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Lindsay Lohan -- Probation Dept. Wants Jail

9/22/2010 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Probation Dept. will recommend that Judge Elden Fox throw Lindsay Lohan in jail for failing two drug tests ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay tested positive for both cocaine and amphetamines.

And this is interesting ... our sources say the D.A. will not make a recommendation when Lindsay appears in court Friday AM.

Lindsay could get 30 days for each failed test.



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Jim in Cali    

I say jail too for Lindsay! And I'm rooting for her to pull her life around.

1491 days ago


i wonder if she really will do any time

1491 days ago


I have a friend named Cali and a friend named Jim. Your name made me laugh

1491 days ago


i love how lindsay starts going to AA meetings AFTER partying/getting caught with a dirty test!!! she has it backwards. go to the AA meetings before you start using and drinking again!!!! i think she has alot of self hatred because....... she can't leave well enough alone!! i mean she just dodged a friggin' bullet with this latest jail time now look!#$%^& its like she's out to destroy herself. its quite obvious

1491 days ago


The problem with Lindsay Lohan is she even after the judge explains it to her, Lindsay will still think she is not a criminal. Lindsay doesn't believe that her behavior is unacceptable in our society. Once Lindsay accepts that she is just like the rest of us MAYBE she will make a valid attempt at becoming a decent human being. Just as we all try to be better toward each other Lindsay must realize that her actions affect others not just herself.

1491 days ago


The Judge will fold like a cheap suit and will fall for all the bad acting and PR that Lindsay's team set out there and will let her continue on probation. Probably with a monitor and will let her go and film her movie. Goodgie has said so.

1491 days ago


Oh c'mon...we all know by now that in California 30 days means about 2 days in reality. There will be some crap about crowded jails, etc. She'll be out by the next weekend!

1491 days ago


Lindsay you have the support and attention of an entire generation though at times that may seem too demanding it is a rare gift. You have the ability to unburden yourself completely from the lies and deception children are faced with on a daily basis yet you chose to cope. There is no path follow Lindsay just many to create. Free yourself from the illusions you have been taught, create your surroundings and trust yourself.

1491 days ago


Here's a thought: why not keep the snotty, spoiled little brat in jail for the entirety of her sentence instead of giving her 10 days for every 30 in the sentence?

Not that she'll ever be clean. If she's so stupid that she'll snort a line as soon as she's free, knowing that she has to take a pee test, then she's one of those special kinds of stupid for which there is no cure for. But I like the idea that this piece of trailer trash that somehow slithered her way into stardom is off the road for two months.

1491 days ago


Free yourself from the illusions you have created to help you cope. Focus and remmember why you get high, find the reason for what you're doing. Accept that your actions might be the result of past experiences. Realize you don't need to continue harming yourself. Every day. We are all equally capable of negative acts, but when we try to be better than we are we create from ourselves a more enjoyable existence. Find people that know how to share your life in a way that enriches you.

1491 days ago


@ Post 4 dothbrass

Lindsay was instructed by the court to attend AA meetings at least 4 times per week. She's been doing that. It has nothing to do with her failed drug tests. The only difference is AA meetings are private as other people attend them as well. But after the news of the drugs fails, the paps couldn't resist it.

Lindsay will go to jail, there is no getting away from that.

1491 days ago


put her in with a cell mate and let her wander among the General Population for the entire 30 days. Let her be extorted, threatened, beaten, and maybe even taken as a girlfriend. Time she got a taste of what county can really be like when you arent treated special or receive special protection. let her get bit slapped by an angry black or hispanic woman who would kill for the opportunities Lohan has had. maybe this sociopath can get knocked back to reality, unless of course she is a true sociopath.

1491 days ago


I wonder if she went off the wagon because Sam was in mexico with that snot Nicole Richie. Shame.

LL drop Sam, just drop her.

1491 days ago


she of course doesn't get it and needs to face facts.

clearly she is addicted if she relapses this quickly after EACH stint at rehab. no surprise there. and yes she needs to go to jail, she was warned.

if she is smart she will pretend she is an orphan and go to rehab in Alaska for a year.

1491 days ago


If she does do time, dont be stupid this time and tell her duration BEFORE she even hits the cell. Duh!

1491 days ago
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