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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Threatened by Michael

9/26/2010 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, worked miracles running back and forth to court Friday to spring her client from jail, but it wasn't good enough for Michael Lohan. TMZ has learned daddy Lohan left a voicemail and texts on Holley's phone, threatening to "blow you out of the water."

Sources tell us the voicemail -- left earlier in the week -- also threatened to "dig up dirt" on Shawn, as well as Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor.  

Michael left two text messages on Holley's phone Friday after the court hearing, telling her she should do Lindsay a favor and quit. In another text, Michael claimed Holley and Taylor were destroying the Lohan family.
0926_michael_lohan_video_small_2Michael went nuclear at the Bev Hills Courthouse Friday morning after Judge Elden Fox threw Lindsay in jail. Fox's decision was reversed later that day after Holley filed an appeal, and Lindsay got out of jail Friday night.

We're told Holley, who could not be reached for comment, will not seek a restraining order.

It's just Michael being Michael.

UPDATE: Michael tells TMZ, "It's true. I said those things ... but it’s spun. I wasn’t knocking Shawn for working all those hours ... I was knocking the fact that I told them to do this [send Lindsay to rehab] a long time ago. Just now they’re listening."


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Miss Bu    

AHOLE threatening a lawyer now we see why Lindsey doesn't think she has to be accountable for her actions.

1488 days ago


You can sum Micheal Lohan up in two words. Dry drunk.

1488 days ago


Is this ******* for real????? He should be glad the lawyer can keep that douche he calls a daughter out of going to jail forever. Instead of constant media coverage, that ****ed up family should all be sent to jail, rehab and Siberia where they can get eaten by tigers and bears. OH MY!!!! If you didn't hate them before, the more you see them the more you wish theyb would die.

1488 days ago


If you all remember - she did quit once before and the judge would not allow it!!

1488 days ago


poor excuse for a human breed
who doesnt belong anywhere but jail

1488 days ago


Michael Lohan's Tweet: "Thank GOD Lindsay is out. Hopefully, she will see why.No thanks to the ones who brought her there to begin with."

Does this tweet make any sense?

I have tried to be sympathetic towards this man, but he is violent and weird. When does he visit his youngest son? or oldest son? Does he pay child support for the minor children? How does he earn money?

Just because he's a mess doesn't mean the rest of the family are fine. They are all messed up.

Wouldn't the court have to give Lindsay permission to enter rehab, because I think a residential rehab program would conflict with Lindsay's current probation obligations, which are still in force.

I have heard nothing about her getting permission from the court, over this weekend, for her newest excursion.

Did you see those pictures on x17 os Lindsay shooting up and making out with Paris Hilton? I'm thinking, just how bored would you have to be to think you want to make out with Paris Hilton. Then I thought of Sam Ronson...

1488 days ago


Go away Michael. Let Lindsay grow up. That's more than you have done. She will be ok without you.If you leave her alone, maybe you can sit back and watch her. Maybe she will teach you how to grow up as a decent person.

1488 days ago


Why doesn't this guy have a job?

1488 days ago


Michael Lohan IS the problem.

He should go back to NY and leave Lindsay the f alone.

But he can't and he won't . . . he is an evev bigger attention whore/drama queen than his daughter. What an *******.

1488 days ago


29. 30. Kate,

WOW! You are right! It is Dina that was her first love and she is still mommies little girl! That makes even more sense. Dina taught her to yodel! YIKES, thanks for the insight. The family that plays together sort of falls apart...

1488 days ago

the truth    

you all are talking bad about him but hes right about everything he just said. like he said we all make mistakes .no one is perfect so give the guy a break. hes trying!! hes been in jail and he knows its not where Lindsay belongs. hes made tons of mistakes with his kids but hes trying to turn it all around into something good.....hes trying!

1488 days ago


Shawn Holley did NOT work any miracles springing her client again from jail or rehab. She continues to enable her client.

1488 days ago


Michael has been an enabler this whole time and until we do NOT see him for 2 years will Lindsay get better. Just an idea Michael...stay away from the cameras, being in Court yelling things to Lindsay, do not beat up other women and just stop controlling your adult daughter. YOU are part of the problem and are a hostile hothead. Lindsay needs to hit bottom and have an independent person besides you take care of her affairs. The "I told you so" story is just creepy from you.

1488 days ago


She should have told him to kiss her back! She should have reminded him that she quit and Robert Shapiro quit and she came back and he needs to do more to keep Lindsay from sneaking drugs and failing her court ordered drug test.

1488 days ago


World's Worst Father candidate.

1488 days ago
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