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Oksana: Mel Threatened 'Brains All Over the Wall'

9/24/2010 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has told D.A. investigators ... Mel Gibson was so enraged the day he allegedly attacked her that he threatened that "There will be brains all over the wall" ... TMZ has learned.


Oksana went to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office Wednesday and told investigators the day of the nuclear argument, after allegedly striking her, Mel pulled out a gun, waived it around and threatened to kill her, the baby and himself, screaming, "There will be brains all over the wall."

Oksana says she fled the house with Lucia and her son Sacha.

As we previously reported -- Mel's domestic violence case is currently with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office for review. 

It should be noted, claims that Mel threatened to kill himself, Oksana and the baby never came up during the mediation in May.


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Yeah, she was so afraid of the big bad wolf she traveled abroad with him less than 2 weeks later after this January incident while recouperating from her concussion, right. The gypsy has absolutely no credibility.

1499 days ago


The claims of killing himself, the baby and Oksana had not come up during the mediation because she had not thought of them yet! Remember, this is an ongoing process; if one thing doesn't work, think of something else.....

1499 days ago


At this point, anyone with a brain doesn't believe a word you say, Okscammer.... Maybe she thinks all this spinning will make us so dizzy we can't think straight.

1499 days ago


and den he take my mother and throw her off the deck and told her stay dere.

1499 days ago


I know I shouldn't say this but I feel like beaten her ass now.

1499 days ago


I'm surprised she didn't just spin a story about him pistol whipping her. Oh wait, couldn't do that since she would still be sporting bruising the next time she was out with him.

So, what's next, do we get a photoshopped picture from Lethal Weapon with Mel holding a gun. He must have posed for one, right Oxymoron?

Is it just me, or she starting to look like a pathological liar? Yes, we heard the tale spun how Mel was running around the house with a gun but how come we never heard that on the audio tapes or heard the details when this was originally stated? Oh yeah, Oxymoron is trying to sway public opinion.

1499 days ago


ok, I have yet another question. Let's say the judge rules he shortform has to be obeyed and stuck to, that is was drawn up in good faith and except for the two items that would be added in, it was agreed on. The long form is the final do***ent with all the changes added into it. Part of that says she has to live within 33 miles of Mel (Malibu).

What if she is found guilty of extorting (because I don't think we have even see the tip of iceberg yet). So she is found guilty and the United States decides she has broken the law and now she must leave America. What happens to all that is agreed on? They go back into court and make new stipulations for living? It can't be more money because it clearly states it can't happen.

If she is found of an illegal act and Homeland Security doesn't reject her VISA here and send her packing I will be pissed.

1499 days ago


OMG! This woman is a real piece of work. My a$$ would have gone directly to the nearest police station if someone pulled a gun on me and my children. My A$$ would not have been on any red carpet no matter what. She makes no sense what so ever. She contradicts here self at every turn. arghhhhhhhhhhh

1499 days ago


If two insane people can't make a marriage work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

1499 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

What's new over here, Team Mel? I've been over busting Team Lindsay's balls and getting a good yuk out of the replies! One poster even called me 'Un-American', which is funny cuz I'm a Veteran!

1499 days ago


Shell, does the rose garden have a rose garden?

1499 days ago


Hey Harvey! Just how close of friends are you and Daniel Horowitz? come on, everyone has sympathy for Mr. Horowitz, but this has is beyond the pale to extort money and smear. TMZ has lost its unbiased reporting in lieu of a PR campaign.

Were they in Mel's house or Oksana's house, or did they live together in January or what? I'm confused, did she flee her house or Mel's? (well, I know he owns the house she lives in but I thought he chose to put her up in a house and not live with her.)

1499 days ago


If this was the case, which I am not believing, wouldn't she have mentioned that in those alleged recordings when she was going on and on about a man that would hit a woman with a baby in her arms. I'm calling HOGWASH!! Try again, HOROPUTZ!!

I'm ready to put her in the Rose Garden! lol

Posted at 11:50 AM on Sep 24, 2010 by Shell

I see Shell and I are channelling each other today.

1499 days ago


@ Team Mel: From July 14

According to Radar she reported in in her original statement, too. Not just Wednesday.

Posted at 11:48 AM on Sep 24, 2010 by moussemaker
And once again we are wondering why she felt it was so inconsequential as to not bother mentioning it in mediation? Is she really so stupid as to not be worried if it were a true story?

1499 days ago

Zooma Zoom    

You mean THIS Wednesday?
She was waiting since Jan 6 till THIS Wednesday????


1499 days ago
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