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Salahis Threaten to Sue 'Real Housewives of D.C.'

10/1/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The couple known as the White House party crashers have threatened to sue the girls on "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." if they dare to call them "White House party crashers."


Tareq and Michaele Salahi have lawyered up with Lisa Bloom, who fired off an email to the cast of the show, telling them there has been an exhaustive investigative study of the famous White House dinner. The conclusion: "The Salahis did not 'crash' the White House dinner, nor the Black Caucus dinner."

Bloom goes on to say, "It is simply a false statement of fact, and defamatory, to call the Salahis 'party crashers,' as it suggests they have committed crimes."

Bloom then threatens legal actions if the girls dare use the words.

The Salahis are turning into White House party poopers. Is that actionable?


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Salahis the two biggest cons in DC..Losers...frauds...of course gonna sue they have to try to get money somehow..

1394 days ago


I think that both of these people need to be taken out to the back pasture and shot. If they hadn't crashed the White House Party, they would never have been known.

1394 days ago

Old Enough    

*** It's all Desiree Roger's fault... Remember, she's the one who invited them... OBAMA'S SOCIAL SECRETARY GAVE THEM ENTRE VOUS INTO PSEUDO SOCIAL CIRCLES so it's the Obama administration's fault...just like everything else wrong in this country right about now. ***

Posted at 10:52 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by AJLind

You're WRONG! It wasn't Desiree Rogers that had anything to do with it. They were speaking w/ and emailing w/ someone at the Pentagon.

They MOST certainly ARE crashers for both events. They were not invited and didn't have an invitation therefore they crashed the event PERIOD They can b!tch all they want the facts are the facts and the investigation never turned up an invite for them so those are the facts.

1394 days ago


Another great reason, among the million others every day to adopt the loser pay element of civil litigation. Let these people sue anyone they want but if they cannot prove their case, then these predators and their lawyer can be on the hook for the defense costs, fees, and expenses of the those that they threaten to drag into court. Fox can do better than to chase this meaningless, disgusting story.

1394 days ago


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& why is this trashy WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHER (wanna sue me, yup i said it), going to be in playboy??? nobody wants to see skin and bones, nor her. Everybody should write to playboy and tell them to NOT feature her in the magazine because its only going to effect the sales of their magazine. The public doesn't like her, her own "friends and family" don't like her or him....isnt that some kind of clue that there's something seriously wrong with these people????

1394 days ago


BS! They showed up uninvited and got in. That's "party crashing", dumbasses!! The real crime in putting them on TV!!! They should be the ones paying the citizens of the USA for their absurd behavior!

1394 days ago


I'm very very confused. They "allegedly" crashed the White House way before this show was conceived - so we all thought. Remember, they were called criminals, etc. and 6 months later we hear they might be on a reality show and that was on and off. The show was not on and THEN they "allegedly" crashed the White House, so was last night just a re-enactment of the event? Michaele seemed to stumble when the hairdresser asked her to see the invitation. Honestly, if I told someone I was going to a state dinner, they would NOT ask to see the invitation. The hairdresser kept saying "I'd love to see the invitation," as though it were staged! Then Michaele asks her husband where it is when she couldn't "find" it, and said the invitation and her bra were missing. Then she goes to the car and wait, the purse or bag that supposedly had the invitation in it isn't there either and the producer of the show kept pressing her for it. And Tariq says 'we don't need it," implying that someone was going to pass them through - but he just said "no one brings the invitation, they just frame it with photos from the night." But HOW DID THEY GET THROUGH WITHOUT THE INVITATION AND NOT BEING ON THE GUEST LIST?

Leave it to Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom to insert themselves in all these big cases: from Amber Frey, to Tiger Woods prostitute girlfriends, to now the nanny of Meg Whitman running for CA governor and Lisa Bloom representing Michael Lohan and now the Salawi's - they are just as much fame seekers as the people they represent!

1394 days ago

surf city syl    

OK I kept an open mind but alas these people among the biggest liars in DC and that is saying a lot.

