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Jerry Brown -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Whitman's Ex-Maid

9/29/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's rival Jerry Brown is wasting no time making hay off her undocumented worker scandal -- saying the former maid has a "compelling story."


In a news release, the Democratic candidate for governor of California said he wants Nicky Diaz Santillan to be "treated with respect and dignity as this story unfolds."

Brown added, "After more than a year of Whitman demanding immigration policy that 'holds employers accountable,' we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions."

Whitman's camp claims Santillan lied about her immigration status ... and they believe they have the documents to prove it.


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Barely there Brown at it again? Seriously Jerry over 14 million unemployed Americans who obey the law would love to have that maid's job at $23/hour even for 15 hours a week. Nicky could have been honest when she initially filled out her paperwork but chose not to be and could have changed jobs anytime over the past 9 years. No one owes Nicky anything and frankly your state did not do it's job and deport her. Nicky does not get any sympathy here.

1423 days ago


Any American born children?? If so what then??

1423 days ago


Sorry Brown, I don't have respect for a liar & a thief. If she wants respect, let her go back home where she belongs & stop being a leech & a baby maker!! Try be accountable for your actions you &^%%$!!!

1423 days ago


Hey California, re-elect that socialist Brown. See what it gets you this time. Hint: higher unemployment, more crime and more illegals, followed by marshal law and federal troops.

1423 days ago


This maid thing is merely business as usual for the Republican elite. These right-wingers always insist on heavy, strict demands for us commoners to follow the letter of the law no matter what we knew or didn't know, but they expediently carve out an exceptions for themselves particularly when employing servants. This isn't the first nor the last time for this sort of false virtue.

1423 days ago


you know Jerry, I don't like Meg, I was hoping that I have no choice but to vote for you, and what is this respect and dignity thingy? For god sakes I will vote Meg and I will convince everyone I know to vote for Meg and you can go convince your illegal immigrants friends to vote for you.
You got pay $23/hour and working for only 15 hours week, and you complain that it is hard work? how about legal immigrant working in market for $8/hour, 6 days/week? If you don't like it, STFU and GTFO.

1423 days ago


deport her asap! brown is a disgusting piece of crap- meg doesn't need the money or the job...she wants the job because she can help california. wake up people she's your last hope!

1423 days ago


It appears that MEG ANTOINETTE is the one who is "full of it." Doesn't vote; knowingly hires illegals while decrying same. Do we need another arrogant, entitled hypocrite in public office? (We've had enough of them in public companies.)

1423 days ago


Jerry Brown supports crime! He used to be the Mayor of Oakland. It's a nice place. I think it was ranked number 4 on the US most dangerous cities list. He'd rather cut funding for police officers and let the illegals come in and rob us blind.
Respect for the housekeeper?
He's bending California over and sticking it to us! I approve this message.

1423 days ago

Christina G.    

I am most certainly not a Republican, but even I am siding with Meg Whitman on this. And I would like to nominate Susie the Commenter for Governor!

1423 days ago


Comment for #5 she was hired from an employment agency that was where the problem lies. Anyone that seeks employment at one of these places and submits fake do***ents should be prosecuted held for questioning find out where they live question the land lord to find out how they screened the tenant and call ICE cause I guarantee if they knock every door they will find a lot more illegals. These may be fine people but they do not pay their way! Wake up people were broke! Does the hole country have to go down because a bunch of liberals think that taxing the rich and rewarding the poor works? We will all be holding signs will work for food. Regan had it right, gave tax cuts to people with money, yep they made more money but employed more people which put more money in the economy which gave more people money to spend that put people back to work. The rich still have their money an will invest somewhere else (China)just look at Calif. no industry no one builds anything here anymore and the film industry is leaving in numbers because of taxes. Quit Whining get a job quit looking for a hand out and get off my fing back! I have worked my hole 52 years hard never took a free check watched friends and family die for this country and freedom and watch a bunch of dumb ass people throw it away! DAMN!!

1423 days ago


News really fluctuates
from Ho's to maids (Ms Allred)Slow month for tricks.

The maid needs to write a letter to Prez O for advice. His auntie from Kenya has papers now.

1423 days ago


Reallllyyyy 23.00 per hour for 9 years? and she has a problem? This is nuts. Go back to Mexico. We'll clean the house for 23.00 per hour

1423 days ago



1423 days ago


I don't have a maid from ANY country, do***ented or otherwise. Yet, I feel like I can totally relate with someone like Meg, who is so close to the working man.....

1423 days ago
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