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Oprah -- I'll Pay the Taxes for My Aussie Giveaway

9/17/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey doesn't want her all-expenses-paid Australian trip giveaway to turn into the tax trap that soured her "Everybody gets a car!" show ... in fact, O is making sure none of her new "guests" pay an extra cent to the IRS.


TMZ spoke with Larry Edema from Michigan -- who was selected to be in the audience on Monday for Oprah's big giveaway -- and dude tells us Winfrey had a certified public accountant on hand to address the tax issue right after the taping.

Edema says the CPA informed the group that all taxes associated with the trip would be "handled by the Oprah show," so the trip would truly be 100% free.

The CPA also explained that O would cover all sightseeing costs and travel-related expenses -- including passport costs for people who can't afford them. 

091510_oprahIt's a big change from Oprah's 2004 controversy -- when she famously gave away brand new cars, but saddled audience members with as much as $7,000 in gift taxes.

Not pictured above -- Oprah's halo.



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Oprah, please give me any large gift like a car or big trip and I'll pay the taxes. Thanking you in advance. : )

1500 days ago


Oprah never gave away a car. General Motors did on the Oprah show and she just acted like it was from her. Worst commercial ever (GM said it was a flop) as they said nothing about the cars and only sold me on a shot of the windshields and A Pillars with screaming women hanging off them. Aussie Government is paying the 3 million tab for the trip.

Rich people never use their own money.

Some people are whiners. 7 grand of a 20k car is a good deal. I'll give you 7 grand for a new Honda accord or even Pontiac G6 any day.

1500 days ago


Wow, that is so nice of her. Perhaps she could extend this kindness to the Australian taxpaper who is being lumped with a $2.8 million bill for her visit!

1500 days ago

RJ Hunt    

You gotta watch out when Oprha give you stuff...

1500 days ago


Entire Hollywood is into scientology! Since Tom got into it, he practicaly forced entire Hollywood to become a part of that hoax. Son now any actor that wants to start into a movie or a tv show, has to convert himself into scientology.

I just feel bad for America Ferrera, she is the first one on the list and she wont have a choice, either that or ending the career.

Scientologists, get stars on their side, they pay money to star into a tv show or a movie, this is how the things work these days.

1500 days ago


I won one of those cars. It was really an amazing gift and I have zero complaints, just grateful it happened and still amazed that I was even there. GM paid for my state taxes, and were also really helpful with tax info, etc. Car was about 28k with the add ons. I ended up paying about 8k in federal taxes. They explained everything right after the show. It was the greatest day!

1500 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

That is cool of Oprah.
And why is the federal government so damn greedy.
When the cars were bought, taxes were already paid, and this trip is not money in the hand so no taxes should have to be paid either.
I guess we have to pay so that politicians that are already multi-millionaires can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and pensions and benefits.
This country is seriously broken.

1500 days ago

WTF !!    

Oprah, how about you pay the $3 million bill it's going to cost us Australian tax payers for your trip !! and if not, when you do arrive in Australia, how about giving everyday Australians free cars andf free holidays for paying for your trip here!!!! I think it's a good thing what you do, but when other people have to pay in taxes for your giving it's not right !!

1500 days ago


Not surprised at all. Oprah would never spend her money on the people that made her rich. Would be nice if it was a trip to hawaii paid by her to support the economy. As a Obama supporter I would guess if Oprah had to pay for a trip it would b to Kenya.

1500 days ago


I agree with #2. It was billed as Oprah giving the cars away, but it was actually GM. I always thought that was a whole load of poo. She got all the credit, but none of the expenses. It's not like this racist windbag couldn't afford it.

1500 days ago

bob smith    

The ugliness of American, grasping greed highlights the quality of life elsewhere. These screaming, hysterical, bludgers object to paying a little tax on a 'freebie' yet are unconcerned that Australian taxpayers are being slugged to fund their indulgence.

As one who measures the delight of a destination by the absence of loud, obese, ill educated and tedious Americans, I can only hope their stay is short and adequately unappealling to ensure they choose not to return when asked to dip their short arms into their shallow pockets.

1500 days ago


if anybody on that show doesnt want to go i will gladly take your place...i have no life money to ever travel ..and no luck to ever get anything like that so keep me in mind ...thanks...but i know it will never happen

1500 days ago


if anybody on that show doesnt want to go i will gladly take your place...i have no life money to ever travel ..and no luck to ever get anything like that so keep me in mind ...thanks...but i know it will never happen

Posted at 4:02 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by tami
but remember Tami,all you have to do is click your heels togather 3 times and you can go to Emerald city...

1500 days ago


Ophra also forgot to mention that to save money they will be eating some of the audience during the last night Gala bar-b-que...

1500 days ago


I can't believe us aussies are paying for some of her fans to come here, really, we don't need her extraordinary generosity, she can stay in US at no cost to us - sounds good to us!

1500 days ago
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