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Child Custody Agreement Gives Mel Joint Custody

9/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva signed a "Child Custody" agreement in May which spelled it out as clearly as can be -- Mel Gibson was not only entitled to unsupervised contact with Lucia, he was getting joint legal and physical custody of the child.

The document, obtained by TMZ, was signed by Oksana and Mel on May 16 ... but disavowed by Oksana shortly thereafter. She claimed she did not know the agreement gave Mel unsupervised contact with the baby. 

But the agreement laid out in almost painful detail the schedule for custody, down to the day and the hour.   Mel immediately got joint legal custody of the baby. He also got significant unsupervised visitation, which turned into 50/50 custody when Lucia turned 3.

The agreement also provided, when Mel didn't have Lucia, the nanny would coordinate a Skype call between himself and the child.

The agreement spelled out who gets the kids on holidays. But these pages, which were initialed by both Mel and Oksana, were X'd out. We're told a similar schedule was later substituted for the one you see.

It was the Father's Day visitation that sent the case into family court, when Oksana refused to let Mel have the baby.

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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Mel also seems to have clearly stated, that he felt ”pressured” into his now annulled marriage with her.
Posted at 8:57 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Sorntolc
Sorntolc please?
do not tell me that you do believe the lies Oksana planted in media?
Oksana as a fresh catholic she only wished to erased all
Mel past =lawful wife and legitimate children

first marriage is from God
second marriage is from men
third marriage is from hell

Mel’s other kid have 10 million each on their accounts while he established 4 thousand dollars in child support for Lucia.

- Sow hat’s next?
- We do not know. Right now Timothy Dalton (Oksana’s former long-term partner – KP) came to LA to support Oksana. A few days ago their son Alexander was called into court. One evening when Mel tried attacking Oksana she ran into the house and screamed to her son: “Sasha hide! Mel has a fit!” The boy got really scared and hid under a bed. There he saw that Mel was trying to strange Oksana.

Mel is dangerous for society. Oksana was feeling sorry for him, she hoped he would go into therapy. She did not go to court until she simply had no other choice. Right now Mel does not drink at all. But those fits occur when he is sober......"

1490 days ago


I think if Ok wants to go on a talk show, she should go on the View and let Whoopi get a hold of her.

Posted at 6:18 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Confused

That would be a great show. Isn't Joy Behar (Mr. Horowitz friend)
on that show.

1490 days ago


if Mr. Gibson banged with a porn star behind Oksana's back, while she was carrying his child under her heart. To me this shows his lack of integrity, honesty & ability to support a woman,


Why won't you understand that in the beginning Mel was infatuated by her big lips that came to his trailer while he was making a movie. He did not seek her out, she (sucked) him out (lol). His little head told him he was in LOVE, but in fact he was only mesmerized by those lips and what they could do. She probably decided that once she got him, she no longer wanted to exercise those lips in that way and stopped performing. Mel's little head woke up and realized that there was really nothing of substance here and wanted out. So Oxy became pregnant to trap him. THEY WERE JUST DATING nothing more. Mel could of seen anyone he wanted to because he was separated. But being still married, he could not have made it more than it was. THAT is why Oxy told Mel's wife that she was pregnant so that Robin would leave Mel, leaving the door open for her. Mel was only doing right by her by giving her a house a car, a nanny, and money for the baby. So Snorty I once again ask you since I asked this of you on another thread, did you not date? Or did you marry the first one that came along?

Hi Curious, KoalaBabe, Canook and all of Team Mel

1490 days ago


Good morning!
OK, I like keeping an open mind but this is ridiculous!
OG doesn't need lawyers, she needs a psychiatric ward!

"Infidelity isn't a crime , it's not very classy but it's not illegal.

Extortion is a crime and not following a court order is one too.

She is a woman scorned and trying to do everything in her power to hurt him." _Natasja

You got it Natasja! I would add having a fit spewing vulgarities isn't a crime either.
Even if one believes on the validity of the tapes and all this crap being put out there - there isn't one single evidence that proves Mel committed a CRIME, despite of what types like Snorty would like to claim about his character.

1490 days ago


Good for Mel.. I was in some **** like this last year with my wife. She pissed me off and all but no where close to what Mel has had to deal with.

I never backed down and I got full custody of my girl. You have to do what you have to do..

Posted at 8:21 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by John

Sad that this child is not even a year old and is being used as a pawn for negotiations. No matter the what the outcome is, with parents like these two she will be dealing with mental issues for many years to come.

