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Octomom on the Brink of

Losing Her House

9/16/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Octomom is accused of falling way behind on her mortgage payments again ... and the man who holds the note to her L.A. area home tells us he's finally "ready to evict."

Octomom Foreclosure
We just spoke with Amer Haddadin -- the man who sold the house to Octomom's dad and still holds the note -- who tells us Nadya Suleman has yet to fork over this month's $4,060 payment ... and still owes an additional $3,500 for previous months. 

As we previously reported, Amer tried to foreclose on the house a few months ago because Octo failed to pay a $450k balloon payment when it was originally due back in March. But Octo's lawyer talked Amer into giving her an extension until October 9 ... provided she made her monthly payments on time.

Amer tells us he called Octo's lawyer about her new debt -- but was told she didn't have the money to pay him ... and will consequently begin the foreclosure process ... "right now."

Calls to Octo's attorney have not been returned. 


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There really is not any point in trying to guess her income. She already stated she does not take any foodstamps or things like that. She is not doing any reality tv shows (she would have gotten flack for that). Yes, she had 14 children and was given the name Octomom. That was in the past and I am not going to cling to it like TMZ does. So, her house going into foreclosure is not something I am going to make fun of. You did not want her doing reality tv which you would call exploiting her children. She can only please herself and her children now. Not one person is brought onto this Earth without it being meant. Including her children.

1495 days ago


Geez... has this freak ever seen her own profile? Those are the ugliest duck lips.

1495 days ago


"This should be a wakeup call to all the liberals who think I should work my ass off and live a very modest lifestyle so that I can finance this piece of S**Ts shopping, plastic surgery, and workfree existence."


Just to be clear, what do you conservatives think should be done about the kids? (Adoption isn't the answer, by the way. Not every kid gets adopted. That's why they have foster homes - paid for by the government.)

The reason this is news is that it is very uncommon. There aren't any other Octomoms around. But there are plenty of kids living in abject poverty through no fault of their own. What do we do about them?

1495 days ago


She should have taken the Mil for the porn flick while she could. She's not relevant anymore so I'm sure that offer is off the table.

1495 days ago


she should put half on kids on adopting families
they will be much happies there
they re getting older with more and more needs
14 kids 2 time same age it aint easy take care of same time
as single non working parent
she is crazy

1495 days ago


I'm REALLY worried for the children. Something will have to happen to insure they are safe and cared for. Pretty awful for the kids. Very sad for all of them.

1495 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

For those who feel sorry for Nadya:
Take a look around....we are in a serious recession. Plenty of INNOCENT parents are losing their jobs, houses.... Hard workers who are suffering through no fault of their own. Their kids are suffering.
Then we have Octomom the Selfish, Sleazy, Schemer.
Uh, uh, if we are going to have compassion, why waste it on her?
Nadya and the kids will survive. On welfare, like it or not.

1495 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

OMG !!! How could this happen ??? She WAS such a financial genius before she had the octuplets, I just don't understand how she's gotten into this predicament.

She wants the world to believe her story that she worked a $30,000 / year job for 2 years, and then recieved $20,000 / year disability for the next 9 years, while supporting an ever growing family AND paying for 11 rounds of Beverly Hills IVF. Remember, she said she did it all by herself, supporting the kids and paying her mom rent AND paying for all those fertility treatments.

Now, after raking in all that money last year, she's broke ???? She blew thru all that money in a year and a half? And can't make her rent payments to the corporation her attorney set up for her to park her media earnings and donations?

1495 days ago

Gsharon 710    

The Doctor who injected into her should have to take care of the children since he/she was stupid enough to help a unmarried, poor female increase this troubled world of nuts.

This isn't a case of a single lady getting prego with her mate, this is something SHE wanted. People from all over will send her cash. Never fear.

1495 days ago


Oh come on People she never went to the media when she she found out she was gonna have six babies the hospital told us yal she was getting help but unlike Kate G nothing was handed to her like with Kate yes she needs to pay her bills she needs to step up to the plate and do the right thing but she is not the one who made it public she kept it to herself but no one wants to give her a break like they did Kate give her everything like they did kate all they did is turn on her no she should not have 14 kids that is way to many kids for anyone but guess who has 19 and talking about having anouther one the Duggers but we prase them yep they may have money but guess who is rasing the kids not her she has her older kids do it kate makes money off her kids and so do they but all we want to do is talk bad about octomom good God people grow up....

