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'Anarchy' Star -- No Charges in Cop Assault Case

10/2/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... "Sons of Anarchy" star Mark Boone Junior is officially in the clear over an incident in which he allegedly attacked a cop back in August.

As we previously reported, Boone -- real name Mark Heindrich -- was originally pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Glendale, CA -- but allegedly got physical with the officer.

Now, law enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County District Attorney declined to prosecute Mark on Thursday -- after an investigation determined there was insufficient evidence to prove he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


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SAMCRO will T.C.B. don't worry folk's

1453 days ago


SAMCRO will handle this don't worry.........

1453 days ago


YEAH!!! Mark you're such a bad ass!!! Don't change a thing..
I love you..
I love the show..
yada yada...

1453 days ago

RJ Hunt    


1453 days ago



jewish biker elvis is free free is free at last!!!!!

1453 days ago


He looks like Jeff Bridges in the movie The Big Lebowski! He do!

1453 days ago


So many of these Hollywood D Bags begin to think they are actually baddazz because of the role they play... Como Si Dice....Wannabee?

1453 days ago

The Truth    

SOA is such a piece of @#$%^%$#, what a bunch of posers, they have Pig Bundy as a biker chick give me a break,when is Bud Bundy going to show up, the show is run by Kurt Sutter who is married to the Pig, that is how this crap got on TV, Sutter got his break from hanging out at AA meetings, he is a member of over eaters, he is a fatboy alright, real tough his real fear is of cupcakes and ding-dongs. What a bunch of a-holes. FX could do a lot better than this poop.

1453 days ago

The Truth    

Bikers went out in the 60s man, the Crips and the Bloods would kick the #$%%^& out of these guys, biker gangs are all the geeks and dweebs that were left.

1453 days ago


How great was it, to see Stephen King play, well, . . . basically himself, as the "creepy" clean up technician a couple of episodes back. This show may be very intense, and not necessarily family friendly, but yeah, . . . absolutely one of the best, well written shows on television, right now.

At least this arrest record won't hurt him in finding work.

Always work available at Teller-Morrow Auto . . .

Ride on . . .

1452 days ago


Weak ass punk. "Actor" Ha Ha..lil bitch.

1452 days ago


To # 8,9,10,12, 13....You all write like you are in junior high school and are pissed off because mama won't let you watch SOA because it's rated for mature audiences...that's ok dudes, You can watch Mr Rogers, and The Cartoon Network all you want! The reason ya'll can't wrap your 8th grade brains around SONS is because you're all too immature. Katey Sagal is freaking ions passed her Peg Bundy days, she's the most talented actress on TV these days, but you dorks are all about ICARLY and Miley Cyrus, so you would not know that! Just remember,SOA, it's television, it's fiction ( at it's very best!)and the Crips & the Bloods don't rate being mentioned on this show ( Loser gang bangers). Oh, and don't worry...the zits on your faces might clear up in a few years!

1452 days ago


This is the worst written show I have ever seen.[yeah,I know,I did watch it]With classic SOA BS like:The outlaw had mercy and lets not forget the order to get rid of the bodies that went undone.Did I miss something or does Cali. now have a helmet law?And since when did real 1%'s ride stock bikes with factory air-cleaners?I'm not an outlaw biker but I've been around them enough to know that this poo-poo is as close to the biker lifestyle as FOX news is to news.

1452 days ago


I am always fascinated with the dribble people write when they don't like a show. Look, it is "T.V."'s not real. It is fictional (go ahead, look it up. I'll wait). This is one of the best shows on right now with fantastic character driven stories and acting. Yes, most 1%'ers ride POS bikes, but so What! If you want real, watch a do***entary. al numero 8: vogliamo essere. guardarsi allo specchio. #9: what got your panties in a bunch? Sounds like jealous ramblings from someone who can't get his screenplay read. And #15, you sound like a wanna-be, not cool enough to even be a hanger-on. It is a show for Entertainment. Buy a clue.

1452 days ago

No Comment    

SOA is an awesome show. It's well written and the acting is brilliant. If you don't like it, don't watch. #15...I've been around the biker style long enough to know that this may be a little dramatic for TV, but it's pretty damn close.

1451 days ago
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