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Octomom on the Brink of

Losing Her House

9/16/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Octomom is accused of falling way behind on her mortgage payments again ... and the man who holds the note to her L.A. area home tells us he's finally "ready to evict."

Octomom Foreclosure
We just spoke with Amer Haddadin -- the man who sold the house to Octomom's dad and still holds the note -- who tells us Nadya Suleman has yet to fork over this month's $4,060 payment ... and still owes an additional $3,500 for previous months. 

As we previously reported, Amer tried to foreclose on the house a few months ago because Octo failed to pay a $450k balloon payment when it was originally due back in March. But Octo's lawyer talked Amer into giving her an extension until October 9 ... provided she made her monthly payments on time.

Amer tells us he called Octo's lawyer about her new debt -- but was told she didn't have the money to pay him ... and will consequently begin the foreclosure process ... "right now."

Calls to Octo's attorney have not been returned. 


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I have to point out that Nadya wasn't "doing nothing" since 1999. She was going to school - first college, then grad school to get a master's degree. College is much more intensive than high school, and grad school is much more intensive than college, so she was definitely working all that time. She had figured out quickly that just a high school diploma wouldn't get her far in the job she had at the time. And if she ended up with just 7 kids (just 1 instead of 8 for the last pregnancy, as she had expected) - yes, she could have supported them once she did get that master's degree. At the time everybody was yammering at her after the birth, I checked out a California site about costs of raising a child and also typical salaries for various jobs. Adjusting for economies of scale for large families - she could definitely have managed with just 7 kids on pay from a job she could have had once she received her master's degree.

People who have families while in college and grad school (and there are many of them) routinely use various subsidized services: welfare, food stamps, free or reduced cost health care, subsidized student housing, subsidized child care, etc. If they are on scholarships or fellowships - that money is just a regular income and can be used for anything. My fellowship money came as a monthly paycheck and went for rent, food, clothing, travel, entertainment etc. as well as the obvious tuition and books. Basically, you are paid to go to school - without that check, most of us would never be able to do it. The academic work is just too time-consuming to work an outside job at the same time. It's a good investment by society - ultimately, you get a taxpayer who pays more into the system than would have happened otherwise, as well as the other non-monetary contributions they make because of their education. So Nadya was not unusual when she looked at services for which her family was eligible and chose food stamps and medicaid (she was never on welfare, she wasn't eligible because she had more assets than allowed). She actually used far fewer subsidized services than most graduate school families I've known.

Nadya did have a dream of having a big family (some women do, and there are plenty of single mothers of large families) and was methodical enough to figure out how to do it even with a biological clock ticking louder than most. A quirky approach, but not any more bizarre than people who keep churning out the kids the usual way ... She had been told by the doctors that her time to have children was rapidly coming to a close, and she started late because of problems carrying to term before she seriously started the "artificial" approach. The 8 instead of 1 was definitely a surprise rather than some "master plan" - she had similar numbers of implants before with only one child surviving. At one time multiple implants was standard practice, but more recently it's advised against because of the risk of multiples. My guess is that something was "normalizing" inside her (my bet is also that her mother had the same difficulties, except she hadn't wanted to have any children, and had the same unexpected normalization in her 30s, which was when she gave birth to Nadya), and the clue for the doctor should have been the twins in the last pregnancy. He was irresponsible in implanting so many at once, and that's all about money - which Nadya also was running out of (she had saved money while working and had some inheritance plus worker's comp for an on-the-job injury). If he had simply offered to implant one at a time for the remainder in storage for the same amount of $$$, you all wouldn't be screaming now and you wouldn't even know her name.

The hospital had advised Nadya to get a publicist, because with 8 all the same age - she was going to need a lot of help. Unless you're a Rockefeller - nobody has the resources to deal with 8 babies at once. Forget about the inflated hospital bill - that's just how the crazy US health care system works, she didn't really cost them so much extra beyond normal operating expenses (in other words, they had to pay for the equipment and the staff anyway, with or without a patient). But there are other expenses just trying to physically handle so many infants at once. Parents of large numbers of multiples routinely depend on "the kindness of strangers" to get through those early years, which means the word has to get out through the media and donations must be actively solicited. By a certain age, though, it settles down to more normal large-family dynamics because the children can do a lot for themselves.

Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, the small percentage of people who ordinarily would just send hate postal mail (as they did to other publicized families of multiples, one mother of multiples years ago said she estimated about 10% of their mail was in that category) were able to quickly spread the hate and the wild and baseless speculations. It's especially amazing how many people have a fantasy that the US foster care system is just wonderful and that people would just be standing in line to adopt Nadya's children ... Folks, it doesn't work that way. Courts try to keep families together for good reason, children don't need perfect parents but are often damaged by being removed from their parents and separated from siblings. Older children typically stay in foster care so long (but shifted around within the system) that they age out of the system and find themselves homeless at the age of 18. Disabled children (as one of her older ones is) have few chances to be adopted. I don't know the status of her octuplets, but usually multiples are more at risk for developmental problems.

