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Jermaine's Child Support Plea -- I'm Broke, No Joke

9/26/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson claims he can't afford to pay child support because his business is failing and his career is in the tank -- in fact, according to new legal docs, MJ's bro can barely make ends meet.

Jermaine just filed new child support papers in L.A. County Superior Court -- obtained by TMZ -- grousing that he's expected to pay $3,000 a month in child support for sons Jaafar and Jermajesty ... even though his average monthly income for the last year has been under $1,100.

Jermaine is asking the judge to slash support payment to $215 a month.

According to the docs, Jermaine made a onetime appearance on "Big Brother" back in 2007, raking in a handsome $450,000 for his troubles -- but since then, Jermaine claims his business has floundered.

Jermaine claims his baby mama Alejandra not only earns more than him ... but she gets a free ride along with his kids at the Jackson compound, thanks to Katherine's generosity. Katherine has asked Alejandra to move her family into a nearby Jackson condo but Alejandra has refused and Katherine won't put her foot down.


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Times are tough when you can't mooch off your baby brother anymore...oh that's right - I forgot - you can always dump off your ex-wife and kids on mama. Black man mentality, Beverly Hills style!

1488 days ago


He should get a job doing what he's probably best qualfied at: sweeping the floors of public toilets. Of the entire Jackson clan, I find him the most nauseating--withe exception of that ape father of his, naturally.

1488 days ago


I´ve seen his house, no money yeah right? It´s the parents obligation to support the children, not only the mother´s responsibility.

1488 days ago



1488 days ago


Both him and Dr. Murray claim they have no money to support their kids yet they live in million dollar homes and take lavish vacations.

1488 days ago


Wow! What a loser Jermaine is!...Really? He really asked to pay $215 a month for child support for his 2 children?

I am sure he paid more than $215 a month for his "jacked-up" hairdo and that dermabrasion facial/peel that permanently pitted his face.

You know, in exchange for him getting a vascetomy (and also signing a legal agreement to not have sexual relations with any of his other brother's wives) I could concur with the courts allowing him to pay $2000 a month. But that would also mean he would need to be gainfully employed earning at least $36,000 a year. If he can't pay, he needs to go to jail. It's as simple as that. At 56 years old, if he can't figure it out as a free man, he needs to sit in jail until he can figure it out.

He can do that...can't you boy? It's clear that Jermaine is Joseph Jackson's son 'cause this nut really didn't fall far from the tree.

1488 days ago


I think Jermaine is lying. He simply does not want to pay Alejandra. I wonder how much Jermaine was paid by TMZ for this story?
TMZ reports he made 450K from one appearance on Big Brother. How much did Jermaine make from his six appearences on the Jacksons reality show. Not to mention the countless interviews he did throughout the world since MJ's passing.

btw: the Jacksons have money coming out of their pores. this is another one of those stories of the jacksons crying broke in the media for protection and self serving interests.

1488 days ago

Mary Maude Henry    

Jermaine Jackson has run out of interview offers I guess, one really tired of his soft voice repeating the way he felt at seeing his brothers dead body-sorry-but no one else in the family put on such a display. I thought the wife was gone????? Why doesn't Randy find something for his brother to do? MMH

1488 days ago


ALL OF THESE "FAMILY" members, every one of them lived off that tragic genius! He had to hide and avoid them and they were pushing Michael to per form when any human seeing him would know he was not healthy enough to do it. The drugs might have killed MJ, but all these people had a part in it. None cared for him, but only his money!!! The father, the mother, the brothers, the sisters. Oh lord, foe god's sake. And, the fact that he had a 450k paycheck when no one cares about him, but only what he can tell or remind people of his brother shows he is still profiting from him. And, even 450k he spent so fast also shows an indication of how much they must have been exploiting Michael on a regular basis. Jermaine was accustomed to living off michael with six figures dollar give aways. In the millions! That entire family should rot in he'll for exploiting and not helping Michael. They just had to push him out on that stage when he wanted nothing to do with it, couldn't do it, he needed medical urgent medical care and true love. I am sure there is a lawsuit against michael's estate from the family in the works.

1488 days ago


Jermaine's budget is eaten up by the cans of spray paint he buys and uses on the sides of his head.

1488 days ago


Which 'Big Brother' show was he on? Definitely not the US show.

1488 days ago

ex lax    

he was always a joke like his daddy

1488 days ago


i agree with number 10 where are the tapes why when he came home on the nite of june 24 th when he said he did not feel well how come they did not get him to the hospital its all been fishy from the start number 10 u are right

1488 days ago


Just been on to the Jermaine Jackson website, apparently it is true, Jermaine announced in June 2010 that his wife is indeed expecting twin girls.
If you thought JERMAJESTY was bad, get this, they have decided to call the girls:-

Those poor kids!

1488 days ago


I like Jermaine, so this is not directed at him specifically...But, is anyone just sick and tired of all the losers in this country? From businesses run by losers to Octo to all the hollywood losers? This country just sucks now.

Maybe it will get better?

1488 days ago
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