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Greg Giraldo Death -- Family Pulled Life Support

9/30/2010 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg Giraldo had been in a coma for five days when his family ultimately made the decision to end the comedian's life ... TMZ has learned.

Greg Giraldo death.
Sources close to the situation tell us Greg had remained in a coma since he overdosed last weekend in New Jersey.

We're told doctors weren't able to resuscitate him, and Greg's family decided to take him off life support yesterday.


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Sad. I certainly hope his overdose was, indeed, accidental.

1481 days ago


So sorry for his family. Prayers.

1481 days ago


I do not understand taking someone off life support so soon. Why would you only wait 5 days?????

1481 days ago


Five day? Thats nothing! He's been on benders which lasted longer.

1481 days ago


Just sad.

1481 days ago


Claus Von Bulow gave his wife 28 years to snap out of it.

1481 days ago


This story is so sad! I hope and pray, the
family donated his organs. At least, someone else
could have an opportunity to live! I'm organ donor.
People are dying daily, because of organ shortage.
I wasn't aware, that the Jewish Faith doesn't allow
organ donation. I guess it is against, beliefs of the
Hebrew teachings. Wonder, how many Jews, receive organs
from donation? I would really like to know the percentage?
My Prayers, go out to all of his friends and family!
Rest in Peace, Greg...

1481 days ago


The universe Needs More comedians, funny people & clowns not less!

1481 days ago


My guess is by the time EMP's got there his heart had stopped. They resuscitated him but not before his brain was depleted of oxygen. He was brain dead in the coma. The only reason to pull the plug so soon. Never had a chance.

1481 days ago


When there is no hope, why prolong it? They made the correct decision our of love and respect for Greg. I wish them solace in that. I'm very sorry for their loss. RIP Greg.

1481 days ago


As a physician, I regret your use of the term "decision to end his life". The family made no such decision, only the decision to stop prolonging his life after informed medical opinion that he had no real chance of recovery.

1481 days ago


What a terrible thing to do to a family. I cant believe someone would go that low, to provide the info for, whats TMZ offering again? 250?

Who ever did this... I have no sympathy for him or for her, cause that was just wrong.

1481 days ago


funny joke ! he'll be back

1481 days ago


To Gina,
The Jewish religion doesn't allow to donate organs because they are supposed to be buried whole, every part of one's body, including the blood. This is why the muslims like to use bombs to kill jews, to be more devastating and make it impossible to gather their remains completely.

1481 days ago


@4 -- Five days is plenty long enough to know if someone has severe brain damage or is in fact "brain dead." My little brother OD'd and was on life support for a week. "Life support" is sort of a misnomer -- if there's no life to support than its really just "biological support" to keep the heart and lungs pumping. There's nothing left of the human being that once occupied that body. It's sad but I think the family made the right call. Who in their right mind would pull the plug on a father of 3 if it wasn't a medical recommendation from a team of doctors that know way more than some anonymous judgmental commenter on a gossip rag site?

1481 days ago
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