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Lindsay Lohan -- Return of the SCRAM

9/27/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her favorite accessory ... her SCRAM bracelet.

As we first reported, part of the conditions of Lindsay's bail is that she has to wear the bracelet again.

Third time's a charm (2010, 2007).


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It seems the LA courts are making a career out of this case, a misdameaner DUI charge that never ends. 3 and 1/2 years of this crap with no end in sight.Lindsay will be fighting this charge for ever, when will the DA say enough is enough already.LA courts want Lindsay on probation forever, this is crazy

1495 days ago

Radio DJ Dude     

If she's in rehab then the scram really doesn't make sense now does it ...

1495 days ago


F R E E L I N D S A Y !!!!!!!

1495 days ago


Just for good press!!!!!!!!! She's a drug addict, an alcoholic, a wtf can she give back?? She should go to jail, because she deserves it, then go to rehab for one year and after that find a job far away from this industry, because she has no talent at all neither in acting, singing nor in fashion-- just go away, get healthy and stay away.

1495 days ago


The pix of Lindsay shooting up at a party are several years old. They really do not matter at this point.

There is no reason to thinK that Lindsay cannot change her course.
She is only 24 years old and her life is not over. She just needs to clean up and stay clean.

1495 days ago


What a bad example this case is. It goes to show no matter what you and your white and a celebrity you are going to get away with it. Lets hope TI and his wife get off as easy as Lindsey is. Maybe if the media stops giving her so much attention she will stop thinking she is untouchable.

1495 days ago


YAWN. This is not news. This is not even gossip. One question not related to LL. Why do you "report" so much more nasty stuff on the females who act out/get in trouble than you do on the male celebs/stars?

1495 days ago


Zero dignity left. Such a waste! Such a shame!

1495 days ago


Why are you trying to make us care about her? She needs privacy. She is so uninteresting.

1495 days ago

LA Native    

That 300K she paid was not for useless bail, it was for the drugs she did when out and tested dirty for. Get it straight for once!

1495 days ago


Just go away you are not a viable actress...Mean Girls was what 7 years ago. You have nothing to give back. It's only the Paps not Hollywood.

Hang out with Hilton, another a**hole. Vegas doesn't want Hilton and an entire country of Japan throws Hilton out. Just get rid of these clowns.

1495 days ago


OMG.....enough she's got the anklet on bout just leaving her alone

1495 days ago


maverick and ice man called....they want their glasses back.

1495 days ago


Has anyone asked if Robert Downey Jr. would try to talk to her?

I guess it doesn't matter, now the courts ( legal system all together) are enabling her.

To bad, I fear that her Father is right she will not be around much longer.

1495 days ago


Too bad they don't have SCRAMs to fit noses for coke. She should have been ordered to Rx Anti-buse,as well as have her car fitted with a Breathalyzer-ignition device. SCRAM/SHAM. That bracelet won't stop her from using her car as a murder weapon.

It was on the news this morning that Lindsay visited a teen center this weekend to volunteer. Yeah, great timing - Hi I'm your friendly drug addict, see I'm doing great, you guys are the losers....paparazzi was on board for the photo-op!!!! Yeah, she's the person I want as a role model visiting teens! WTF?

1495 days ago
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