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Oksana's Ex-Lawyer to Chat with Sheriff Investigators

9/16/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva's former attorney is set to talk with Sheriff's investigators about Mel Gibson's extortion claims against her.

According to our sources, an L.A. County Sheriff's investigator contacted Eric George on Wednesday. George repped Grigorieva during the mediation where she agreed to (and later reneged on) a $15 million package from Gibson.

As we first reported, Oksana sent Mel text messages during that mediation which some think could be construed as extortion. In one of the texts Oksana accuses Mel of not keeping up his part of the deal to support her. As her attorney at the time George was privy to the texts as well as other information.

Our law enforcement sources say George said he would be "delighted" to meet with investigators.

It's another indication that the Sheriff's department is taking the extortion investigation seriously. As we told you earlier .. investigators have already interviewed Mel Gibson twice. They were considering interviewing him a third time but we're told they're satisfied now with what they have from him.



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Are you there? Koala, I'm not on your paid pro-Mel list and I for sure am a supporter of his!

1464 days ago


Good morning everyone :)

Getting my popcorn ready for this show, can't wait to hear what he has to say. Ooohhhh how i wish i was a fly on the wall, dang it. Hope today is a slow day at work, LOL

1464 days ago


Ok.....BUT the auhtorities better check to see what his "contingency fee" might be. He will testify to protect himself and in doing so, will also protect this pathetic woman. He cannot even sit in the grey area for extortion claims. It is possible he was just involved in an agreement with Okskank's behind the scenes extortion hits on Gibson himself. Who knows.

Her parade of attorneys, her long list of hires and fires, shows her desperation. This is unbelievable. The woman is like an energy bunny with her lies and cover-up stories, one after another. Get this over with, LA, nail the skank.

1464 days ago


I would not be surprised if her mom does run off with Lucia!

1464 days ago


I tend to believe more that Oxy had bodyguards trying to buy off violet then Mels bodyguards threatening her to keep quite. Didn't the dentist say he was never approached by any of Mels bodyguards when that story was put out in to the media? Just makes me think it's more of Oxys type of thing than Mels. Hope that made sense. I need more coffee. snort!

1464 days ago


Hi Everyone! I've been reading all the posts and stories on Oksana
and I'm sooo happy that she is not going to get away with her
extortion plans. At the very beginning I was afraid this skank
may be rewarded with her relentless push to get more money
from Mel. This is becoming a feel good story to finally see the
justice system working. Yaaay Mel for not caving in. He will
emerge from this stronger then ever. When is the Jodie Foster
film with Mel coming out?
I wish I could post more, but my workload is crazy now, so I'll
just read all your posts. The story just keeps getting better.
This is turning out to be a very important case that will send
a message to all those trying to extort money from famous
people. Let's call it MEL'S LAW. : )))

1464 days ago


The chain gang music starts to play on my mind.

Posted at 4:47 AM on Sep 16, 2010 by KoalaBabe

LOL, good morning KoalaBabe :)

1464 days ago


The attorney is delighted because he has nothing to say...and it's just a lawyer's snarky way of being a smarta$$. Kowal is irrelevant. Any half way decent lawyer can rip her apart in 3 seconds flat...nobody will believe anything she has to say.

Oinky should have planned things out better. This is one messed up shakedown. You'd think she'd be a pro by now. The very saddest thing is..there is a baby involved and stupid Oinky seems to forget that.

1464 days ago


LOL, I love your entrance koala. Good morning.

1464 days ago


the other day Harvey was explaining where this man could talk and where the client/attorney priviledge came in. He has spoken on it a couple of times and later maybe I can find where he explains it. I know I asked the question awhile back when they first had the article and he explained it for quite awhile then. I would state it right now but I don't want to get it wrong. There are some things he can't talk to and some he can.

1464 days ago


That ROL article is basically just trying to discredit Kowal by saying that she said Mel had been abusive towards her and now she switched sides and is going to implicate Oksana in extortion.

As far as the lawyer goes there just going to bring him in to verify some of Oksana's testimony. The guy can't say anything even if it didn't break attorney client privilege. If he did no one would ever hire him again as their attorney.

1464 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Hey Koala, your 'good morning' is like 'good night' @ The Waltons!

If no one else remembers The Waltons, then to quote Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh..."I'm too old for this sh*t."

1464 days ago


Good Morning North America! Good Afternoon Europe! Good Eve Down Under!

I recall an earlier TMZ article about what Attorney George could and could not discuss. Anything said privately between him and Miss Oksana is indeed privilege. However, anything said during the mediation process itself, where there were third party witnesses, can be discussed.

What the article focused on was the fact that nothing was brought up in mediation concerning abuse allegations. Basically, even though there was a civil suit drafted, Miss Oksana never mentioned anything about a bruised eye or broken veneers, etc. She signed the short form and the civil draft was ditched.

1464 days ago


lol jeffro, many of us remember the waltons.

Observer, Koala went to have dinner. Look to see if you see anyone else missed too. She is trying hard to get it all in. :-).

1464 days ago


Good Morning Koala, Good Morning missahara, Sweden,

Good Morning Everyone...

O my Goodness...i am in my office and just couldn't resist, have to say something...only on comment # 62 atm...

Yay, team Mel!!!!

Things are starting to move now...George was pi$$ed enough to not show for the 2nd day of the child custody mediation, or got fired, now it's his turn to really stick it to her..hehe

Although there is the attorney-client privelige still in place, my understanding is that he may still discuss what he and OG discussed that day at the mediation...just so they can figure out what exactly was said/demanded by OG...please, let me know if i am wrong, ty..:) happy thoughts...

woot...little happy dance!

1464 days ago
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