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Katherine Jackson: Who Can Live on $26K a Month?

9/23/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson can't make it on a $26,000-a-month allowance ... so she's asking for more.


TMZ found a judge's order filed yesterday in the Michael Jackson Estate case, in which the judge notes, "Counsel will give notice of proposed action re: adjustment to family allowance for the benefit of Katherine Jackson."

TMZ has already reported Katherine pulls in a temp allowance of $26,804 a month.

The document does not say how much more Katherine wants, but it's pretty ironic since she's making a lot of money on the side.


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#76: Look at yourself in the mirror! You're the loser and the freak and no one is going to remember you when you die.

I am MJ's fan and proud of it!

1454 days ago


Mrs. Jackson...clearly make sure ANY money left for Michaels children is LOCKED IN loopholes, if you know what I mean.

Posted at 8:23 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by donna

Don't worry, the executors will make sure who gets what when the time comes. BTW what makes us so sure his siblings would be after the $$$. Just like the media portrayed MJ being so much in debt, hundreds of millions, but now, it says, tens of millions. Geez, this is a big difference. I learned a big lesson not to listen to the media so much. I Love You, Michael Jackson.

1454 days ago


Clearly she's responsible now to support the whole freaking family that lives there and Joe in Las Vegas so of course she can't make it. Here's an idea tell some of those grown grand children, ex-wives of Jermaine, and her own grown children living off her to get jobs. Tell Joe to take care of himself. Michael's gone so everybody's freeloading days should be over.
Katherine is turning out to be a HUGE disappointment and I bet if Michael knew it would be this way he would have left his kids to someone else. I cannot believe she is doing this.

1454 days ago


I don't know what the laws are in Cal. but from what I understand MJ's estate is still in probate. Where I live if someone has an estate and dies no beneficiaries get any money until the will/trust is out of probate.

I also understand it to be that MJ's will did not leave a 40% lump sum to his mom but rather a 40% of the estate after it was probated and that her 40% would be in installments because when she dies her 40% goes back into the trust for his kids. She can not leave her 40% to anyone else.

And in all honesty she doesn't have a house payment or a car payment to pay every month. So all she should have is electric, water, sewage, trash pick up, phone, property taxes, insurances, cable, and food. I find it hard to believe that these things would cost that much.

She doesn't support MJ's kids because they get their own money. So if she can't make it on what she is getting now then she needs to grow a set of balls and make her own sons take care of their own kids and that thing of an ex-wife. She also needs to tell joe that she isn't giving him anymore money so if he wants to live a nice life he needs to move back in with her since she don't seem to want a divorce.

1454 days ago


Katherine and MJ's kids deserve everything they can get. Remember, MJ wanted them to inherit what he worked so long and hard to get. And think about lifetime security, etc.

You go Katherine!

1454 days ago


How much is Old Joe's cut? They are a sad group.

1454 days ago


Exactly Daphne. Who are you to judge about anything or anyone.

Posted at 9:05 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by PowerLunch

Waves to DB/Sofi. Sleep tight. Good nite all.

1454 days ago


That whole family is frickin crazy. They might as well be named Lohan!

1454 days ago


TMZ, why would you even post a story like this? You're enticing readers to bash an 80 year old woman. The people who are insulting Katherine, comparing her lifestyle to yours, have missed the point. MJ made her the beneficiary of 40% of his estate. His estate is worth close to $2 BILLION!! Who else should benefit from it if not I would assume MJ left the 40% share solely to his mother because he expected her to take care of his siblings, etc. and, yes, even Joe. $26K/ month is a paltry amount for an estate that's a slap in the face with all the money it's bringing in. MJ loved his mother very much and would have wanted her to be taken care of in the manner in which she is accustomed.

1454 days ago


I got out of Gary at birth.Same hospital as MJ and siblings born at (which was closed years ago, so do not fall for those bogus tours MJ's family is trying to profit from..) She needs some big girl panties and reality. We should just call her Ms. Joe...

1454 days ago

Joe Blow    

Are you kidding me?

1454 days ago


Also wanted to add to my post above that I don't care what she gets, but I think its time she started thinking and taking care of herself instead of the whole clan that lives there with her.

If my kids did that to me (left their kids and ex-husbands with me) I would have hunted them down and strangled them.

Grandmothers are not suppose to raise their grand kids unless their parent's have passed on. Grandmothers are suppose to enjoy their grand kids by spoiling them by doing things that grandma's do.

just my two cents

1454 days ago


Hey chimp she's more entitled than you are

1454 days ago
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