1495 days ago


Nothing was handed to her? You mean other than a 2 million dollar hospital bill, thousand upon thousands in donations, several hundred thousand dollars in fees from ROL, not to mention "licensing fees" from every media outlet that used pics of the babies? That's nothing?

No, she didn't go to the media when she thought she was having 7. But she sure as heck hired a PR firm before her feet hit the ground out of delivery.

Why do people want to compare her to the Duggars, a married, debt free COUPLE who had one child at a time?

Octo is a Kate wannabe. She blasted Kate for having her picture taken on a beach in a bikini, going so far as to rip up her picture on camera. Then, less than a year later, she's posing for paid pics in a bikini on the beach. Kate was on DWTS, she wanted to be on DWTS. Problem is, she's a total failure.

1495 days ago


"Oh come on People she never went to the media when she she found out she was gonna have six babies the hospital told us
Posted at 8:04 PM on Sep 16, 2010 by jenny"

Bzzzt! WRONG! Under HIPPA, the hospital would not have been allowed to make say SQUAT without her consent. She told the hospital to make the announcement and hired a PR flack to seek out "opportunities" before her big feet hit the floor. She planned her "debut" of the hideous situation she created from the get go. Too bad for her that the American public is a hell of a lot smarter than she gave them credit for and her disgusting plan for fame and fortune on the backs of 14 children turned into a big FAIL.

I'm plenty grown up. It's Nadya Suleman who needs to grow up and start taking care of business.

1495 days ago


@jenny use your brain this is an article about octo not Duggars or Kate. Just because you take it personal for some odd reason doesn't mean it is okay to group all people. I don't agree with most reality shows PERIOD . If I want to make a comment about the other people than I will post on an article about them DUH!I definantly wont give any compliments to a selfish piece of crap who is ALWAYS putting her needs in front of her first 6 children and now all 14. Disgusting

1495 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Hey Jenny, are you taking over from Kimba10 and MsSarcia?

Heck, Octomom dearest had a publicist from the beginning. Remember Killeen? She is giving (paid) talks on dealing with Nadya in Las Vegas (I think it is Las Vegas).

There are SO MANY hardworking parents who are suffering through NO fault of their own....why not help THEM out first, Jenny?

Welfare will take care of a crazy birdbrain like Octo.

About Kate....yes Kate....she is starting to go downhill. There are a lot of nasty negative comments.

She isn't doing too well as a sexy (slutty) single mother living the high life and acting like a diva.

Kate WAS (supposedly) an ordinary wife and mother with a large brood and the public liked her family friendly show. They do NOT like the new Kate at all.

Even the Duggars have been getting some negative publicity after that disastrous 19th premature birth.

First Octo....then hopefully Kate. Get rid of the selfish, entitled kiddie "pimping" parents and wannabbes.
**Octo TRIED to pimp out hers and failed.

1495 days ago


Hold on to your wallets folks! I smell a scam. I seriously doubt this woman is broke. It's just easier [and more dramatic] to beg in your childrens name to generate an income stream. Plus you get media attention.

I DO believe she [strategically] hasn't bothered to pay her mortgage in months, but destitute? No. Polaris paid her $250K for photo rights for a year. Her bikini cover netted $100K. Eyeworks UK paid the family $250K for her "R" rated mockumentary. A 3 month RadarOnline netted her some big bucks too. Interviews on NBC. ABC, CBS, and in print spreads in media like US and People greased her outstretched palm as well.

Nadya clearly has enough fun money to shop at Nordstoms and and hang in Catalina for the weekend. The upkeep on the Botox mask ain't cheap either. Nor those $400 eyelash extensions and the $300 Brazilion Blowouts she indulges in every 6 weeks.

Sad that her Octuplets don't have shoes, and the 19 month old child with the STILL unrepaired cleft lip is not on the "for me " list. And her almost FOUR year olds are still in diapers.

This is the FORTH foreclosure this family has had in 10 years! Walk away and burn the sap left holding the note. During the eviction process you have a free place to live!

1495 days ago
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