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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/15/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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I hope you read this. I was not in any way directing my comments toward you. In all honesty, I have been involved with a lot of "wars" at TMZ, and never once did I feel satisfied with the end result. I was not commenting about you personally, I was just merely stating that in the past 15 months, I have watched countless times that someone said something about MJ that was totally taken out of context. For example, one person says MJ had vitiligo, the autopsy proved it. Another says, no MJ did not, and the bleaching cream found at Holmby proves he did not. Then it escalates into something way out of hand, when in reality, everyone wants the same thing, justice for MJ. But a small difference like that is blown out of proportion, and then a small war escalates.

Also, were you aware of muzik factory's racist rants on twitter? That she used the "N" word repeatedly when she was pissed off? She was being attacked, I will give her that. But in my mind, she used that word time and time again, so how can she reconcile that? She is an awesome researcher, she knows her MJ history and she is dedicated to what she thinks should be justice for Michael. But the use of the "N" word is not acceptable, and I'm sure Michael would agree.

1439 days ago


-#526: Hey MiMi! See this is the EPITOME of the kind of misinformation Michael has had to deal with his entire life. According to this, Adams stated he gave Michael Propofol for the DENTAL WORK, but on top of making it seem like Adams CONSISTENTLY supplied Michael with Propofol, db's posts made it seem like he was giving it to him just to get "high"....
Thing is, it appears that Murray only brought this up to save his OWN hide. His attorney specializes in Propofol cases, so I'm sure he was smart enough to get out Michael's file and contact any doctor he's ever had, making it easy for Murray to come up with his little story.....
I am highly SUSPICIOUS of any infio that comes from Murray's camp because it is more likely more of the same SPIN.....
-#528: Profile of an EGOMANIAC:
One option to responding to the information I posted would be to thank me for the effort. Just as thought. -db
LOL x 50!!
-#530: CloBird, thanks for your informative response. I will address you this last time because I think you unfortunately got caught in the middle of a train wreck of sorts. You and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to Michael, and probably never will because while you look at the "science" and "analytical side of what makes the man, I look at the "artistic" and "Soul" of the man. The difference between us is that I CAN look at him analytically and I have--good and BAD, but unlike you, I choose not to constantly major in the MINORS or negatives of his life, realizing that there are enough tabloids trashing him to sink the TITANIC.......
Michael was a man, but he was so much LARGER than life. There are so many HUGE contributions he made to this world through Music, through dance, through charity, through health and Environmental Awareness, through Civil Liberties, and through raising 3 beautiful, mature children--with all of these Achievements, not to mention his WORLD RECORDS and AWARDS, I ask myself why people spend so much time on the negative--ESPECIALLY here in the US? It's almost as if we can't handle having a genius of his calibre come from our midst unless he's a nerd like Bill Gates, or some way removed billionaire like Anschutz....
I think it's a sad comment on our society that we feel the need to do this to our own, or anyone else's for that matter. Then again in the US, apparently not all artists are created equal. It saddens me because there were artists like Elvis Presley and John Lennon--who I loved, btw--who could've cared less about their fellow man, and prided them selves on it....Lennon even had the nerve to call himself above God--claiming that he and the beatles were "bigger than Jesus", but we've all somehow forgiven or forgotten that statement.........
Suffice it to say, I mean NO disrespect to you and your opinions even if I disagree with them--and I have that right, as do you...but please don't get caught up in db's "rinse cycle", it has nothing to do with you or I, and everything to do with her/him........
-#538: Hey MiMi! Thanks for your attempts to be the VOICE OF REASON here but as you can see, the UN-DYNAMIC DUO is at it, again. Believe me, I've made several attempts at avoiding this person, but they will have none of it. I admit that I've enjoyed watching them squirm a bit too much and would like to back off for the sake of the REAL fans, but they make it SO HARD!! Case in point:
I would not mind at ALL if they fanatics all left. In their place would come rational people interested in facts, not opinions. TMZ will do just fine without you. --DB
....Spoken like a true "T-Party-er"......LOL!
Here's the thing, I will call it quits with this because I have NOTHING to gain by it, HOWEVER, I can make no promises when they or anyone else constantly trash Michael with innuendo like that Adams crap. Thing is, they've trashed him so much, I don't think they even realize they're doing it.....or they think we're DUMB enough not to catch them at it....
There is definitely a LACK OF INTELLIGENCE on these boards, but it's not coming from the REAL fans/Supporters......
-#540: WOW Marcia, I LOVED YOUR POST!! Gon' Girl!! The thing with Michael's nose is that he had 2 RHINOPLASTIES done, but several PROCEDURES done to correct those rhinoplasties. Even in the end, he still didn't like what they had done any more than anyone else, and had Klein making improvements on it....
As for the Light/Dark sitch, he had Vitiligo, end of story. Why can't people accept that? And what if he didn't? I almost wish Michael would've gone on record saying, I changed my color, I changed my nose, I dress the way I want to--WHAT OF IT? I don't know hardly ANY Artists--especially Geniuses, who don't march to their own beat and live their life by their OWN standards. And SO WHAT? Why do people continuously need to harp on this? I'll tell you why, IMO 2 reasons:
-They find it hard to accept that such an AMAZING Talent could come from such humble beginnings (guess they forgot about mst geniuses throughout history)
-It makes their mundane, colorless life seem a little more livable if they can bring a MEGASTAR like Michael down a few pegs....
There's also the chance that they post crap on here in hopes of turning his Supporters away from him, but what they don't realize is that anyone who can be that easily turned away, was no fan to begin with. They also ASSume that most fans are Johnny come lately's like they are, not realizing that many of us were with Michael WAY before "Dangerous", Way before "Thriller", and even Way before "Dancin' Machine". And you don't follow and support someone for over THREE DECADES and not realize that they WONDERFULLY HUMAN, flaws and ALL......
No Peace till Justice!!