It's understandable that Nadya eventually thought that she could raise enough $$$ by working the media. Look at Kate Gosselin, who has taken the same route, spending many hours a day on her appearance "for the media", spending money with wild abandon on stuff that seems silly to us but undoubtedly makes sense to her as a way to make more money eventually, and who is away from her kids more often than not as a result and relies heavily on paid staff rather than just downsizing and managing to take care of the kids herself on a smaller budget as mothers have in the past. The TLC show made this approach more successful for Kate than for Nadya, but they're two of a kind. However, I doubt that Nadya had planned for this route. She just wanted a lot of kids originally. The 8-at-once changed everything. Hope they all make it.

1463 days ago


Welcome to the real world Nadia. Get in line with the 95,000 other families than lost homes last year.

1462 days ago


DUH! Why am I not surprised? This dumbo wanted to play the fame system, and it so totally failed. Get this, Girlie: NOBODY LIKES YOU! NOBODY EVER DID LIKE YOU. Even jerky Snookie has better fame than you.

1462 days ago


@jwoolman I know Nadya was very busy in 1999. She was part time in college until may. In April she started her Ivf / hormone. Of course this was all too much for her so we quit school to focus more on Ivf. Lets not forget she couldn't work anymore due to her back injury but could keep up with those hormone treatments and trying to get pregnant. She was so busy she forgot to tell her doctors that she could be pregnant while she was getting pain meds and all that other good stuff for the back injury. All facts in the workmans comp case. So I totally agree she definantly " wasn't doing nothing" I would have preferred her to have sat on her butt and collect welfare than start procreating and risking the health of her very first baby.
"Nobody has the rescources to deal with 8 babies" are you kidding me. She had 6 prior to the 8 dingbat and didn't have the rescources for them but chose to use her mother and use what should have been money for the kids to have more hormone therapy fresh egg retrieval and possible min. of 6 put in her. Your long post was hardly based on any facts or reality to the facts. Did you personalize the college part because it was so difficult for you or what? Please don't answer that, you might take up two pages YIKES

1462 days ago


I really do feel sorry for this woman, but the reality is she made her bed, now she must lie in it (just like the rest of us). She's a smart lady, she should work out pretty soon if she doesn't arrange a decent income, she simply can't afford to raise that many children.

1462 days ago


If I had 14 kids and a $4000 plus month payment to make I'd likely not be able to pay it either. That's a pretty big mortgage payment unless you happen to a Hollywood star living in a mansion or something. Heck you can outright buy a couple of older double wide mobile mobile homes with two months of that in some places and only have a grand in park fees to pay maybe thereafter.

Her neighborhood is obviously too much for her income. She can't afford the house she's in. If this woman is smart she'll move her kids to somewhere where she can get a place for far less $$$ and forget being famous. She should if she wants to keep them all. Otherwise she may well lose them.

If she can't keep herself financially solvent and the state sees that every other month she's on the verge of losing her home then at some point they just might step in and put those kids in foster care.

She needs to get her financial act together, permanently, and soon or she may just lose those kids once and for all.

1462 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

You mean, she's about to lose it .... again?

Oh brother.

1462 days ago


Drug test all welfare recipients. Tree shredder for this one.

1462 days ago


This is crazy, she isn't losing her house. Isn't the title in Jeffies corp. Harmony something??? Amer can't even go after her. Just another media plea for attention. just my opinion

1462 days ago


When she had money, she would be out getting her nails done, or joining a gym or just spending money unwisely. Let her lose the house - pack the kids in a bag and strap them to her back and be done with it. I'm sick of hearing about her and her litter. She deserves to be in the street. Couldn't afford kids - shouldn't have them, PERIOD. This is not rocket science. Don't have them unless you can afford them.

1462 days ago


I bet she gets her weekly mani-pedi this week. I also bet the
nannies are there slaving away and she's............gone.
IF Amer goes after anyone it will have to be Harmony Enterprises Inc.
The house was transferred to it.That's the corp set up to take in
her begging money from the website. It's also a good way to claim
you have no assets, if you want to sign up for say foodstamps,SSI,
welfare, etc.

1462 days ago


Time for the kids to head to foster care... They'll be better off really. Split them up and send them to homes where they can be loved and cared for properly.

1462 days ago


Well.... If Mel would just pay her the $40K/month!

Oh... wait... wrong famewhoring skank! Looks the same though. lol

1462 days ago


The only thing I hope for is, Reality shows to start being a bit more accountable for what they air. These nut jobs continually crawl out of the wood work thinking they too can become famous. It is sickening to see and, Thank God Nadya didn't get her reality show there is already way too much Trash on TV and not enough good role models. There is consequences for your actions and that is the best lesson her children and my children could learn rather than rewards for horrific behavior.

1462 days ago


She should say she slept with Tiger Woods hahahahaha

1462 days ago
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