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Meg Whitman on Gloria's 'Evidence' -- Not So Fast

9/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman.


Earlier today, Gloria produced a letter the Social Security Administration -- sent to Whitman's house in 2003 -- a letter Meg said she nor her husband ever received. 

But Gloria fired back ... the letter contains a handwritten note from Meg's husband to the housekeeper -- proving they not only received the letter, but knew their housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.

Meg's husband, Dr. Griff Harsh, now says while it's "possible" he scribbled on the letter ... "it's important to note what this letter actually says: 'this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

During a phone interview moments ago, Meg's camp further explained how the letter "completely contradicts the conclusions" made by Allred ... CLICK HERE to listen.

So we gotta ask...


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Just because the letter doesn't specify the maid's legal status being an issue doesn't mean they should have just glanced at it and gave it to the maid to "check on." What is the maid supposed to do with it? The letter wasn't for the maid it was for Meg Whitman. The more Whitman and her camp talk the more they confirm how stupid they are.

1481 days ago


I beleive the good Doctor.

The letter is not a smoking gun- it actually shows they obviously didn't think she was illegal. If they did, they would have withheld the letter from her- and just terminated her employment without notification (work at will state).

It doesn't make sense that all of a sudden in 2009= when Nicky actually said the words "I am illegal" that they would terminate her for that reason if they KNEW it all along.

1481 days ago


Can anyone find cause to disbar Gloria? There ought to be a bounty on her, eh?

1481 days ago

The Salg    


1481 days ago


If Gloria Allred is involved, I will always side with her opposition.

1481 days ago


How did they get the letter a husband made notations on to his wife - seems the Mexican jalepano pepper woman and/or Gloria stole the letter. Last I heard, theft is a crime. If I've missed something tell me, having a hard day today - not really paying attention well.

1481 days ago


Gloria Allred is the second most useless human being alive. Perez Hilton is the first. Hopefully she gets HIV from Perez Hilton.
Can't stand this licensed extortionist.

1481 days ago


Gona vote for Meg cause I can't stand Gloria... She should be disbared for stunts like this...

1481 days ago


Shouldn't the good doctor have followed up on the letter since it was addressed to him and his wife?

1481 days ago


Meg got caught, I can't believe this person worked for her for 9 years and she had no idea.

1481 days ago


Gloria was probably assisted by the democratic party in putting this entire thing together.

1481 days ago


the democrats paid this woman to bring this out...kinda funny she is just now coming out so close to election time..MSNBC is having a field day with this..meanwhile they have yet to bash any of obamas crappy policies.

1481 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

It also doesn't make sense that the letter is NOT in the possession of the SSA! If Nicky had done as the good doctor had instructed her she wouldn't still have the letter to show to Gloria Allred. I'll bet the good doctor just thought it was some sort of a clerical mistake and that Nicky could send in her "actual" soc. sec. number and problem solved. (Ha-Ha) The letter doesn't state that it's an immigration problem.

The biggest clue that Nicky is looking for a free ride is the fact she is using Gloria Allred, who in reality is 'using' Nicky. The woman never met a TV camera she didn't like.

If the law isn't going to prosecute Nicky, they could at least ship her butt back to Mexico. She will have to figure out a plan for those 2 'anchor babies'.

1481 days ago


So what my understanding is, a doctor and a Ceo are not intelligent enough to understand that when the social security administration sends you a letter stating that numbers do not match up, that something must be amiss? Since they seem to be really stupid, then he should have his MD license revoked and she should defiantly not run for governor. I am neither a jerry brown or meg supporter, i think they both suck, but so far meg is not only sucking but shes growing horns.

1481 days ago


"Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman."

Yup thats enough for me, she has been very vocal on illegal immigration but had an illegal working for her for over 9 years that she claims she didnt know about ? And now a SSA do***ent exists with her own husbands writing on it ? She really thinks people are gonna believe that she had no idea ?

1481 days ago
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