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Oksana's Former Lawyer: Back Off!

9/30/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who scored Oksana Grigorieva a $15 million parting deal with Mel Gibson has fired off a letter to one of Oksana's current lawyers, telling him to stop talking trash about him ... or else.


Eric George
sent a letter to Dan Horowitz Tuesday -- a copy of which Horowitz gave to TMZ -- in which George mentions Horowitz's "veritable media blitz you recently initiated ..."

George takes issue with Horowitz's statement that Oksana signed the mediation agreement "because she was threatened and told she would go to jail, be deported and lose immediate possession of her children."  George says there was "never any threat or comment of any such nature ever discussed ..."

And George is ticked at Horowitz's comment that the mediation is "morally ambiguous."

George tells Horowitz to "cease and desist" with the false statements.

Here's what's really interesting -- George mentions ... by talking about the mediation, he could be blowing up the attorney-client privilege for Oksana, which could really be interesting if George is allowed to tell the whole story.

For his part, Horowitz sent George a conciliatory email saying, "Nothing negative intended toward you.  Hope to work together and resolve existing differences."


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So I'm watching the video of Oksy's attorney being interviewed here at TMZ. I'm hoping for at least a shred [a small shred] of consideration of the actual facts and what she did, and maybe one or two actual questions answered.

What a waste of time, I swear, I thought they were going to kiss at one point. I'm pretty sure they were holding hands. Good God, doesn't anybody care about the facts and what Oksy is doing? The interviewer acted like a 12 year old girl interviewing her favorite Canadian singer.

Doesn't anybody care about Oksy not only blowing off the gag order on a daily basis, but now she's feeling her oats enough to go on Oprah's show to "tell her story" without recourse.

Honestly, does she have the legal system in her back pocket? If any of us pulled this we would be held in contempt and be wasting away in a cell, she just does what she wants and never looks back. Does she have Polaroids?

What Oksy needs to do is write a book on how to beat the US Legal system, she may not be a singer but she damn well knows how to manipulate legal minds. Does the judge even care what she's doing? Evidently not...

1299 days ago


George is back and writing to Horowitz, so He will be talking to the LA Sheriff's department soon.

1299 days ago


I'm still highly suspicious as to why Attorney Horowitz would give this to Mr. Harvey. It hardly puts Attorney Horowitz in a good light.

The only thing I can see is that page two item (ii) where it states Miss Oksana "resisted" any civil proceedings. Try to make it seem she was trying to protect Mr. Mel and therefore wouldn't have released the tapes?

1299 days ago


Horowitz definitely overstepped his boundaries last week each and every time he opened his mouth re the mediation. I am glad E. George called him on it. Nice to see there was no coercing as Horowitz would like us to believe. I wasn't buying it for a second.

1299 days ago


For his part, Horowitz sent George a conciliatory email saying, "Nothing negative intended toward you. Hope to work together and resolve existing differences."

Gotta love it. Tough New York lawyer meets LA brain. Guess brain wins. Brawn with his tail wagging between legs wants to meet brain to talk about differences. Scared of the ethics comittee are you Horowitz?

1299 days ago


I understand both sides want to be victorious here but there has to be some kind of deceny check. Before you go off half ****ed guns blazing at the opposition you should know the facts of the case otherwise you're setting a bad example for the kids that watch the news. It's up to us as adults to regulate our own dispostion, we shouldn't need lawyers poounding their chests over a carrion making a claimc. We must be decent, civilized and compassionate. If you lack the capacity to be better than a beast out of it's cage then how can you condem our children on a daily basis.

1299 days ago


Hi Tell and Diane!

@fuddy Hey there! I had to read the first section of the e-mail twice before it sunk what George meant by waiving client-attorney privilidge and mediation confidentiality. "You opened that door, Dan, now I can walk through it." Well, Eric, we'll hold it open for you as long as you want! :-)

1299 days ago


Howdy Gang, passing round the hugs.

Fuddybuddy, I need your help here.

Page two, item (ii) regarding the evidence and there was no pending or threatened civil or crimnal proceeding. Also that Miss Oksana rigorously opposed same. Wasn't there a letter of demand and a drafted civil suit? I realize none of the DV stuff was ever mentioned. I'm just not getting why Miss Oksana "opposed" any action while in the meantime there was a letter of demand.

Posted at 3:59 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Curious

Hugs to you!

First of all, I admire Eric Georege for taking a stand against Horowitz. I am so glad he is going to nose-to-nose with that jerk!

Okay, the demand letter, as Realist explained so well previously, is what was sent to Mel's attorney stating their position regarding a settlement or court action. The demand letter from them may have proposed what they either wanted or wanted to see happen. That's what got mediation rolling.

Horowitz f'd up big time by waiving the attorney client privilege also. Good point by George!

This letter by George is further proof that OG is/was/has been lying.

And right, there was NO pending legal action against Mel for DV or anything else where the evidence from mediation would have been considered criminal. That's why Aron told Harvey the other day "that changes everything" when Harvey told Aron there was no pending cases when mediation took place.

1299 days ago


It's all theater, IMO. Both attorneys are giving us a show.

1299 days ago


The last paragraph is what this is all about...injuring the reputation of others. Specifically, the attorneys and judges who were involved in mediation. Horowitz really shot them a low blow by stating the mediation was unlawful. Mediation was conducted with several attorneys and retired judges, and with judges probably being more knowledgeable about law than the attorneys.

1299 days ago


So that was the letter we were all waiting for.

Maya 28

1299 days ago


I think Attorney George should be honest with the police and end this insanity that Oksana and her crooked new lawyers/PR have put out. They have tried to disgrace LE, her first lawyers, Mel's lawyers, the retired Judges, the FBI and threaten Americans.

What is Horowitz, Oksana and Co. trying to hide?

1299 days ago


I think Fuddy is saying the same thing. It isn't evidence (for court) if there is nothing on the table like a DV investigation/extortion investgation...or that sort. They worded it before hand, nothing was going on.

1299 days ago

voice of reason    

Horowitz response to George:

"Nothing negative intended toward you"

What?? Isnt this a contradiction?

Horowitz smears George but its not negative? If its not negative what is it then?

1299 days ago


Genna...LOL on the attorney client privilege!! And how convenient that the LA DA wants to talk with George about mediation. Another f-up in the long list by OG!

1299 days ago
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