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Karissa Shannon's BF -- Rolls-Royce Wannabe

9/28/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karissa Shannon's sex tape partner wasn't 100% honest when he implied that he owned a certain badass Rolls-Royce -- because TMZ has learned ... dude actually borrowed the car from a friend.

Sam Jones III stepped out of the baller Rolls Phantom outside Premiere Supper Club in Hollywood over the weekend -- Karissa by his side -- claiming, "That is not a rental ... young mogul style."

Unfortunately for Sammy the real owner of the car -- Jay Grdina, the guy behind the website -- contacted TMZ and says, "Considering I have the only matte black Phantom in L.A. ... ole Sam just told a nice lie to TMZ."

Grdina tells us, Sam borrowed the car Saturday night as a favor ... free of charge. Mr. Young Mogul must have forgotten that part.


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Karissa and her sister are so nasty, all they care about are getting with guys that look/act like thugs. It's messed up. The more you're a drug dealing, gun toting, gangster talking weirdo, the more they spread their legs. And before someone says it, I'm not being racist or anything like that, it's something her and her sister have admitted and talked about.
They both have brain damage or something. Her and her sister will both OD in a gutter something before they're 25. There is already a picture online showing them passed out in a bathroom, with one sitting in a sink, panties around their ankles.

1494 days ago


Lol - OWNED!

1494 days ago


What's even funnier about this story is that Jay is Jenna Jameson's ex husband who got a large chunk of money from the divorce. So technically Jenna's the rollin' mogul bitches! Not Jay, the matte black Rolls he bought with Jenna's hard earned cash.

Jay should have kept his trapola shut! All of these people are booger eaters.

1494 days ago


Here's how classy Karissa is - passed out in a bathroom sink where she was trying to take a piss

1494 days ago


This guy is a short, retarded loser. I'd watch their sex tape if they could edit him out of it lol.

1494 days ago


how did this beautifull girl end up with this ape?
i guess her IQ doesnt contains more than 2 numbers

1494 days ago


Who the hell are those two is that Webster with the blond?

1494 days ago


Wow, that video is downright embarassing!

People who can actually afford such a car don't jump out of it and start yelling the name of the car to the crowd.

Worse than that crass display is the fact this tool can't even inspire more than one screen of comments on TMZ. That's not the shallow end of the star pool, that's the kiddy pool!

1494 days ago


weird friends they are

1494 days ago


Ugh, you guys seriously need to stop giving these aspiring "porn stars" the time of day just because they release a sex tape. Sex tapes are the new business card it seems...

1494 days ago


TMZ...what haven't recouped on your investment yet? Do you need to keep pushing these losers nobody cares about because you promised Steven Hirsch a certain amount of publicity? Maybe you want to turn on them now because the sex tape isn't making them the stars you thought it would.

This is the most obvious phony "stolen" sex tape of all time. The sad thing is that they are being identified as "celebrities" and treated as such. Clearly this is a case of TMZ trying to create celebrities that nobody cares about.

This is just desperate loser and his shameless slut of a girlfriend. Time to move on.

1494 days ago


I'm confused.

If one makes a sex tape for their own private use, why I don't know- do you sit around and run a play by play, I picture them with a pointer in hand, "oh honey, see....right there....when you shove a finger up my azzz, do it like that evreytime..."

Anyway, HOW are these companies able to get these tapes, and then make them public without any written consent? If they {meaning the two in the tape!} didn't want the tapes out there, how do they get released?

Is someone stealing these tapes and showing up at say, Vivid and are attempting to market it? Without the two knuckleheads on the tape giving consent how could they release the tape?

HELP! I just don't get it. It all appears drama-ful at first, the couple always seems to fight it, but then give in becasue the company is going to release it anyway.

But, how? Any lawyers out there? Harvey, how about a response, I'm dying to understand this process, and the lack of rights the 'victims' have after the tape gets into another parties hands.

1494 days ago


What a dumbass. As for the Rolls owner: a matte black finish on a Phantom? Jump on the matte badwagon. Baa baa. Highly gay looking.

1494 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Is this an old video? I thought that was Gary Coleman.

1494 days ago


TMZ youve been played TWICE!!!that Rolls is owned by Specialty Car Craft an exotic car shop on La Cienega!!same car Lilo was spotted in last year etc!you guys are getting worse the MTO in your fact checking!!

1494 days ago
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