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Lindsay Lohan -- See Ya Friday Officers!

9/23/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Lindsay Lohan actually had a good run-in with the law yesterday -- much different than tomorrow, when she could be hauled off to jail.

LiLo stirred such a scene when she took the lil' Lohans -- Ali and Michael -- shopping yesterday that LAPD cops had to be called.

A couple of officers even leaned into the window of Lindsay's SUV while she was behind the wheel.
Deja vu or omen?  


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I think its funny how she calls the cops and pretends like she is pissed off about the paps all while she is truly enjoying it.

Lindsay did not even shop when she was there all she did was walk around the store and look at all the paps outside filming her every move. This chick is MENTALLY ILL. I am sure the personality disorder she suffers from is anti social aka sociopath.

Those cops should have arrested her on her warrant and searched her for coke lol.

1499 days ago


#25. Sorry about you leg my friend. Im a beach bum who got lucky enough to open a bar in the islands and am currently at happy hour, playing a little online poker and seeing what is going on in the mainland. I comment once in a while to keep people honest. We all have things in life that we deal with and I think we need to question why so many people feel the need to condem others so harshly. When that leg heals ill buy you a drink.

1499 days ago


Aren't these underage kids supposed to be in school somewhere back East? I'm sure Dina has a rational explanation all ready.

1499 days ago


@Spike Mike Jr. is hardly underage. He's 22 and graduated college in May. Ali is 16 now, 17 later this year, is home schooled but officially at 16 she is not required to go to school.

1499 days ago


If Lohan had served 90 days she would not be in this mess. i pray i dont see her name scrolling cross the t.v. screen where she's dead of an over dose...Paris need to fire her PR people they should have checked or know Japan was not letting her in the country..Rolling stones and a Beatle could not go in because of some drug charge...Japan dont play...Was it a Hilton family private jet...It cost a lot of money round trip private jet to Japan..just asking

1499 days ago


AGREED! Doesnt LA Cops have anything better to do?

I want to know the of that store!

1499 days ago


Maybe a stint in general population for a while will change her attitude!

1499 days ago


The majority of those posting here are so pathetic! Envy is not healthy for you!

The Paparazzi are like bugs, therefore they all should be sprayed with bug repellent!

Don't get your hopes up too high people with hopes of Lindsay being put in jail tomorrow!

1499 days ago


her brother's namne is CODY

1499 days ago


What do we see here. Lyndsay harrassed by 20 odd paps so she has to call the cops to set her free? And every one here pours another bucket of vile over her head? Even though she admitted taking cocaine she still has more class in her fingernails then all you haters out here. As for the paps, they should be shot on the spot!!! (about drugs. It's about time the US stops this insane war op drugs). Every time I see Lyndsay's photo's can't help thinking that she is a beautiful women with a problem. So reach out and help her instead of burning her at the stake.
There is a word for. America has forgotten it: COMPASSION

1499 days ago


I'll get real about all of this when they take her license away for good before she kills someone. She can do what she wants to
herself but she is a danger to society!

1499 days ago


Keister, much can she Keister...She's a girl...twice as much!

1499 days ago


Yep, it looks like Lindsay's brother is hanging around with Lindsay these days. That's probably a good thing. He just graduated from college so he probably has his act together. Who knows?

Maybe he can land a job in L.A. with his shiny new college degree. Maybe he could be the "man of the house" in the Lohan family since nobody wants Lindsay's father around. Her brother needs to keep all the bloodsucking "bad influence" people away from Lindsay. He should help clean out the prescription drug bottles and booze and all the other bad stuff he might find in Lindsay's house too.

He can't hang around with her forever though. Lindsay needs to get back into rehab and finally deal with her issues. Jail is probably coming first for her though. It might be a few months in the slammer this time. It looks like Lindsay is one of those "hard cases" like Robert Downey. She's gotta learn things the HARD WAY.

1499 days ago


Cameras Banned From Lindsay Lohan's Court Hearing - as per Radar Online -

1499 days ago


O f all the gangs and violence in la we got the cops out following a dam drug addict just to get their picture in the paper now . California mayn be pretty but I will stick to good old texas we carry guns and we shoot them to how about that yea hawwwwwwwwwwwwww

1499 days ago
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