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Gloria Allred:

Meg Whitman Is a Liar

9/30/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just went after Meg Whitman with a vengeance ... waiving a letter from the Social Security Administration sent to Meg back in 2003, putting Meg and her husband on notice there was a problem with their housekeeper's Social Security number -- a sign she was here illegally.

Earlier today Whitman suggested the housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, may have intercepted the letter and never given it to Whitman and her husband.  Whitman says she never got the letter.

But today, Gloria produced the letter with what she says is a written command from Meg's husband -- "Nicky, please check this."


Earlier today Whitman said she would take a polygraph test -- but Gloria says Nicky doesn't have to take a polygraph test because she has the letter as proof, and "the evidence speaks for itself."

As for Whitman's claim that Gloria is working with Jerry Brown to engineer a smear campaign -- Gloria says she has not made any contribution to Brown's current campaign and hasn't had any contact recently with Brown or his people.

The that's-so-Gloria moment came when she called Nicky, "The courageous Rosa Parks" of the Latino community. 


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I don't think it's solid evidence at all. The note was written by her husband and again, Whitman says she will take poly and btw, they are pretty conclusive. Interesting that Nikki won't take one...wonder why? Huh, Gloria? If she is telling the truth, she should be anxious for a poly. She is an illegal and needs to be deported pronto. She falsified do***ents, lied and cheated for nine years and PAID NO TAXES ON HER BIG $23 AN HOUR JOB. KICK HER TO THE CURB.

1454 days ago


I believe Meg Whitman. And next week Iran is going to announce that they reconize Isreal as a Country.

1454 days ago


All Whitman has to do is say she never knew her husband had received it. The do***ent was obviously not sent back because it was still in Nicky's possesion and she didn't send it back because her social security information was forged - a Federal Offense I believe. So you have someone here who lies about being legal, forges do***entation and then hides it from her employer - easy defense and I'm not a Whitman fan. Her husband asked Nicki to take care of the matter, which his defense would be to fill in the proper # and send in. If the letters from the state were not sent certified or in a manner which required proof of receipt and signature, then go prove they received it and not the maid who then thru it out.

1454 days ago


I do not condone illegal aliens, but how is the hiring of them any better than actually being one? Nicky is wrong for being an undo***ented worker. But the SoCal culture of illegals working as domestic help, the agencies who get them hired, and the well-off people who hire them is bigger than you might think. Nicky is wrong ... but so are Meg Whitman and her husband. Neither party is right in this case ... but here's a news flash ... Nicky ain't running for governor - Meg Whitman IS. And the whole Jerry Brown smear campaign thing shouldn't work - it's just a tactic used by Meg Whitman. She's lashing out because she knows she got caught with a politician's worst nightmare - having hired an illegal alien. Meg Whitman is toast.

1454 days ago


Given this do***ent as evidence, Meg can take all of the polygraph tests she wants and she is still a liar. She knew! Written evidence eclipses all polygraph tests that are sometimes inaccurate. Google polygraph tests and educate yourselves. The percentage of accuracy is not 100%.

1454 days ago


The burden is on the employer not the illegal re: status to work. Sorry those of you that think the law states otherwise. But, our immigration laws are very, very screwed up and most of you probably don't practice immigration law don't know that. E-Bay hires tons of workers from other countries and probably executes H1B Visas on behalf of e-bay employees. Meg has egg on her face for this one.

1454 days ago


Every time I see Gloria Allred and her clients - I wish someone would give her and her clients a special lie detector test - take them into a restaurant - into the kitchen - over to a grill that has been turned up to 500 degrees (F) and lift them up and sit their asses on the grill and see how long it would take for the truth to come forth!!! GAWD - sick of these muck rakers!!!

1454 days ago


Meg Whitman is history. We in California don't need a liar for governor. She's proven she will bend laws and discount evidence. She's done.

1454 days ago


I work commission ONLY. I work 8 plus hours a day to try and get by. This lying WHORE got $23.00 an hour and got her job by LYING her worthless ass off!
Nicky, NICKY is the LIAR from the get-go! NICKY's ass should be on a bus back to mec-i-co not sitting there in some cast off red dress with fake tears dribbling down her dough punched face and being called the NEXT ROSA PARKS???

What an INSULT to Rosa Parks! What an INSULT to everyone who really IS exploited!!!!

1454 days ago


Allred personifies everything that is fundamentally and morally wrong with our legal system!

1454 days ago


All politicians are liars aren't they? But Meg Dictator Whitman who covers up for her loser kids would be a disaster as Gov.

1454 days ago


Gloria All-red is a washed up shank lawyer,
Nicky is a lowly illegal, please throw her ass out of our country
and Meg hires mostly middle eastern Indians at Ebay.
Basically, all three of these broads suck.

1454 days ago


I can't stand Gloria Allred but if its her against Meg Whitman I will root for Gloria all day! Meg is a liar and a hypocrite, I knew this before this "scandal", this just reiterated what I already knew. I must say though Gloria did lose me with calling the illegal a hero lol.. Deport her...Get rid of Whitman...I will be happy.

1454 days ago


Gloria is one of Jerry Brown's biggest campaign contributors. Conflict of interest?

1454 days ago


How did Gloria get a hold of a letter from 2003 with the husbands handwriting? Was it in possession of the maid? Are we sure it is his handwriting? I think it is all a bunch of crap.

1454 days ago
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