Saw the episode last night where she franticaly searches for the all looked SOOOO phoney especially when she said she lost "THE INVITATION AND HER BRA" giving more detail to a fabricated story is a tip of and doesn't everyone pack a bra and invite together?

1394 days ago

surf city syl    

can we speak of the cheerleader fiasco? wow, the girl could not even fake it she looks so lost, no timing...knew nothing, and her face reflected "stepford wife" robotic...strange gal...i think on drugs

1394 days ago


Doesn't make any sense to me that the cast of this show are being threatened with a lawsuit for telling the truth.

This couple took the 5th with congress, they have yet to product an original invitation proving that they were indeed invited to the state dinner and let's not forget Ted Gibson's husband who went along to the black caucus dinner with them by sneaking in through the kitchen.

Why would he lie about how he got into that dinner party ?

These two belong in jail ! The government's security detail is completely embarrassed by having them slip through what is suppose to be the highest security detail in this country. Congress had to waste their time on these people by bringing them before a congressional investigation into why they went to a dinner that they weren't invited to.

This couple are con artists. They believe their own lies. And as far as the winery they supposedly own, wasn't it his mother who called the police to have them removed from the property.

The list goes on and never ends....please get these people away from the public viewing of lying, cheating, deceiving, and conning everyone they talk to.

1394 days ago


Those two i have met before there just people who look for attention because i assume there parents never gave them enough.get over yourselfs no one can stand you too must less care about you.

1393 days ago

Missy Wild    

They wont be on another season of HW if they even have another season because the producers dont play with being accused and sued. Just liek Kelly saying Bravo made her go to scary Island. I didnt see this episode yet but I too find it confusing how they could even get passed all the security. Maybe they were invited somehow.

Also another poster is right, didnt this all happen months before the show? Bravo stages so many scenes and this one might also be staged too so tat isnt right yet why did they agree to retape it if they didnt want to be seen as crashers.

I think Michelle without her husband would be a nice person but her hubby is a con artist and she wants the lavish lifestyle and he claims that he can give it to her but he really is stealing, lieing and conning to give it to her she just doesnt want to believe he is, yet she knows in her heart he is. At the end of the day this is getting ratings and they will probably write a book get millions like every other reality tv person. Seems like anyone on reality nowadays has a clothing line, perfume line etc.. Remember the days when celebs were actual stars?

1393 days ago


It's only "defamatory" if the comments made cause financial and reputation damage. THAT can't happen with these loonies because:
A) they have no money

B) their reputaion? It's a joke. Nobody believes a word they say. How could calling them party crashes possibly hurt them?


1392 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

The White House Party/CBC Crashers should be suing Lisa Bloom. She was one of the first to defame them. Check out this video:

1389 days ago


To the person who asserted that you cannot CRASH a WH party, as someone who has worked at high-profile, high security events (including a party with the Clintons on the guest list many years ago), OH YES YOU CAN! All the clearances, etc., must be done, but that is PRIOR to the event. By the time people arrive at an event, there are holes as big as tax loopholes--and just like tax evadors, professional BSers know just how to spot them. The Salahis claim that they gave their real names and SS #s and this somehow proves their innocense? BS indeed! Being up front and earnest is exactly how to get into one of these events. I've seen it time and again.
In the episode you clearly see the Salahis' stopped both at the guard gate, and again at a closer entrance where they are told they are NOT on the guest list, but they can go to a holding area further in. This is how people crash the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and loads of official functions every year. Most of us would never do such a thing, but I've met plenty who make a hobby out of it. Wannabe actors sometimes do this just for fun and practice. The Salahis sat on Watch What Happens Live and spun the RHODC episode claiming it proved their innocence, when it did no such thing. Andy Cohen looked at them like he wondered what they were smoking, it was priceless! I do hope BRAVO starts divesting itself of these characters, it just seems desperate to generate ratings out of catfights, social climbers and scam artists.

1387 days ago
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