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Lindsay Lohan -- Return of the SCRAM

9/27/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her favorite accessory ... her SCRAM bracelet.

As we first reported, part of the conditions of Lindsay's bail is that she has to wear the bracelet again.

Third time's a charm (2010, 2007).


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It seems the LA courts are making a career out of this case, a misdameaner DUI charge that never ends. 3 and 1/2 years of this crap with no end in sight.Lindsay will be fighting this charge for ever, when will the DA say enough is enough already.LA courts want Lindsay on probation forever, this is crazy

Posted at 9:29 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by John
I agree this case is a joke the D.A isn't even asking for any more jail time just going with what the Judge decides.
Sure they might be making money with the bail etc but think about all the security and resources needed for all the court hearings. Also all the media enquiries and the actual cost of keeping her at Lynwood.

1487 days ago


TMZ must have some kind of arrangement with the Lohan team and thats why they arent reporting the pictures of
Lindsay shooting up, and thats why they said she was "AA all the way" when she was really throwing back some coke and jacks.

1487 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

All the people that whine and complain about Lindsay are missing the boat. She is creating attention for herself. Without all this, she would be a forgotten nobody, that made a remake of the "Parent Trap." Sure, she is a lowlife skank, that likes to reveal her assets to the camera, and so far she has been very successful at maintaining her celebrity. Look at all the people here that are just sucking it all up. Lindsay is not a great actress, but she is keeping up her entertainment value. She does a fine job of exposing herself in "Machete," even if it is a small role.

1487 days ago


@7. Those pictures are from 2007 as it clearly states in the article. Also they only speculate that it's heroin.. She has a needle so ye it's probably drugs but nobody can say for a fact it's heroin.

1487 days ago


As a public defender I would always advise people who were serving light misdemeanor sentences to just suck it up and do the time for the month or 2 months. You'll be out in half that anyway. When you’re on probation you have to be so perfect. Clearly, that wouldn’t seem to be the case here.

With that being said, the court deals in facts; not name calling. Name calling isn’t proof or evidence. Putting people down doesn’t mean you know what is going on. Many of the comments on here indicate a less than stellar knowledge of the American justice system; which is fine, but you are doing everyone a disservice by adding incorrect statements and suggestions. It isn’t the judges. There is a piece of paper in Washington DC that can’t be over-ruled that says she is eligible for bail. Like anything else in this country, people who can afford it, have the right to pay for it. Do all of you guys really think you know what she needs?

1487 days ago


When I was on probation for a DUI the judge said probation is being allowed to serve your sentence out of jail as long as you followed the rules.If you don't you finish your sentence in jail. I was not suppose to be in a bar or nightclub, period and of course no drugs or alcohol. She needs to be in jail like the rest of people that can't follow the guidelines. What I find funny is cocaine only stays in your system 3 days and there are many detox drinks you can buy to pass the drug tests. Doesn't anyone of Lindsays associates or friends know about Vail or Strip???

1487 days ago

Moe Green    

She's hot. Do we care about anything else?

1487 days ago


This has become such a JOKE. Why even bother sending her to rehab? She is just going to pull the same stuff over and over and get away with it because she is a Celeb.

1487 days ago


@gregg in response to #83

[snip] "..Do all you guys really know what she needs?"

I do believe that in response to your question, it's not just what Lindsay needs, but as a public citizen, what protection I deserve set forth by a judge as a citizen from the criminal. The legal system's ultimate responsibility is to serve and protect the public; ie, me and you, and everyone else.

I offered up the following, just as a matter of convenience including here, for those reading, which clearly states I believe I know what is best for Lindsay and us....yeah, couldn't help myself, had to add the sarcasm, again though, 1st Amendment and all that stuff.

[quote] "Too bad they don't have SCRAMs to fit noses for coke. She should have been ordered to Rx Anti-buse,as well as have her car fitted with a Breathalyzer-ignition device. SCRAM/SHAM. That bracelet won't stop her from using her car as a murder weapon."

1487 days ago

michelle williams    

who is her PR person??? The best ting for Linset is NOT to be seen in public untl the 22nd. regardless if the ruling was illegal people really do not think well of her, and its because of crap like this. She comes out smiling, not a care in the world. People don;t get that she's broken up. Does she have an addiction? yes. But even above an addiction, I'm begining to think the problem is deeper. I think she may be a sociopath. Her brain/emotions just doesn't connect with her. Its not uncommon for people who were raised in abusive homes. Everyone is objectified. There not humans they're property; And as such you can treat them anyway you want and feel justified. get her out of the public eye ASAP if you want her to have any career.

1487 days ago


Enough she's got the bracelet back bout just leaving her alone

1487 days ago


Loser!...she has had every chance to get right, So, as I always say...REHAB IS A JONE and these knot heads prove it every day.

She belongs in's the ONLY thing that will ever straighten her out. A good long stretch in the pokey will make her realize just how good her life was.

If they allow her ANOTHER Rehab stint? they will be sentencing her to her own demise.

1487 days ago



1487 days ago


Why are they making her wear an alcohol monitor? She failed two drug tests...once with cocaine and once with amphetamines. They ought to just double or triple up on the random drug testing. It would be a terrible inconvenience to 'her highness' to have to come in for a blood test or a pee test once or twice a day, but we don't make changes until our lives become unmanageable. Let's get her to that level of unmanageability as quickly as possible.

1487 days ago


she needs those awful looking shoes to hide her hideous man feet

1487 days ago
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