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Oksana's Lawyers -- $20k Ain't That Much

10/1/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is now pulling $20,000/month in child support from Mel Gibson, which may sound like a lot to the average person ... but her lawyers think it's nothing by Hollywood standards.

As we first reported, Oksana scored an extra $15k/month in child support from Mel. We caught up with two of her lawyers, Dan O'Malley and Daniel Horowitz, where Horowitz told our photog, "Everything in Hollywood is to excess. Mel Gibson is worth upwards of $1 billion. It's a very modest award by Hollywood standards and a very high award by normal people standards."

Either way, that's a lot of scratch for an 11-month-old baby.


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1483 days ago

Ambulance Chaser hater    

WTF!!!! I work for the state of OKLAHOMA and I make 24,000. a YEAR....

I would be happy to make more than that... maybe I should sleep with a married person and have a child and sue then for abuse and get $20,000 a month in child support.. Bitch needs to get a real job and pay her own bills.

1483 days ago


How about telling your client to get a JOB instead of leeching off Mel and her children???? I hear Meg Whitman has an opening for a housekeeper and oksana is definitely qualified since she is an expert on her hands and knees....

1483 days ago


This guy is a complete moron!!

I'm sorry, but the parents(I am including both in this!) shouldn't be penalized for being wealthy or where they live.

Lucia is 1!! She does not and CAN NOT spend 20k a month!

And if the mother or father is spending that much on a child all the while claiming poverty, then they should be investigated as to where the money is going and on why?!

1483 days ago

Joe Blow    

Why does this dude keep saying Mel is worth "in excess of $1 billion"?? There's no way that's even close to the truth. Is Mel a very rich man? Of course. But I doubt he's even worth half that much. Typical lawyer embellishment, this is one reason why they have such bad reps.

1483 days ago


Now what baby needs $20,000 a month? It is all blackmail, and her sorry ass can not get a job. When she hooked up with Mel it was all about $$$$$$ Gold digger, leach they should send her back from the rock she crawled under

1483 days ago


If Mr. Gibson created this baby as a grown man, just as much did the piano player as a grown woman.

We have had a lot of discussion on this board about Eastern European woman brought over here as 'entertainers.' Please check out the social issues involved in this case carefully.

At first, the piano player looked good; she was professional respected musician, etc. After her cheap shots at 'the father of her child' her stories started falling apart.

I live in a highly-educated, high-income area and her self-aggrandizement would not be accepted by any artist I know. Unfortunately, she is nothing but a 'sexworker' and her criminal associates (i.e., her homeys from Saransk, Kuzmin and Listerman) have tainted any of her pretensions.

The large child support will reinforce the flood of 'Russian brides' and give a huge impetus to the gangs playing for the businesses in the US.

I am truly sad for ALL the children involved. As a taxpayer, I am outraged.

Gaaaak! Ptui, ptui, ptui, ptui. (Bad taste does that.)

Reposted from earlier support thread.

1483 days ago


Typical Horrowitz/Oinky spin.... Bunch of losers - Oinky is still probably crying over the fact she didn't receive 60,000. Sorry,you're not gonna have enough to keep up with the botox.... Now you will take that 20,000 and pay for a house, nanny, food, insurance, car, etc. etc. What a bozo.

1483 days ago


Look at Horowitz...what an ass. 20G's's not so much eh...whatever.Butt pirates like this guy and Allred are the reason our courts are bogged down for years and years. How do you look yourself in the mirror. Ambulance chasing clown.

1483 days ago


$20,000 a month ain't tat much, well guess what you whinny money hungry tease I get $200 a month in child support so go suck it!

1483 days ago


And the money goes tooooooooooo.............
Yes, you guessed it the LAWYERS!!!

Come next week for the final mach.
Poor Lucia, she doesn't even know where she is at, with $20,000 a month.


1483 days ago


As a parent, I am concerned about the 'princess' and the 'pauper' comparisons between the two children in her household.

Very uncomfortable with that one. So, this baby's child support is now supporting how many people? What happens to the other child?

Mr. Gibson appears to be paying for everybody and everything. So the older child is not worth anything now? No wonder the piano player threw him under the tabloid bus earlier and is still using the child.


1483 days ago


Playing Devil's advocate here, so don't get crazy on me. Ok?

In the Co-Habitation agreement, it was stated that Mel earned 5 million a year for the last three years. Ok. Let's do some math.

$5m divided by 12 = $416,667 per month gross income. A $20K award for child support is less than 5% of that amount.

Let's put this in perspective, using the same formula: Joe Citizen, making $5,000 a month gross, pays his baby mama - - -wait for it - - - LESS than $250 a month!!

The outcome of this was more or less predictable. The California Child Support Calculator, came up pretty much the same.

What is more interesting to me is whether or not, because this award is outside the scope of the Settlement Agreement, she loses some of the freebies that she has been enjoying. Like Credit cards, grocery store, nannies, possibly even the house.

Additionally, The total child support is a little over $4 Million for the next 17 years. Much less than what the settlement agreement called for, with all its additional expenses for schools, nannies, insurance, college fund, etc.

There has to be a quid pro quo here for Mel. Let's wait and find out what it is before all the outrage.


1483 days ago


You know people Horowitz dosen't have all the information. He's not entitled to what was given to the police as evidence untile charges are filed against his client at which time he'll ask for discovery. So he's relying on what his client is telling him. I think Mel can stop paying for expences and evict her. The judge probably took into account that Mel's been supporting her along with child support. But she is not legally entitled to both. Stay tuned.

1483 days ago


@ realist -- I agree with you. It seems a reasonable amount. Perhaps the other 'perks' are now off the table.

Mr. Gibson, as the sole earner in this saga, has had his reputation and earning power trashed.

If nothing else, I hope he gets the tax deductions. Tee hee

1483 days ago
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