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Meg Whitman -- Target of 'Personal Destruction'

9/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's camp tells TMZ ... they are the target of "personal destruction" and claims the "sleaze machine" on the left is now in overdrive.

Spokesperson Andrea Jones Rivera tells TMZ, "Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today's news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst."

As we first reported, Whitman's former housekeeper has teamed up with Gloria Allred and plans on making a legal claim stating how she "suffered" while working for Whitman.

Whitman's camp claims Allred is a Jerry Brown supporter and is "playing shameful politics again."


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Asa Hearthrug    

Since months before the primaries, Meg Whitman has been flooding the airwaves with vicious negative ads attacking her opponents. For her to complain that she is a target of personal destruction is like the teapot calling the kettle an African-American.

1484 days ago


I think Whitman is self destructing herself as seen on the debate with Brown last night from US Davis!

1484 days ago


I had thought there was a presumption of innocence? Oh silly me. Anyone can make accusations about anything. Beyond me why the housekeeper is crying??? Oh yeah she doesn't get more than $20 an hour working for Whitman anymore!

I personally worked for the former Mr Allred, who went to jail for fraud and selling used aircraft parts as new ones to the government!

1484 days ago


I read all these comments against Whitman..... Funny how folks forget Brown left office last with his tail between his legs and the state with record unemployment, not surpassed until 2008! Brown also makes the outrageous claim he cut $4 billion in taxes. He is trying to take credit for the Prop13 tax cuts he was OPPOSED to! Now that takes some chutzpah!

1484 days ago


Meg: Did you spend that $116 Million in California or __ ___?

1484 days ago

Zee Kay    

What goes around comes around. I believe Nicky; Meg is the liar. Meg wants to use Texas as a model for CA governance: remember ENRON

1483 days ago


Allred threw her undo***ented client under the bus to help out her buddy Moonbeam Brown. She has exposed her client to fraud charges and possible deportation. All it would take to distract Allred would be for Whitman to drive an ambulance past her nose.

1483 days ago


What a bunch of crap. I believe this is one person Gloria Allred will not be able to push over.

1483 days ago

Max in Missouri    

Look at all the comments from the pillowbiting libs out there... Talk about a non-story.

Oh Glorida Allred, when are you going to die?

1483 days ago


Why is Allred defending an ILLEGAL. How is someone illegal getting a day in our courts system... I also disagree with Allred statement that Niki is the new Rosa Parks. NEVER

1483 days ago


Meg Whitman with false promises?? She's not the Governor of California yet you idiot!

1483 days ago


F this site and the s*** that run it.

1483 days ago

Neil Rocker    

Does anyone remember TIM He didn't pay taxes or his nannys taxes. Is that allright for Dems.

1483 days ago


Wow! All the lies and mistruths about Jerry Brown by the Whitman team and she's claiming dirty politics. Give me a break. Plus Allred has been a person that goes over both sides of the political parties.

1483 days ago


Two times in my life if got layoff because illegal immigrations . Reagon was in office and never stop the illegal immigration . Bush allowed more illegal immigrations because of supply and demand . That left no work for the American workers . Unemployment ran high . I know for a fact four illegal immigration employed by a union company Adreholt they worked on one social security card .They bought four cars now in Mexico.
What I’m saying is this one social security card one finger print. One passport one finger print . One work permit one finger print .Meg Whitman's needed this. Take illegal out of immigration plus give the banks a tool for proof of identity for identity theft.

1478 days ago
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