the need to do that. it shows they arent as happy as they appear and she probably still has something for him. if a guy rejects a girl he's 'gay', if a girl rejects a guy he's a 'stalker' gotta love the double stanard in this increasingly feminiszed society

1462 days ago


shane is the football coach at dp now so obviously he would be there right next to his team who went to watch. i was there also and it was all in good fun jeesh so much drama with everyone! its just a little joke shane was laughing the whole time. and she didnt just point him out..the crowd did because most of the older kids knew about it already

1462 days ago
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