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Greg Giraldo's Would-Be Gig Becomes Memorial

9/30/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the comedy club where Greg Giraldo was scheduled to perform this weekend is now putting together plans for a memorial instead, featuring a tribute to the late comedian's life.

The manager at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, NY tells TMZ, the memorial is scheduled for Friday at 10:30 PM ... exactly when Greg was supposed to take the stage.

We're told the club will be playing Greg's DVDs on the televisions -- there won't be any admission fee ... and all donations will go to Greg's family.

The manager tells us, "We just want to commemorate his life." As we previously reported, Greg passed away yesterday ... five days after he was hospitalized for an overdose.

RIP Greg Giraldo.


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RIP, dude! You will be greatly missed :(

1482 days ago


why are the giving a memorial to a man who overdosed! it is pathetic. don't give it any more publicity.

1482 days ago


2 of the top stand-ups gone in a short period of time. RIP Greg Giraldo and Robert Schimmel.

1482 days ago


Damn this sucks. He was so sharp. I hope it was not a suicide, maybe we will never know. I remember when John Ritter died, there were a few hundred comments on aintitcool. Incredibly, given the nature of the internet, not a single one was negative. Greg deserves the same....although some of the roastees may disagree.

1482 days ago


Oh well. Hard to drum up sympathy for somebody who commits suicide.

Blah-blah-blah - rest in peace.

1482 days ago


I love it when someone dies from an "accidental" overdose. There's nothing accidental about someone knowingly taking more pills than the prescription instructions. What is the mind set,hhhmmmm let me think. Oh yea, if one of two work this well than I'm sure 5 or 6 will work even better.

Sorry no sympathy from me. Find the doctor, have him investigated and then find out why someone so young was being prescribed those medications. What was the medical reason for writing that particular medication.

Just look at Lindsay Lohan's list, the Diualid after a tooth extraction. That dentist clearly crossed the line by prescribing that drug to someone with a toothache. Take a freakin Advil and call it a day !!! The new drug dealers of our century, those people in white coats !

1482 days ago


All of us make mistakes. Unfortunately his had lasting consequences. For those of you saying that you have no sympathy, maybe you should think about the family and friends he left behind. He was a human being who sadly made a very poor choice. Having sympathy doesn't mean that you condone that choice; but it does mean that you can acknowledge that this was a man who was loved and cared for by many people, and who will be missed, despite his imperfections.

1482 days ago


I bet it was simply a good time gone wrong. To all you d-bags that think you're cool for being cold-hearted: screw off.

1482 days ago

RIP Greg    

It's not the way you die that leaves your mark, it's the way you live. He lived to make people laugh, RIP, you've earned it.

1482 days ago


#12) Who said this was suicide? Do you have some inside source that says this was the case? Every story I've read said that it was NOT suicide. Why bother reading a news story if you're just going to say it's not true? They get paid to do research, you just go to sites to piss on the memories of the deceased.

1482 days ago


what a loss, Greg was the funniest most underrated comic out there . Never was not funny. Sorry for his family's loss. He will be truly missed. RIP

1482 days ago


@ 2 why are the giving a memorial to a man who overdosed! it is pathetic. don't give it any more publicity.

Posted at 3:22 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by kez

Shut up you self righteous piece of trash! Greg was a good man and a good comedian. I hope when you die people are not as rude even though you would deserve it.

1482 days ago


Oh well. Hard to drum up sympathy for somebody who commits suicide.

Blah-blah-blah - rest in peace.

Posted at 4:31 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by Eric

You can shove it too. Learn how to read it was AN ACCIDENT! OMG why is it whenever someone dies all the spiteful idiots who hate their lives have to come onto public message boards to insult someone who JUST DIED!

1482 days ago


Screw you, kez. You've obviously never experimented with drugs before. If you don't know anything about it, keep your mouth shut.

1482 days ago


A) He wasn't a "recovering" alcoholic

B) He was 44 and a father - and obviously not responsible

C) His family has to live with this now.

I wish I could be more sympathetic to the tragedy of it all, but I can't.

1482 days ago
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