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Lindsay Lohan -- Return of the SCRAM

9/27/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her favorite accessory ... her SCRAM bracelet.

As we first reported, part of the conditions of Lindsay's bail is that she has to wear the bracelet again.

Third time's a charm (2010, 2007).


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she looks hot
i hope she stay away from thrux

1451 days ago


Oh YES... She did call the Paps to take pics... I really dont know what to say! I wouldnt allow Ali to hang out with her.. never! shame is Linds gets away with all that... yak yak yak.. and she is even laughing.. caus she can!!!

1451 days ago


I would Love to Bang She is So HOT!!!

1451 days ago


What's the point? If alcohol or drug turn up in her system, it's not like it will matter. Apparently she is "special" for who knows what reason and the rules don't apply to her. Sure, a judge may throw her in jail, but she'll be out in a couple hours, even on a weekend! They should just let her drink & use all the drugs she wants, that way she'd off herself before too long and we'd no longer have to hear about this pathetic piece of crap, who thinks she's above the law.

1451 days ago


fake pr visit yesterday, fake posing for pap$$$$

fake sincerity

Judge Fox...we want cameras in the courtroom!

1451 days ago


also the heroin use is old news, she apparently did a LOT of it.

1451 days ago


and P.S. - Lindsay and her butch sister Ali are SO posing in pictures. Someone is getting a paycheck. I bet their "Mommy Dearest" is standing in the background going... "Smile sweeties" "Look at the cameras" "Now don't look at the cameras" "Now get up - Oh lindsay, you're covering your bracelet. Adjust so we can see it, honey." "Aren't my little Angels just the cutest you've ever seen?? Just you wait... they are gonna be FAMOUS, I tell you FAMOUS!!"

1451 days ago


Can the scram detect coke? Will the judge in her new hearing punish her because coke is a drug and illegal? Odds are no. She belongs in jail vs. a cushy rehab place.

1451 days ago


She is So Extremley Hot!!!

1451 days ago


How long until this dumb whore sets off the SCRAM? By the end of the week most likely.

1451 days ago


What a joke! Welcome to Hollyweird!

1451 days ago


This must be a nice break from sniffing the remains of Heidi and Spencer, while working part-time on Mel Gibson and Oksana rumors.

TMZ - do your parents know how you squandered your college education money?

1451 days ago


TMZ is this true?? Supposed pics of LL shooting up drugs out there?

1451 days ago


Look, Lindsay's situation is nothing new. There are a ton of people out there right now who get in trouble, get put on probation, get in trouble again, around and around. Ideally when people get into trouble, they follow the terms of their probation, which a lot of people do. But then there is the segment of people who keep on screwing up. It's not at all that unheard of.

The thing that is much more disturbing than her probation violations are some of the comments people are leaving. Just od, die, skank, whore, worthless, trash, i've got you in my deathpool, etc. You can't possibly be serious. The only thing I can sum that up to is somebody anonymously sitting behind their computer playing fantasy world to vent pent up fantasy hatred they know they can't express in real life. Would you say that about a neighbor, coworker or friend? Seriously doubt it, unless you are somekind of freak. You may not realize it now, but you people are seriously damaging yourselves. Your brain remembers and retains all that spewed hatred and works like a poison to eat away at your own self worth and general goodness and kindness. Think again, people. Really think about what you are saying and how it is not only effecting her and other people, but also yourself.

1451 days ago


This is a planned photo shoot.........clearly! Embarrassing for her and her sister.

1451 days ago
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