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Mel to Oksana: 'You Will Always Be Taken Care Of'

10/21/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva said in a sworn declaration obtained by TMZ ... she has had nothing to do with evidence related to the case that is "constantly flooding the Internet."


The docs -- filed in an attempt to limit the search of Oksana's computer in the extortion investigation -- include an iPhone text from Mel Gibson to Oksana during negotiations for the cohabitation agreement back in November, in which the actor writes, "I give my word you will always be taken care of.  As u have always been.  you & lucia you will always have a roof over your head even if I drop dead."  Mel adds, "Please believe I love u & don't let this shi**y document be a stumbling block we can change what needs to be changed ..."

Oksana, who got virtually nothing in the cohabitation agreement, responded, "That was very unfare [sic] to ur daughter.  I don't care about me."  Mel responded, "I didn't make an offer yet.  It's lawyer s**t.  They haven't even met yet."

In her declaration, Oksana says, "The computer data seized ... contains materials relating to our daughter Lucia, my son and Mel Gibson's sons.  None of this material is remotely related to any investigation of the criminal matters."

As for releasing tapes and other evidence, Oksana says, "There have been false accusations that I have done this but I have not.  I have a right to privacy and I am asserting that right."

Oksana ends by saying, "The mediation agreement does not reflect any extortion by me.  To the contrary, I signed the agreement only because I felt threatened.  I believed that I would be arrested, deported and deprived of custody of Lucia if I did not sign."


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1st ! (:

1426 days ago


Oksana the Beautiful.

1426 days ago


Oh brother, here we go!

1426 days ago


and of course she was forced into it all...

which is why she had to secretly tape mel and use it as "evidence" to extort mel out of money.

Is she now going to claim that she only made the tapes to try to prevent herself from getting arrested and deported? Nice Try Oksana!

Nothing in the mediation agreement made reference to any threats. In fact, it was more than generous and fair towards Oksana and Lucia. And instead Oksana feel coerced? HAHA

1426 days ago


"filed in an attempt to limit the search of Oksana's computer in the extortion investigation"

why limit the search? if she's so innocent, show everything.

1426 days ago


Oh BS on the feeling threatened so she signed crap!!!
And all the crap on the internet she claims she
did not do is interviews with her in her own dam words!!!!!!!

1426 days ago


If you have nothing to hide, you wouldn't protest so much. If your true concern was really the best interest of your daughter, you would get this over with.
YOU, OX, are a gold digging who*re and I hope you get prison time.

1426 days ago


AND... Why would she be afraid of being ARRESTED way back then
unless she knew she had done something wrong?!? This is
just beyond stupid - yes YOU OX, give it up.

1426 days ago


She is completely full of shxt!

1426 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

He should have "taken care of her" a la The Sopranos.

1426 days ago


waiting to hear o the ho's response about her and mr. potato head.

1426 days ago


Unbelievable. This woman is simply ... unbelievable. I don't believe anything she says. The evidence that is found on the internet with regard to her past dealings and prior relationships is just staggering.

I hope Blair Burke has employed a Russian translator to translate all the news articles in Russian press about her, invites first husband Igor to come and testify about his relationship with her, and I hope her firm (B. Burke) also investigates the relationships between Oksana and Pyotr Listerman and Sergei Kuzmin.

Hey Blair! Here's a link that investigates Kuzmin's connections/involvement with Russian mob as relates to his relationship with Aleksandr Malyshev.

1426 days ago


Another LIE another day!

This bitch went to GloriaHOLE long before she went to mediation.

Oksana, I'm sure the STATE of California will take good care of you, how do you look in an ORANGE Jumpsuit and sharing a CELL with Butch-Betty. :)

1426 days ago


Yah, sure. She felt threatened by Mel while she was sleeping with the convicted felon bodyguard.

1426 days ago


There's no "right to privacy" in the Bill of Rights. Where is she getting that come from?

1426 days ago
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