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Victoria Hopper: I Won't Live Around Horse Crap

9/27/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper's widow claims the actor's trust is trying to force her out of the family homestead and into a hovel near a manure-filled horse stable.


Victoria Hopper
is currently living on Dennis' $6 million Venice compound but his trust -- which includes Dennis' eldest daughter Marin -- wants to sell the property. A source close to Victoria says the trust has no legal right to sell the property.

The trust has now offered to move Victoria into the fancy schmancy Brentwood neighborhood, but Victoria says there are big problems with the home:

-- The house is 1,176 square feet on a parcel that's only 1,423 square feet -- tiny for Brentwood

-- It's right next to a stable with 15 horses that produce piles of manure

-- It's on a hairpin curve on Sunset Blvd. where a car recently crashed into the house -- Buzz kill!

So the standoff continues.



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PROBLEMS OF THE RICH! So find another place that doesn't stink problem solved and not worth reporting about. Some people have NO place to live give me a break.

1432 days ago


Gold-digging wh*re. Dennis only pushed to live as long as he did out of fear she'd rob his kids blind once he's dead, which is exactly what she's trying to do. She deliberately delayed the divorce so he could die before he could divorce her, which makes her pure trash forever in my book.

1432 days ago


evil greedy witch
you ought to be so embarassed at your behavior

1432 days ago


I can't believe he married her. She doesn't deserve anything after the way she treated him when he knew he was dying. How dare she complain about the house in Brentwood! She's lucky to get that. I hope his older daughter gets everything. You can tell what she's like by just looking at her.

1432 days ago


what BS, she should have more then a frigging tear down on Sunset.
most likely the cowboy quarters for the ranchette...

**** take it and move on!! burn it down and collect the insurance.

1432 days ago

Alaçatı konaklama    

thank you for

1432 days ago


Dennis was a lousy actor. His estate is poor compared to other A List actors. He sucked and he tried to get away with paying for his ex or his youngest child.

1432 days ago


can't TMZ find a better photo? i know you're in it for headlines, and attention grabbers, but really...

1432 days ago


Good grief get a grip people. She was his wife for 16 years, divorce does not entittle her to nothing. They have a daughter and their daughter deserves better than this. Their daughter deserves an equal share in his estate with his oldest daughter. Any woman in this situation would fight for what was hers and her childs, no one can tell me that they wouldn't. So why criticize her for doing what anyone would do. I wouldn't live in that house either and neither would his oldest daughter. It has nothing to do with the size of the property.

1432 days ago


If there was ever a better person to fit the C word to it would be this C! Gold digger! Worthless without the man Hopper. May he RIP and she in pieces. Feel fortunate you had a good life thanks to Dennis. How does it feel to be on your own honey!

1432 days ago


were those flying monkeys behind her???

1432 days ago


Shut the F up, skeeved out TMZ beyotches. She was married to him for 16 years and their legal issues were not resolved upon Dennis' death. No sale of the house. Daughter Marin sounds as bitchy as you all do.

1432 days ago


HHhhhhmmmmm, an kick ass beach house in Venice Beach or a crappy little condo in Brentwood. That's a toughie....
You know, regardless of how Dennis' family feels about this woman, he was married to her and had a child with her. They can't expect her to be willing to move into a hovel and they certainly can't possibly believe that he would ever want that for his child!

1432 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Too good for this class...skank!!!

1432 days ago


She was Married to THE Crazy Creep for 17 Years..I know some of you think hopper was an absolute delight and wonderful actor..BULL Si$...Another hollywood ego tripper-weird, pothead Heroine addict with insane delusions..She earned her money..And they have a child together..I never ever liked dennis H cuz I knew he was a nasty- skunk with enormous emotional problems . I hope she gets all his and HER cash

1432 days ago
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