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Child Custody Agreement Gives Mel Joint Custody

9/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva signed a "Child Custody" agreement in May which spelled it out as clearly as can be -- Mel Gibson was not only entitled to unsupervised contact with Lucia, he was getting joint legal and physical custody of the child.

The document, obtained by TMZ, was signed by Oksana and Mel on May 16 ... but disavowed by Oksana shortly thereafter. She claimed she did not know the agreement gave Mel unsupervised contact with the baby. 

But the agreement laid out in almost painful detail the schedule for custody, down to the day and the hour.   Mel immediately got joint legal custody of the baby. He also got significant unsupervised visitation, which turned into 50/50 custody when Lucia turned 3.

The agreement also provided, when Mel didn't have Lucia, the nanny would coordinate a Skype call between himself and the child.

The agreement spelled out who gets the kids on holidays. But these pages, which were initialed by both Mel and Oksana, were X'd out. We're told a similar schedule was later substituted for the one you see.

It was the Father's Day visitation that sent the case into family court, when Oksana refused to let Mel have the baby.

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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TMZ's robotic censorship LMAO.

1495 days ago


*waves* thxs

Sorry for the double post people!?!?

Great post! Definitely, dead on about the Ox!

1495 days ago


Seems the PR team is working overtime - I was checking this question "Will Oksana be charged with extortion?" This pops up- will have yet another story that Oksana is charging Mel Gibson with abuse - I left a comment but its awaiting moderation - It might just be time for us to comment to the other news sources - As they are obviously not doing any research on their own

1495 days ago


angeleyes, they all come here to get the answers.. haha from the posters...

1495 days ago


Well u guys, I'm heading out for the night. Just about 2 am here, school night.
Take care everyone-wondering, angeleyes, java


1495 days ago


night twilightmom

1495 days ago


wondering. You are probably pretty close in your above scenario. You notice how the Ox hasn't cried theft for her missing do***ents.

Probably not important but Ox and her attorney signed this custody agreement a day before the 5/15-5/16 mediation.

1495 days ago


Good morning world! 11 am here in Scandinavia.

Having to read all the twists and turns in this story - AND lies from Oks - I´m getting slightly bored. The problem with lying is that you have to remember what you lied about. And to whom. Clearly Oks is not up to it.

1495 days ago


the interesting thing to me is that all these do***ents that have been released/leaked/or obtained by seance, are attempts at either embarrassing mel gibson or slashing at his private life with prejudice and spite.
while there has been the overtly humble reticent tinged statements by oksanas mouthpiece lawyer,
one cannot overlook from where the fountain flows.

not once has there been a public statement from mel or his team, and it shows just how powerful silence can be!

no matter how many times they try to cast dispersions upon where the source of the fountain lies, and how they attest to the waters purity, it still spews the same brown colored liquid that carries a foul stench...

1495 days ago


hi antbabs, welcome back!

1495 days ago


The tapes clearly show he is not fit to be around a young child. The man is not stable. I am not sure what this lady's mottives are though.

1495 days ago


Crystal clear. Oksana's purpose is - show me the money, more money.

Bring more lawyers, can do something different?
It probably only help lawyers boost their names, but can't resolve Oksana's problem.

I don't understand why this woman decided to play a dangerous game in public.

1495 days ago



seeing how the child services have released a statement publicly saying that neither MEL or oksana are a danger to the children, then why would you upon hearing a doctored recording jump to such a conclusion?

1495 days ago


I don't understand why this woman decided to play a dangerous game in public.

Posted at 2:13 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by waka

probably because the only thing she has to lose is custody of the child, and well that would mean her meal ticket and stairway to the elite status of hollywood...

1495 days ago


I couldn't agree more w/you more wondering. The more that comes out the more it stinks. We know the source otherwise she would be looking for someone to sue. Her attempts to humiliate MG are vicious and cruel and has I believed backfired in a big way. Is this what $86k bought her for good pr? She sure got screwed. I anticipate Horowitz will be out of the picture soon, I don't see him being in this for the longhaul. We'll see. Could be an interesting week.

1495 days ago
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