1439 days ago


-#542: Hey Chico, thanks for the response. I only addressed you because I thought you had misunderstood me in the midst of all of this chaos. Unfortunately, it's clear that db and I don't get along, although we did in the past until something changed, but my only reason for addressing her and CloBird was because I'm tired of seeing Michael trashed Everywhere I go, and I'm starting to lose my patience with it...ENOUGH ALREADY!!
Someone on here (Cory?) suggested a site where fans can post good news or things about Michael. But the first time I saw it, I disregarded it, but now, I realize it may be a necessity. The Naysayers are doing such a great job keeping their spin against him out there for all the world to see. Why not come up with Positives to balance that out? Not that I think Michael needs any defending--HE WAS WHAT HE WAS, HE ACHIEVED WHAT HE ACHIEVED, HE LEFT WHAT HE LEFT and he has a lasting LEGACY of MUSIC, HUMANITARIANISM, DANCE AND CHILDREN...end of story. But then there's Gen 'Y' and the generations after them who may need a little more explanation of the's these people who make me want to get the truth of what happened in Michael's life out there....that, and my love for him.....
As for muzik factory, I was NOT aware of any racist rants, and you're right that's totally UNACCEPTABLE and makes me take a closer look at the source. But even as much as I am APPALLED by her ignorance, I noticed you said she was an awesome researcher, so let me ask anyway, what did you think of her theories? Also, have you read Leonard Rowe's book on Jetzi, yet and what do you think of it?
I noticed you posted on the other board yesterday, but I had spent too much time on these boards to respond. I will try to check in there tonight and do so. That board just made me so nauseated lately--even worst than the fighting on here, because we seem to be getting the run around and someone's trying to play us, IMO.....
BTW: I totally agree that wars won't solve anything, I admit my part in it, but I have tried to put an end to it. Problem is when a person just decides they dislike you for reasons known only to them, what can you do? I've tried everything including avoidance, and still my name comes up in every one of their posts. I'm start to understand a little of what Michael went through with the Media........
Thing is, I think in the past, db mistook my kindness for weakness. Just because I backed down, she took it to mean I couldn't hang,when in reality, I was just trying to deflect the situation because so many fans complained about it. And you know the level of time and energy that goes into being a part of an Investigation....not that I claim to be in the streets searching for clues but I definitely do my time online whenever I can....
Bottom line, I do want it to end. It's becoming a HUGE bore and just plain DUMB....
and to quote 'Ashley' in GWTW, "and when the wars were all over, noone knew what they were about....."
No Peace till Justice!

1439 days ago


Let's all remember that Michael was a human being,a gifted man, but a troubled man.He does deserve justice.
Part of the problem with celebrity is the amount of information that is published.Sometimes the information is correct,sometimes not.Sometimes a celebrity plants stories in the press to stir up publicity for her/himself;I don't know if this is true about Michael,Ive only heard stories about it and I don't know if it is true or not.I do know that all sources are not to be trusted.I do know that sometimes,even those sources who do have a connection to a celebrity hear only a part of a story,or get information wrong.
One thing I do know is that Michael had trouble getting a fair shake.The media is still really only interested in portraying him as weird.He wrote songs "Leave Me Alone" and "Scream" as a commentary to his treatment by the press.
I also know that many of Michael's "friends" betrayed him.Some of the things friends have said to the media were meant to be confidences,were private matters that I am not sure Michael would have wanted people to know.And then there are "friends" who just lie.
Then there are those who just plain misunderstood Michael,still do,and keep on publishing misinformation,lies.
Perhaps this case will clear things up,perhaps not.All I can think is "Poor Michael.You can't get a break..." and sigh.

