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Bristol Palin -- The Cheesiest Evidence of All

9/29/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the newest, tastiest twist in the underage bar investigation surrounding Bristol Palin -- photos of the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant stuffing her face full of delicious NACHOS!


So why are the nachos important!?

Alaska officials have reportedly launched an investigation into Bristol's night out -- because state law would only allow the 19-year-old to be inside Rumrunner Bar and Grill if it's been designated as a bona fide restaurant, and she was there to eat.

As TMZ first reported, sources extremely close to Bristol are adamant that the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was all clear to be inside the place when they shot a segment for the show last Friday ... insisting she only consumed the nachos.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

It is Alaska. Of course they are going to bend rules for their wannabe celeb talentless unwed teenage mother hillbilly.

1455 days ago


MacGUFFIN is a lookalike and is a mix between KATHRY GRIFFIN and Barney Rubble!

I have seen MacGuffin, can you say UGLY!

1455 days ago


I can't believe this chick is getting any attention....but seriously, multiple stories about a girl eating Nachos?

I'm Canadian, so being in a bar at 19 doesn't seem strange in the first place, but when the law states that it's okay for her to be in a bar if she's eating what is the point of this? If she was drunk, driving and doing coke right after it would be one thing...but I see no need to TRY and create controversy where there isn't one.

What kind of rat move is TMZ trying to pull?

It's a controversy to the same people that think Karissa Shannon is a celebrity. Just saying something doesn't make it so.

1455 days ago


Wow, a bunch of people woke on the wrong side of the bed this morning. As for Bristol going into a bar/restaurant to get nachos - geeze, I've brought small children into these bar/restaurant places. This is about as big a non story as I've ever seen.

1455 days ago


Don't care.

1455 days ago

army mom    

Of course SHES DRINKIN...we NO theres nachos being ate,however whats in the coke cups that EVERYONE is drinking from?I AM SURE ALL THOSE PALIN LUVERS in alaska give the kiddies a place to go where they CAN BE THEMSELVES..DRINK UP!!!

1455 days ago


This is so much of nothing. It's like saying my kid, who is two was illegally in a bar because he was with me at Applebee's which is a restaurant that also serves booze.

1455 days ago


#3- that true?? if you have a kid your considered an over 21 person? Does that imply to the 15yr. old down the road? who can"t spell for **** or get a JOB to support the off spring?? Wow didn"t know that...How messed up is that?? as for Bristol...I wish the public would just leave her may not like her family politics but she's a young woman. with a very BOSSY mom..I can relate..

1455 days ago


I'm happy for her. Wow- there are lots of people who spend alot of energy hating her for no reason. Amazing...

1455 days ago


WOW. Some pretty harsh and disgusting comments--and in very poor taste. well-one must always consider the source. she seems like a perfectly nice girl from a nice family to me...

1455 days ago


you stupid lefties can't stand anyone that is not a leftwing
fool like the great obama or clinton's.
we all know how well they dance around ,while we dround in red ink.
keep up the sweet guys are so good at it.

1455 days ago


I'm no fan of the Palin clan, but Rumrunner is a restaurant family (including my 4 and 6 year old) ate there this summer when we visited AK this summer.

1455 days ago


You people are haters. Is it really necessary to call her names ?? I think she is pretty much like a lot of other girls and guys her age....trying to live her not so perfect life......and by the way this is a non-story. Must be a slow news day

1455 days ago


Why say this isn't news if you're cruising TMZ?

1455 days ago


the issue is people are paying her to be some kind of single mother role model so while legal why couldnt they just go to a regular place and have nachos why pick a bar in the first place?

1455 days ago
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