Posted at 8:35 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by cluesarethere

Read John's post and you will understand why a father put in a situation like Mel/John have to continue the fight until they obtain custody. It is due to the actions of an unbalanced mother. Can you imagine leaving a baby in that situation?? They would forever be the pawn used by the mother. It truly is sickening to watch. I have witnessed this game being played by people myself and was always happy to see the ignorant person who used the child to try to gain some kind of hold over the other parent lose custody. I hope Mel continues to fight for Lucia now. Oksana has proven by her own words etc. that she is not going to be a fit parent for the little babe.

1490 days ago


Her claims of DV are shaky at best. No reports, leaked recordings, questionable medical testimony, questionable photographs..... No wonder they are trying to deflect attention from her claims and fling more mud on Mel Gibson.
Tsk tsk, time to update her onlne biographies.

Posted at 5:56 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by ThinkingWoman

maybe we should send Ophra and 60 minutes copies of her life .lol

1490 days ago


Why did my posting show up again? I promise I didn't do it. I guess the computer wanted to drive this point home to Snorty. lol

1490 days ago


maybe we should send Ophra and 60 minutes copies of her life .lol

Posted at 9:41 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by fran
I was thinking of gathering all the public opinion post since July and faxed it to Oprah's office lol.

1490 days ago



Why did my posting show up again? I promise I didn't do it. I guess the computer wanted to drive this point home to Snorty. lol

Posted at 9:43 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Firefly

Your computer has a mind of it's own lol

1490 days ago


morning Muppet:)

1490 days ago

voice of reason

The media is truly run by wh0res, no wonder the ratings keep going down, down, DOWN. Stupid execs scratch their heads and wonder why.

Posted at 7:01 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by kickaboo


If this is indeed true, I hope Oprah and 60 Minutes thread carefully, do their homework, read the posts, and present the case with facts and fairness. 2 sides!

If they choose not to do so, the Sea of Change that has swelled up in support of Mel will be nothing compared to the Tsunami of viewers backlash that will hit if they slant the story in favor of the OX and dont reports the facts.

I dont think that is the route they will take...Too much to risk, loosing viewers, the show credibility, ending up with egg on their face when the truth comes out through the courts.

Then again, this could just be another PR stunt to have Mel cave in. Dont do it Mel.

Stay strong!

1490 days ago


Miss Oksana on the View! I would LOVE that!

I have Ms. Whoopi's contact number for her NY office.

Maybe just send her the bit about Piotr Listerman and his claims to have introduced her into Mr. Mel's company?

Or send her Listerman's stuff AND the Baranov story?

1490 days ago


Hiya canook!

That article about Miss Oksana being pressured is truly laughable since by her own hand, she shows she signed the custody agreement BEFORE sitting in on the two day mediations.

Mrs. Ludmilla's been busy at the PR again.

Posted at 9:01 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Curious

Isn't it amazing how she keeps weaving this web of lies that are revealed day after day and yet she and her attorneys won't stop.

She signs the custody agreement 10 days before the settlement & support agreement and then rejects the second because she was unhappy with the first. She didn't have time to reflect until she signed the short form. What was she in a coma for those 10 days in between the two?

Then last week we learn from Horowitz she rejected it because she didn't want to give up the tapes but she tells us her ROL street interview that the tapes had been erased "a long time ago".

Over and over again her statements do not add up. It is too bad her lawyers are enabling her to continue down this path as it is only going to destroy her more and more in the end.

In a way, I pity her as she could have gone on with her life months ago with a nice settlement and none of this would have been put out there for public consumption. She has discredited herself and thrown away the chance for a peaceful and very financially rewarding settlement.

1490 days ago


Diane -

I goofed on the dates twice. Once by a typo, and the other because Miss Oksana's "6" looked like a "4" to me. My bad.

That said, having been involved in a couple of lega issues myself, Miss Oksana's lawyer would certainly be sitting down with her prior to the actual mediation to review everything. Likewise, as proven by her own text message in March, she was already wrangling terms. And let's not forget her experience in other lawsuits against Oriti and the website. AND let's not forget she went through all this before with Mr. Timothy.

There is no way anyone can convince me this woman didn't understand exactly what was in the settlement or child custody agreement.

1490 days ago


Sorntolc claimed Robyn had a baby out of wedlock too! as proof of her past.

Posted at 9:20 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by KoalaBabe

WHAT? I missed that!

Posted at 9:27 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Firefly

He must be alluding to the Robyn - Mel 1980 marriage.

Compare Hannah Gibsons birth date to the wedding date. You guys are the super-sleuths. Was she conceived out of wedlock or born out of wedlock -- or both.

1490 days ago
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