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Lindsay's Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film

9/18/2010 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the production of Lindsay Lohan's next project tell TMZ her latest slipup could throw the movie into serious financial turmoil. 

Lindsay is set to star in "Inferno," a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. As we previously reported, one of the things Judge Elden Fox can do in light of her recent failed drug tests is restrict Lindsay's travel -- and "Inferno" is set to shoot in Louisiana. 

A source close to the film tells us shooting the picture in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana "would radically change the budget" and force producers to try and secure additional financing.

We're told the producers might be less inclined to make certain sacrifices for LiLo -- the film's top people are "beyond irritated by the recent developments" and "there is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Looks like a lot of people have a lot riding on whatever Judge Fox decides.


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WOW!!! What a shocker!!! The cocaine must of been floating in the air and that is why she tested positive... Lindsay has the worst luck. Her mantra... it isn't my fault!!!

1459 days ago


Nayib....Are you kidding me?

Lindsay only has herself to blame. She could leave the business, move to New York, start a new profession, and be out of the lime light in a second.

She is the one that goes to where the paps are waiting, she's the one that had F U on her middle finger during court, and she's the one who just failed a drug test because she blew cocaine up her nose just after she got out of prison.

Responsibility starts with yourself...This chick is clueless and so are you.

1459 days ago


They better choose Megan Fox to take Lindsay Lohan's place for that Linda Lovelace movie.

1459 days ago


Looks like Dina is here again using multiple handles defending this loser of a daughter of hers.

Dina..the gig is up.Your daughter is a screw up,and no she is NOT a great actress.She's a washed up child actress from the 1990's..That's it,nothing more!!

Why do idiots keep comming to TMZ claiming such rubbish when it comes to Lindsay's acting skills?...She's a nobody,and not worth the paper she's printed on.

1459 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

While her failing a drug test is pathetic, the more pathetic thing was TMZ Mike almost crying because she failed a drug test. WTF is he smoking that he thinks LiLoser will be any kind of a movie icon in the future. The nonsense celeb fanatic worshipping he did on Friday was ridiculous.

1459 days ago


The best thing that could ever happen to her is that she's pulled from that garbage scow of a picture. Miss Lohan is incapable of understanding what the Lovelace situation really was.

1459 days ago


I bet Lohan clan will face serious financial troubles as well. From their ongoing ridiculous lifestyle, Dina probably signed a truck load of loans on the contingent of now-ruinous Lindsay comeback.

Still, I hope this kid finally got the message.

1459 days ago


I have a great idea. Let's hire this trainwreck Lindsey Lohan to do the movie. With all the media attention she's getting for being such a walking disaster we'll get a ton of free press. What could possibly go wrong? LOL the guy who really pitched this idea, you know he exsists, fire him right after you fire her and cut your losses. Lindsey, go directly to jail do not pass go.

1459 days ago


@VickiC I agree, nobody will insure her. Robert Downey Jr. got lucky cuz he more than likely had his dad call in some markers. I also get the feeling he sat him down and told him if you F this up, you're done in this town. LiLo doesn't have that support system.

1459 days ago


Already called this one!!! Hollywood, friends, etc. will give up on her and she will go on a binge and die. Don't blame the messanger just watch and see for yourselves!

1459 days ago


I am so disappointed in Lindsay! She got out of rehab too soon. Send her butt back to jail. Let the spoiled brat do jail time.

1459 days ago


A waste of America's time, she has nothing to entertain us. She can act, she does the same **** over and over and TMZ loves it. Stop wasting our time with this talentless bitch!

1459 days ago


I really don't have a lot of sympathy for the producers. Its not like Lindsay became a flake out of the blue. She's been a huge production risk for at least 5 years now.

1459 days ago


Its probably for the best Lindsay, theses degrading film roles are trapdoors anyways regardless what you may think.

1459 days ago


I think Lindsay being in movie was a TERRIBLE career choice to begin with. Lindsay would totally typecast herself as a "D list" porn type actress if she did this movie.

"A list" actresses like Angelina Jolie wouldn't even THINK about doing a movie like this. It's a degrading, dark, sicko kind of movie about some porn actress in the 70s that nobody has heard of these days and nobody cares about either.

Read some of the lines that Lindsay would be doing IF she was stupid enough to actually do this "Inferno" soft porn movie:

To me, there is nothing more delicious than gism. I love it! I like to smear it all over my face like Ponds Cold Cream!

I once took on a pro football team — and I don't just mean two at a time! I mean more!

Is there anything in this life I like more than ****sucking? Okay. Well, one thing. On OCCASION.

PUSH IN for a the two beats of big build-up.

I love it when my man Chuck socks it to me in the ass.

This "Inferno" movie would likely be "straight to DVD" waste of time and money to watch. You might only see it on Skin-emax late at night on weekends. Lindsay, you are ALREADY in deep trouble with your career. Forget about this movie. Let some other "D list" actress who's already done some XXX centerfolds or porn do it. Let her get paid peanuts for doing this movie and destroy what is left of her career.

1459 days ago
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