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Madonna Fan Busted with Signs He's Crazy For Her

9/22/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Madonna's fans -- a 59-year old retired firefighter -- got hauled in by cops outside her New York City apartment after he spray painted signs with strange messages for Madge.

NYPD says Robert Linhart was arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief yesterday. One of Linhart's signs read "M, the Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please XXX."

Linhart gave the arresting officers a mouthful as he was taken into custody on the Upper West Side.


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Maybe the Universe did bring them together in 1992 and again this year in Prague!

Maybe Farrakhan did take a ride on the mother ship. Why not arrest Farrakhan too?

1495 days ago


Don't give up Richard, she's just playing hard to get. You have passed all the tests so far.

1495 days ago


Has he seen a picture of her lately? She looks like she is early for a Halloween party, all the time!

1495 days ago


So how is holding a sign while standing on a sidewalk a crime? Is there more to this story or is she being super paranoid?
I don't get it. It's not like the sign says anything all that strange... so what, he's a fan... that's what fans do. They make signs and stand outside your hotel and hope that you'll stick your head out and wave or say hi. I'm sure that's all the guy wanted. It's when they DON'T do that anymore... THAT'S when you worry.

1495 days ago


They would make a nice couple!, same age group etc

1495 days ago

Joe Blow    

TMZ, are you sure that wasn't Nicole Enabler outside the Lohan residence?

1495 days ago


so whats criminal about the says nothing harmful harassing or degrading? if Madge would like fans to knock it off...maybe she should retire...she spent most of her life begging for attention and to be seen....well now you have fans...making signs of worship is pretty much what fans do...and you would not have your privileged life without them.

1495 days ago


What kind of a communist country has Obama turned the United States into? Since when is it a crime to be crazy. If standing outside on a sidewalk with a sign is criminal mischief, are they going to execute the Quaids? I hope every one of those cops and their families get hauled to jail for absolutely nothing so that they can feel what its like.

1495 days ago


madonna was hot piece in the '84.

she was probaly changing her depends and having a glass of wheat juice, just too busy to come see him...nice to see she still has fans! and they look like her damn!

1495 days ago


He is older but closer to her age. Not her style.

1495 days ago


Horny old man...try the Lohans..they"ll give it up no questions asked..just watch out for the Ftaher..I think he's in LOVE with his own daughter..But you guys are the same and the Lohan sperm donner

1495 days ago


I hate you people that make negative comments - you all are losers. and you know it, thats why you are constantly finding people to put down and make fun of - and you do that because you think that makes you feel superior. Well guess what, you look like more of a loser for the things you are saying, and then when you walk in public everyone will still see that you are a fat slob freak that you are, so if it makes you feel better to say something horrible towards someone that you dont even know, then go for it - because nothing no matter what you say, will take away the fact that YOU are the loser, not Madonna. So keep it up losers, once you walk out the door your conscious will take over for what you have said about others, and then others will also judge you. Is that what you want this world to be? A place where everyone says and thinks nasty things about everyone? Well you are just adding to are the problem. Maybe one day you will realize that, stop judging people that you dont even know. Is that what you want people to do to you? Even though you have your own things to be self-conscious about, you want people to overlook everything else just to judge you by the way you look? Think about it.....and stop adding to it by being the same way.

1495 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Even though he sounds kinda drunk, he makes valid points.

1495 days ago

Susan Allan (pease)    

somehow yanky doodles this doesn't quite compare with dropping 1.9 tons of uranium on iraq, due to lies about the nuclear threat we were faced with about saddamm. It kind of goes beyond stalking and gets to war trials, something Madonna and you yanks should get to grips with. Obviously having presented the world with the your black answer to fred astaire tapping and stalking his way to the presidency, having changed his mind about weapons sales after you YANKS YANKED the rest of the world into recession with your (kind description) baloney and war with your mess of an internet, and of course his invitation to jay z, ONE of the "****** homey(sexual) bitch" iterating juveniles of the music world, why bother us with your insignificant tittle tattle about "someone arrested for graffiti having written on his OWN card!" AMERICA, YOU ARE THE BRICKS and YOU ARE THE WALL! Find your way to a war tribunal.

It will take a worldwide effort to bring you to justice, hopefully in my lifetime.

1495 days ago


Give him his own show!

1495 days ago
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