1438 days ago



Posted at 6:01 PM on Sep 19, 2010 by CloBird

By age 18 or 19 Michael's acne had cleard up. Like many black folks, he went from having an afro to a chemical processed curl, thus changing his look. By the time he filmed his Rock With You video it was apparent that he had a nose job and when he did the Thriller album he looked the same. It wasn't until the release of his Bad album did his skin color lighten. He was perhaps a whole shade lighter (mostly due to makeup), however his nose remained the same plus he added a cleft to his chin. Who knows what went on from this point except for MJ & his doctor(s), because when Dangerous came out he was shockingly 2 to 3 shades lighter. I believe I read somewhere or he may have said it in an interview that makeups were used to cover up blotches. And that things were experimented in order to keep his skin brown, however they did not work so as to even out the blotches prescribed bleaching creams were used that some suffering from vitiligo utilized, but certainly not all. Seeing as he was in the entertainment industry of course this would be the route that he would take. Personally I think one of MJ's biggest mistakes was not letting the public in on his condition so that we could see him changing. It was all just so drastic to us that some feel that for whatever reasons he didn't want to be black, which is stupid. ...

Posted at 3:30 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by marcia

Marcia,one thing that bothers me is that the media says that Michael had so many cosmetic procedures done.They go to cosmetic surgeons who didn't know Michael and they look at pictures and say that he had this done and that done.
Well,I doubt that Michael had as many surgeries as these surgeons said.I think that some of these surgeons went on television to drum up business for themselves.
After the acne was treated,Michael developed the discoid lupus rash on his face.It's a butterfly shaped rash on the cheeks and across the bridge of the nose.Makeup for people with olive to darker complexions wasn't readily available in the late '80's.Michael used cosmetics to cover up.When he developed the universal vitiligo,he had to use makeup to cover that.
Michael was photographed a lot.Photographic lighting lightens up the skin tone when the lights bounce off makeup.
Repigmentation has a large failure rate when it comes to large areas of the skin.Michael chose to depigment so he'd have a better chance at having one skin tone.Michael had a bad case of vitiligo but not has bad as it could have been;in some extreme cases the spotting is so horrible that a person looks like a Dalmatian!Michael did what he had to do to treat the condition.
As to the cosmetic procedures: I think makeup,weight loss,and eyebrow shaping all can make a face look different.Michael plucked his eyebrows,then grew fuller eyebrows and kept a clean arch;that alone can open up the eye area and make the eye look lifted.He did have nose jobs and the chin implant,but there were so many other procedures listed that I have doubts.Michael could have used non-surgical temporary things to keep looking fresh and healthy.The media just loves to pick on Michael because he makes a good story.

1438 days ago


That tickled me,DB.
I have a list of people whom I think should give Michael a break and most of them can be found in the numerous posts of certain conspiracy theorists.

1438 days ago


Hi Clobird,you are right.Michael was betrayed by the" family",first,second by "friends" and like you said how do we know what is true and what is a lie but you know it's the people's fault that the media have become so powerful,if we didn't watch shows like ET or bought a tabloid which is so full of trash.I am sorry Clobird when i say we i mean in general.

1438 days ago


Yes,sofi,we are the audience for this media and we are partially responsible for the garbage that comes from it...sad,but true.

1438 days ago


Hi Danger,how is your throat?

Will you stick around or will you go to the most recent one?

Don't worry about your back,i will help cure it.

1438 days ago


Clobird,sorry,you said about your back but don't worry i will help you too.

1438 days ago


#528: CloBird, great post. Thing is, I know many of the so-called FLAWS of Michael having supported him for over 30 yrs., but the good still outweighs the bad. And yes, he and Frank DiLeo did plant stories in the Press--the hyperbaric chamber, some of the "Bubbles" stories, and his attempt to purchase the Elephant Man's bones, but I don't think it was for publicity as much as it was Michael trying to play the Media at their own game. Remember how much of a prankster he was as a child--and when he planted these stories--in the mid-80's, he was still in his child-like stage which he didn't grow out of until after the '93 allegations when he got married to LisaMarie and Deb Rowe, and began to have children....
See, I think the story planting was the same to him as a good game of "water balloons" or pie in the face....and there was also a part of him that possibly wanted to get back at the Press for saying such mean things about him--he was only human......
Of course, we now know his forays with playing the Media backfired and it was the beginning of their determination to see him tarnished permanently.....sad......
Bottom line, there were so many people who wanted to do Michael harm, and many who only had his best interests at heart. Too bad the ones who walked the "dark side", are the ones who ALWAYS managed to get close to him....
BTW: You wrote:
I have a list of people whom I think should give Michael a break and most of them can be found in the numerous posts of certain conspiracy theorists.
Posted at 11:13 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by CloBird
Was this a serious statement, or a joke at my expense? If it was serious, I'd like to hear what you have to say, if a joke.....TOUCHE!

