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Child Custody Agreement Gives Mel Joint Custody

9/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva signed a "Child Custody" agreement in May which spelled it out as clearly as can be -- Mel Gibson was not only entitled to unsupervised contact with Lucia, he was getting joint legal and physical custody of the child.

The document, obtained by TMZ, was signed by Oksana and Mel on May 16 ... but disavowed by Oksana shortly thereafter. She claimed she did not know the agreement gave Mel unsupervised contact with the baby. 

But the agreement laid out in almost painful detail the schedule for custody, down to the day and the hour.   Mel immediately got joint legal custody of the baby. He also got significant unsupervised visitation, which turned into 50/50 custody when Lucia turned 3.

The agreement also provided, when Mel didn't have Lucia, the nanny would coordinate a Skype call between himself and the child.

The agreement spelled out who gets the kids on holidays. But these pages, which were initialed by both Mel and Oksana, were X'd out. We're told a similar schedule was later substituted for the one you see.

It was the Father's Day visitation that sent the case into family court, when Oksana refused to let Mel have the baby.

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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About that BENZ -

I wonder if anyone has checked the trunk?

I also wonder if it originated in USSR or if it was transported to MOSCOW? And if it made its way BACK to the USA?

And since there is a well do***ented Ukrainian car theft ring in CA, I wonder if anyone has checked the vins on that vehicle?
Or any connection to them? Some article MamaG mentioned how there was family in CA. Well Mama and Papa are UKRAINIAN, right?

Great segway for my MYSTERY FILM CLIP ---

NAME THAT MAN!!!! Or NAME THAT STREET! Please, someone take pity and go to youtube and leave a comment.

May be HOGWASH about the BENZ- but you never know -- with the dingy and all - could it really hurt?

1423 days ago


Maybe Oksana can throw in a lawyer with that Lakers stuff she is selling on Craig list; I can give the lawyer to my Mom for Christmas.

Posted at 2:59 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Kilmerfan

I too am a Kilmer fan. Will never look at one of those LIP phones the same way again! Thank you for posting here. Your wit is so greatly appreciated!

Wondering, Shuffle, Jacqui, MAC, Curious, Tell, Bruno, (I just know I am leaving some out. Not intentional hope you know) -- So very many really talented souls.

I have to be honest - I don't think it is ONLY the sordid tale that brings me here day after day.

1423 days ago


Sorntolc is a college kid, just here to mess with us. Well, that is my guess.

Maya 28

1423 days ago


I'm tired of Snorty and his lies that he purports to be the truth. I would warn everyone here that he is taking ONE article, from the National Enquirer, with no supporting sources; no supporting MSM articles (other than the ones that were copied)...nothing. Several of us have tried to straighten him out with the facts, but he chooses to ignore it and continue with his tripe. I'm not going to bother to correct him anymore.

It appears he is infatuated with Oinky and has some kind of romantic/sexual fantasy about her. Well, the news is out, Snorty. She's free as a bird. No man wants her. Go get her! You can have her! Most men will probably treat her like the plague. Perhaps you can sit by the fire at night and spin tales of romance and extortion.

1423 days ago


Morning everyone!!

I find it funny that Horoputz had no comment? Really? He ran his mouth for a few days and now he has no comment? lol So, when he jumps ship, who is going to be the next one to take this flawed case?

Posted at 5:45 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Shell


Lol! Hi Shell. DH (I'm tired of typing his name), has to talk to his client first...I'm sure. Either that, or he is keeping to his absurd tactic that the meditation was "immoral."

Posted at 5:53 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Genna

Hi I think he did his damage on purpose, and now is keeping quiet, thinking he did really well and is praising himself, for a job he thinks is well done....more so I think either the courts or Garbus told him to STFU.......GO MEL

1423 days ago


evening Firefly and Maya:)

Sorntolc claimed Robyn had a baby out of wedlock too! as proof of her past.

1423 days ago

don't make me laugh    

And she said this when? oh yeah, while recording him after she had signed this.

1423 days ago


t appears he is infatuated with Oinky and has some kind of romantic/sexual fantasy about her. Well, the news is out, Snorty. She's free as a bird. No man wants her. Go get her! You can have her! Most men will probably treat her like the plague. Perhaps you can sit by the fire at night and spin tales of romance and extortion.

Posted at 9:20 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by WhoKnows

He probably erected a shrine for his Saint Oksana and asking for a pope blessings WhoKnows.

1423 days ago


Sorntolc claimed Robyn had a baby out of wedlock too! as proof of her past.

Posted at 9:20 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by KoalaBabe

WHAT? I missed that!

1423 days ago


Hm, upon looking at the child custody thingy, I have to correct myself - AGAIN, sheesh - and say what looked like May 14 in Miss Oksana's hand is actually 16. Bugger, so much for that scoop.

And a great big HOWDY to Firefly, V, Maya and Fran.

1423 days ago


of all the things this female did
the one thing that changed the tone was
when she tried to come between M.G. and
his second child, when she did that she lost

Posted at 3:51 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by michelle
michelle, hmmm could you elaborate a bit more?

Posted at 3:53 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by wondering
sorry, besides not being able to keep up with all the postings, i also went off for a nap .... you think they will dock my pay .... i need my cheese

it's all about what's in the heart
faith and family, his weakness but moreover his strength
her heart is off, she can't understand these simple things

1423 days ago


This whole situation is such a joke! There is supposed to be a 'GAG-ORDER' on this case yet her ridiculous new lawyer is all over the news, every letter & legal do***ent involved is hitting the net on a daily basis and now she's going on Oprah? Horowitz needs to be disbarred for the grandstanding he is doing. The bottom line is that yes, we the public know from a few ago that that MG is not a good guy but a complete POS but she is a POS as well. She KNEW exactly what she was doing-she went after a very rich, lonely, aging movie star and had an 'immaculate reception' by him to bind them together or so she thought. She went in seeing $$ and does not want to leave without the $$ she feels she is owed. She is finding out that 'pain in the ass pay' is not as easy for her to get. She should be ashamed of herself also for her false claims of DV. OG has not done one thing to make me believe that she is a real DV victim. I believe she fabricated the story to drum up public sympathy/support and her lack of real, concrete proof has turned the public against her. I was an real DV victim from my ex-fiancee who was also a very wealthy handsome older man who I was crazy in love with. He beat me once & know what happenned then? Not only did I call the police, I filed a restraining order, moved out, quit my job & started a whole new life far away from my abuser and his money. I LEFT EVERY SINGLE MATERIAL THING BEHIND. My life was more important to me than money. If there was a child involved I would have made sure that he had no access to that child and that the authorities & courts were immediately involved to assist me. If I were from another country, I would have taken the child and left at the first sign of trouble........but not OG. She is claiming ignorance and poverty.............oh please, pardon me while I go throw up now from all OG's B.S.

1423 days ago


here it is firefly.

I won’t bother to repost most of your rude remarks, but are you aware that this one is quite insulting for many single women nursing kids from former relationships?

Now also Robyn “has a child out of wedlock hanging with her as proof of her past.” And she probably will rather live with your stigmatisation, than submit to Mel again. He also seems to have clearly stated, that he felt ”pressured” into his now annulled marriage with her.

He probably better likes to be a freewheeling Alpha-male, so he can deliver to more attractive single women “a child out of wedlock hanging with her as proof of her past."

Who’s next? Violet Kowal?

Posted at 8:57 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Sorntolc

1423 days ago

don't make me laugh    

It all fell apart after she signed this doc and Mel knew for sure then what she was.

1423 days ago


their marriage was not annulled yet, I don't know where Sorntolc get his material from? career pigeon?

1423 days ago
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