Victoria Hopper: I Won't Live Around Horse Crap

9/27/2010 2:50 PM PDT

Victoria Hopper: I Won't Live Around Horse Crap

Dennis Hopper's widow claims the actor's trust is trying to force her out of the family homestead and into a hovel near a manure-filled horse stable.

Victoria Hopper
is currently living on Dennis' $6 million Venice compound but his trust -- which includes Dennis' eldest daughter Marin -- wants to sell the property. A source close to Victoria says the trust has no legal right to sell the property.

The trust has now offered to move Victoria into the fancy schmancy Brentwood neighborhood, but Victoria says there are big problems with the home:

-- The house is 1,176 square feet on a parcel that's only 1,423 square feet -- tiny for Brentwood

-- It's right next to a stable with 15 horses that produce piles of manure

-- It's on a hairpin curve on Sunset Blvd. where a car recently crashed into the house -- Buzz kill!

So the standoff continues.