-danger, if you saw posts from me on every board as you put it, then that would mean that YOU ALSO posted on those VERY SAME BOARDS, right? I thought so.....
Just so you know, the point of going out, enjoying the sunshine and shopping is to enjoy life. I find it hard to believe you were abe to do those things while POSTING RETORTS and LAST DIGS on EVERY CURRENT MICHAEL BOARD......
C'mon now, this stalking thing is getting OLD.......even for you........
No Peace till Justice!

1438 days ago


My question about the joke was to CloBird, NOT you...or is that your way of trying to confess something??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...........
No Peace till Justice!!

1438 days ago



I'm not too thrilled about Leonard Rowe. His perspective on Branca and the will is clearly wrong. I cannot say 100% that anyone is beyond suspicion, but I am 99.99% sure that Branca was Michael's friend and that he did indeed hire Branca on June 17th, 2009. I cannot answer why there are inconsistencies in the will, but I did read a lot on Judge Beckloff and I do believe him to be on the up and up.

The jury is still out regarding Sony, at least for me. AEG seems to have more of a motivation for killing Michael than Sony did, imo. The ATV collateral, for one. And even though Sony has the rights to buy out Michael's half first and foremost, there is something, some aspect, that is missing here and the public does not know about, nor do I. Rowe, imo, was another MJ leech.

As far as muzik, I will say she knows her stuff. And to be honest, I've only read one or two of her blogs. One thing I have to say in her defense, is that once a person becomes prominent in the MJ fanbase, they are subjected to awful attacks by other fans who don't necessarily believe what they believe. This is what I was trying to say earlier. She truly believes that Sony is culpable for either the direct or indirect demise of MJ. She also believes that the Jackson brothers who are working with Sony have backstabbed their now deceased brother. She was attacked relentlessly. However, no matter what, I just cannot get past her use of the "N" word, especially considering that she is fighting for justice for an African American man. I cannot reconcile those two aspects of her. But, I do believe that in her own way, at the core of her, she wants justice for Michael, as she feels that he was victimized for most of his life, especially by Sony.

1438 days ago


Cherwood there are many,many other people out on-line and even on mainstream media who are trashing Michael and his fans every day.
As for the troll list,in other Michael threads there are some real cyber-bullies who post extremely harsh statements about anyone who attempts to have a serious conversation about the Jackson case.DB,me,you,any one who is taking Michael's situation seriously,is called names,demeaned.DB's post made me think about those cretins,who may be ill-bred teenagers,or just rabid,ill-tempered hate mongerers.

As for Chico's post about not trusting Leonard Rowe,what I find a bit worrying is that there are many people who did work with Michael who are spreading untruths about business dealings.They did know Michael,did work with him on somethings,but they don't have the complete picture so they put their own spin on the story as pass it all as factual.
Michael hired,fired and rehired people.He originally fired the Branca team because of something one of his "friends" said,that Branca and company had not reported money transactions correctly leading Michael to believe they were stealing.Branca gave Michael his salary back and was later cleared of all wrong-doings and Michael eventually went back to him.
Leonard Rowe is more connected to Joe Jackson,who was told to stay out of Michael's business.That's where the problems with trusting Rowe come from.Leonard Rowe is too close to Joe to be counted on to be entirely impartial.

1437 days ago


The financial entrapment method was applied to Michael.To then add
murray on was an easy piece,he was in debt to his ears and they
promised him a pot of gold. How on earth could they believe that someone who did not sleep ,but was put in a coma on a
regular basis would not be unglued in time.They just pretend to be innocent bystanders.How could anybody pretend to believe that murray could just continue with his malpractice in another country,UK.He would need the approval of The Royal Academy of Physicians and Surgeons for that.They would never grant him that
-Dr Adams admits to giving Michael propofol on 3-4 occasions for dental procedures in 2008 in Las Vegas.murray was never present at these occasions.murray has given false statements to the police re this matter.Does any body know if Dr.Adams is a dentist or an anestetist?

1437 days ago
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