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Maid Co. -- Meg Whitman's Nanny Lied to Us Too!

9/30/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that Meg Whitman used to hire her maid Nicky Diaz Santillan back in 2000 claims Nicky deceived them about her immigration status before the company referred her over to Meg.


The owners of Town & Country Resources tell TMZ that when Nicky filled out the standard candidate questionnaire, she "indicated she was legally able to work in the United States" ... even though Nicky knew she was in the country illegally.

T&CR add ... "Further, Nicky provided us and our client with the documents that our client would need to complete the I-9 form as was their legal obligation as an employer."

The company owners -- who claim they only took over in 2008 and had no part in referring Nicky -- claim the policy has changed in the past few years ... and potential workers must undergo "a rigorous background check, verified by a third party."


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So. Do any of you think Jerry Brown would do HIS JOB and prosecute the maid?

Not a chance.

But I'd love to see him squirm his way out of that question in a debate!

1420 days ago


Whitman, you got caught dead to rights. Can't spin this.

Trying to play dumb, now blames the "employment agency".

Explain. You can't. 9 years of employment and you don't have a clue she is not a U.S. citizen. The Visa, if any, is long expired as you know.

1420 days ago


This is why e-verify doesn't work. It doesn't take into account someone using someone else's valid social security number. The government could do more secure bio metric id cards if it wanted to right now. It doesn't want to and won't do it unless they can get new voters, I mean "comprehensive" reform.

1419 days ago


If Ms Whitman is an OUTLAW and
Ms Nicky is a victim of human rights VIOLATION


1419 days ago


Nanny's ??
How many babies does Ms Whitman have??

1419 days ago

Patricia Jameson    

Why isn't Gloria Allred going after the agency instead of Meg Whitman. There's easy ways to solve this whole problem. Yes the key word is "illegal" just for starters. Other factors to consider always pay in a check not cash to your nanny or housekeepers. Also why don't we have to declare on income tax forms their name and how much their paid so the money has to be declared in the United States. Why are they allowed to take the money back home? Why not a contract from the housekeeper to cleaning personnel and nannies also. Interesting how they go after the employer but never give notice if they can't show and always have a last minute emergency back home which is usually when they take the cash home also. This is just for starters-if you child has an emergency how many really do know how to react? I had one that got up at 4:30 in the morning and woke the entire family up and I couldn't get her not too. That was a key sign to me she was "illegal" and I got rid of her immediately.

1419 days ago


Allred is a media wh***. There is nothing in her past dealings to indicate a genuine concern for principle. Had there been Allred would have gone after the employment agency. The mere fact that Allred supports a s***bag like Nicky who lied, committed fraud and a felony by intercepting mail tells us everything we need to know about these two. They are parasites.

1419 days ago


Here is another great idea. Have a bounty on illegal aliens. It would save money to the social security system, reduce the number of anchor babies, lessen the financial burden on the taxpaying law obeying citizen and best of all provide jobs with incomes.

1419 days ago


full text is -

1419 days ago


do***ent fraud

1419 days ago


Why won't this web site comment post the word
d o c u m e n t ???

this person not only committed identity theft but also
do***ent fraud.

1419 days ago


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY? Gloria hugging this ILLEGAL made me sick! The girl probably never would have even came forward because she had no papers if it wasn't for the election. How is it that and illegal can sue in this country? Send her ass back to Mexico without a dime. Now she wants mileage too with an illegal license? She should be given a ticket for admitting she was driving. I hate the term "undo***ented workers" they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

1419 days ago


How is this POOR ILLEGAL woman supporting herself now, give me a break? She is probably still ripping us tax payers off and now trying to collect more money. This is an low for Gloria I am really starting to hate the site of her face. How can she defend this woman?

1419 days ago


There is some points I what to cover

1. Most of those Nanny for Hire companies are virtually run by other Hispaincs that are legal or know how to work the system. When they hire these people they should know what a fake green card SS card looks like. They should be train them on what to look for or even USE E- Verfiy. They dont because they know that most of their workers in the first place will not be legal. Who wants really wants to work for $ 8-10 an hr. While the company charges the client $50hr. BIG SCAM !

2. Some body that is is rich should not TRY or Attempt to take advantage of another person . They should not get a " get out of jail free" card in order escape their " lapse in judgement" even if their employees were illegal or legal status. For GOD SAKE Whitman went to Harvard ! And the virtual basis for her stupidity was "not knowing" GIVE ME A BREAK.

3. For the maid, she given a F$&@infg medal for standing up against this political elitist machine, for pointing out the very fact they think that the laws don't apply to the powerful and rich. Just look at the City of Bell scam.

4.Finally, the maid should not get a medal, not a GREEN CARD for her civic duty. If they deport her that was her own personal risk and always claim refugee status in Canada but" no pass and go" either.

Some body in power or wants to be in political scene in California should already be aware of the Possibity of a and COVER their F$&@ing A$$

1419 days ago


I thought Democrats loved illeagle aliens, why aren't they praising Mrs Whitman for supporting their policies and just trying to help out one of the poor underprivilaged that only come here to word hard and be responsible additions to society. HOGWASH..remember Kimba Reagans nomine to the supreme court..same thing. Dems can't run on their records or face the truth so they attack in hateful form...remember Joe Biden was in on this. What do you call someone that publically professes to support illeagle immigration and then jumps on someone that if found to employ one? Isn't California a sanctuary state? Is this the only issue they can find. Why haven't they gone after Colin Powell for his house repairmen? This is why middle America has had enough of these destructive hippocritical hateful reptiles in our midst.This again proves that they stand for nothing that doesn't serve their sick egos.Look and see them for what they are..very hate filled sociopathic sick people.

1419 days ago
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