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Paris' Boyfriend -- Cited for Hit-and-Run

9/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's boyfriend was cited for hit-and-run last night ... after he hit a photog with a Bentley and then just drove off.

Cy Waits hit and run.
It all went down as paparazzi swarmed the car as Paris and Cy Waits left Boa in West Hollywood.  The posse of paparazzi was all over the car, when suddenly Cy accelerated, knocking a photog down.

The couple took off after the hit and the photog called the cops. Paramedics were also called and took the female photog to a local hospital.

0930_paris_video_smallWe're told at some point later, Cy came back, sans Paris, and spoke with police.

Law enforcement sources tell us Cy was cited for hit-and-run, then allowed to leave.

And get this ... sources say Paris is saying, "The pap is making up injuries."

Law enforcement sources also tell us they're looking into all of the photogs, because flashing the lights could have blinded the driver ... which may constitute interfering with the operation of a motor vehicle --  which is also a crime.

UPDATE: Sources close to Cy tell us ... Waits is adamant that he was not cited for hit-and-run. Instead, Waits believes the photographer placed him under citizen's arrest -- and cops were obligated to sign the citizen's arrest form.

Sources also tell us Cy wasn't aware that he struck the photog until after he drove away ... but once he found out -- via text message -- he immediately called the police himself to follow up and eventually returned to the scene.


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if you stand IN FRONT of a moving car you WILL get hit!!

It's one thing to shoot pics of people, I get it, it's their job and celebrities sign on for that as part of being famous. But standing in front of a car, preventing it from driving so you can snap pics is unnacceptable and I think if anyone should be charged it should be the photog who got hit! If you purposely jump in front of a moving vehicle it shouldn't be the drivers fault!

1447 days ago


Is this the same guy who was driving with Hilton in Vegas?

1447 days ago


As far as I'm concerned, Paparazzi are fair-game when they're in the street, blocking your car and, in this case, obviously looking to be injured in order to get on film with an injury that could have been avoided if they had simply gotten the f*ck out of the way of that moving vehicle. The word itself, "paparazzi" is eponymous with a particularly annoying noise, that of a buzzing mosquito and that's just what these creeps are, insects buzzing around a celebs car. Next time camera bitch, get the hell out of the way of moving vehicles.

1447 days ago


I don't like Paris but the photogs are out of control. I would run over em too! Get away from the car morons.

1447 days ago


Paps swarm cars when it's moving when they should be getting out of the way. That's what happens when you get in the way of a moving vehicle. It's common sense, but I bet she'll put in a lawsuit.

1447 days ago


good for the paps...poor Bentley

1447 days ago


I could use some extra $$... I think today I'll jump at a celeb's car and then claim they hit me. And since they won't even know due to the million other car jumpers around them, I'll claim it was hit and run... yeah... that'll do it!

1447 days ago


You hate the paps but you love TMZ? Go figure.

1447 days ago


Seriously? At early age you're taught not to play around cars. They should make a law that if these bottom feeders get hurt while trying to get their shot then it's on them.

1447 days ago


Why aren't the pap's getting in trouble? They clearly are swarming her car at an intersection. That endangers not only their own pitiful lives but everyone who is driving around that intersections life as well. Ridiculous!! I am personally going to stop reading this ****, no matter how entertaining, just so the pap's lose their ****ing jobs.

1447 days ago


That was a WOMAN? You papparazzi people need to grow up and get normal jobs. Do you have any idea how lame and desperate for a buck you look? What adults stand around all day and follow tweens and 20 somethings around town? Really. Paris Hilton going out to dinner is about as interesting as the lint I pulled out of my belly button this morning. Yawn. What does a picture like Paris in the front seat of a car yield, like fifty bucks these days? Yawn.

1447 days ago


The paps are 100% at fault. It's dark, they surround the car, hit them non stop with camera flashes all while the guy is trying to watch out for other cars and then a 250 lb cow jumps in front of his car. What's he supposed to do?

1447 days ago


Why are they laughing? Losers...

1447 days ago


they looked both like they re coked
I guees Cy was drunk
it was not the paps ault
he was doing his job like everyone else
Cy he wasnt in front and still drove in
and after the escaped after seeing the screwed the dude
well I hope now they re screwed
all people who choose to be celebrities and high profile
can not act like this they need respect for the paps
caouse if it werent for the paps they would have been nobodies

1447 days ago


Her boyfriend shouldnt of left the accident, what dum ass, he probaly had to get rid of the drugs in the car then come back to the accident. The girl that got hit was telling the other papparazi not to take pictures because she didnt want to lose her job. I think he should be charged for hit and run . If she takes him to court they have video of him honking his horn they should have moved.

1447 days ago
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