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'Big Brother' Star -- My House Is 'Unlivable'

9/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently liberated "Big Brother" house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is "unlivable" after a fire ripped through it earlier this week ... and the disaster could cut into her winnings from the show.

Haynes tells us the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage -- and since she didn't have renter's insurance she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 "Big Brother" prize to pay for repairs.

That expense would be really tragic because Haynes says she's not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas.

Now that she's gotten a taste of the big city Britney says she's considering staying in L.A. to become a star on the NFL sidelines -- as a reporter, not a cheerleader.


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Movin' to LA would be good for her! She is cute, funny and PHD (Paris Hilton Dumb). She will do just fine1

1459 days ago


I was utterly disgusted when she won 'America's Choice'. The people that voted obviously didn't watch the live feeds or 'After Dark'. She was so freaking cold hearted and nasty most of the time. Did the CBS show ever once show their disgusting nightly 'talk show'? They didn't show all the terrible things she 'wished' upon Brendon and Rachel?

CBS edited her so favorably.. I would have loved her if all I watched was the CBS show too. Unfortunately, she is an ugly, ugly person and I'm disappointed in CBS for molding her into a sweetheart.

She shouldn't have to pay for the damages to the structure of the property.. however, she has to replace all of her belongings..

1459 days ago


You need some actual brains to be a sports reporter. Britney may be the fake b**bs, blonde hair American 'ideal' in looks but she was one catty nasty girl in the house who was nice to your face on minute and then talking about every flaw she could think of behind peoples backs. She's lying about having to pay, renters insurance isn't about damages unless it's to her personal stuff...and if you were too cheap to have it be damn glad you actually have some money now instead of having to rely on charity, what a little brat.

1459 days ago


correct, renters insurance is for possessions. i doubt a hick like that had anything REALLY valuable. Plus her family is rich so who gives a ****. She can replace her plasma and wardrobe.

and she is hot, id lick her *******.

1459 days ago


If entertaining you entails trash talking then ok

1459 days ago


I cant stand that B ITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So full of herself, so mean and loves to make fun of other people. Not hot at all by the way.

1459 days ago


Renter's Insurance also includes CPL (Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage as well as Loss of Use (would pay for them to live elsewhere while the home is uninhabitable). If both she and her fiance are on the lease, and he is found liable for the fire, then while the homeowners fire policy would pay for the repairs, they could subrogate against Brit and her Fiance to reimburse them for any damage they are liable for. A renters policy would pay this under the CPL portion of their policy. Anyone who doesn't have Renter's Insurance should get this ASAP, most companies will give you up to 20% credit on your auto policy to "package" auto with renters or homeowner insurance. Best of luck Brit. You were a blast to watch this summer. FAR the best diary room's of the season.

1459 days ago


tictock tictock her 15 mins are running out. She's not pretty enough, her voice is grating, and she's way to short for TV.

1459 days ago

Byrl Alexander    

If Britney had not been on BB12, the show would have been dead. She was the life of the show, you have to remember they are locked in a house with all of the other people. People will do things in there that they wouldn't do on the outside. It is a game. So don't judge people by the way they were in the house locked up. I do think you will be hearing a lot more about Britney and her future. She did tell Nick to get renters insurance, kinda hard for her to do it when she is locked up in the house.
I can't believe some of you people that leave comments about other people. If you don't have anything good to say about her, don't leave any comments.

1459 days ago


They all talked about how famous they might be or talked about how they might have a lot of fans. She is no different than anybody else in there.

Britney did not move into her house prior to going to Big Brother. Boyfriend moved in after she was away. After Monet got the hell out of there Britney was not so bad, she is a nicer person than Rachel.... and played a heck of a good game. I think she likes Lane and they become very good friends and maybe he is in love with her. But never once did she do anything with him that would be considered not appropriate or could be cheating on her boyfriend. She made it clear to those boys she was engaged and intended to be after she left the house. If Nick broke up with her, then he's pretty shallow. I guess time will tell.

I would never say that somebody deserved to have their house burn down with all of their possessions in it. He and their dogs could have died and that would have been horrible.

1459 days ago


Her fiance is to blame for this loss. I hope she ditches him and gets with Lane. It was clear they have a chemistry together. Britney is so beautiful and classy.

The ugly Rachel and dunderhead bozo Brendan won't be together a year from now. Mark my words. That bimbo Rachel is nothing but a Vegas drunken prostitute.

1459 days ago


I hope Britney gets a gig on tv. She is a star.
You idiots who are making mean comments about her because she made mean comments (like everyone else on BB) on the show need to look up the word hypocrite.

1459 days ago


Why go to college anymore for things like journalism, any fool with a GED can write a blog, and any bimbo thinks they can get a job with the NFL. Lets just burn down all the colleges, the US is full of idiots already and they seem to get rewarded with more than those of us who get a quality education and better ourselves.

1459 days ago


Brittney is an awesome young woman, who is very mature for her age. I would be proud if she were my daughter, even if she sometimes was a bitchy at times, (very normal under the cir***stances) We all love to be catty or we wouldn't be watching big brother. Love her -- she is great and I hope the best for her!!!!

1459 days ago


Why would Brit have to pay anything? My understanding is that Nick rented the house and moved her stuff in only because she was going on BB12. So she wasn't there when the house burnt, he was and HE should be responsible for the damage and HE should pay for it!

1459 days ago
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