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Rachel Uchitel: NYC Mosque Too Close to Ground Zero

10/2/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog asked Rachel Uchitel a great question last night -- her thoughts on the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero -- which may not make sense, until you remember Uchitel lost her fiancé in 9/11.



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13. - Justsaying - you think we should forgive and forget 9/11? Mahoundians (yes this is a correct term but not very flattering) NEVER forgive and forget - Shia and sunni have been at war with each other since mahound(mohammed)died 632 AD. Sunni insist his successor should be by consensus, shia insist it must be a direct descendant of Mahound, the pedophile warlord. They still kill each other to this day about this(google images of "ashura" to see it, simply delightful!).

You think bin laden picked the date September 11 out of a hat? On September 11-12 1683, at Vienna, the army of Jan Sobieski the polish king defeated islamic forces that had almost taken over all of Europe. That was a humiliating defeat for islam. bin laden was taking revenge for that defeat. That was CENTURIES AGO.

Mahoundians always built a victory mosque on the ruins of the house of worship of every land they conquered (eg. Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, now Istanbul, also Cordoba, Spain). Hence the striving to put another on Ground Zero. And no, it is not two blocks away. The building they want to turn into their disgusting mosque has a part of the fuselage embedded in it from one of the planes that hit the Trade Towers. That makes the Burlington Coat Factory PART OF GROUND ZERO. They are also still finding human DNA several blocks away from the Trade Centre site.

Learn some history about islam and their centuries old quest to gain world dominance. The so-called crusades were the response of islamic nonstop agression against Europe and pilgrimages of Jews and Christians to Jerusalem, this attack went on for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS before Europe finally struck back! All this is easily available for anyone to research. No excuse for ignorance about this death cult!

1482 days ago

Shannon Steward    

This c rag has no business commenting on anything other than jizz guzzling.

1482 days ago


Why is it that of all the races on this earth, justsaying always has something negative to say regarding White people? Your the biggest racist on TMZ! I wish you'd keep your thoughts and anger issues to yourself. Nobody owes you anything, except a swift kick in the ass out the door, Chumpy Chump!!!

1482 days ago


Americans are so dumb, most still don't know what building 7 was.

Anyways 911 = inside job...

1482 days ago


O-M-GEE! Who gives a damn what this chick has to say?

1482 days ago


Some of you are so ignorant. Yeah, she looks like a horse, big deal. Do you have to be beautiful and flawless to have an opinion? This thread should be about the mosque, the subject at hand, not about what she looks like. Do all of you look perfect--probably not, but do you have an opinion about the subject? Next time you voice your opinion about something, if you're intelligent to have one, that is, I hope whoever you're talking to says "well look at your f*cking huge nose, and your a$$ is huge"

1482 days ago


I couldn't focus on nothin' but them BIG AZZ FAKE AZZ LIPS...ick. :/

How dreadful.

1482 days ago


So she made money - around 1.5 million dollars - from her fiance dying at ground zero and then she made more money - about 10 million dollars - through legalized blackmail for messing around with a married man who happened to be Tiger Woods.

Geez, how much money can this girl make off the misfortunes of men that she has banged?

1482 days ago


Seriously, how many women on this board look even half this good. My guess is NONE

1482 days ago


#'s 76 and 80, THANK YOU! Finally this thread has two legitimate posts on it. If any of you had a family member or loved one killed by someone, would you want a shrine to the murderer erected where it happened? Didn't think so...
Are you all really that immature that all you can focus on during such an important discussion are her lips and teeth? If so, I really wouldn't admit to being that intellectually challenged

1482 days ago


Who cares what this skanky, horsemouth, homewrecker has to say. She needs to fall off the face of the earth and TMZ this is not celebrity newsworthy because she'd have to be a celebrity first

1482 days ago


Do you spit or swallow?
With lips like that, I get it's the latter.

1482 days ago


HEY... Christain, WHITE person here. Just a little FYI.. I'm completely fine with ALL races, and ALL religions. I'm so sick of everyone hating "WHITE PEOPLE" and "CHRISTAINS". This country is so messed up. I'm also from a good ol' country bumpkin', Bible thumpin' state down here in ol' Jawga. I have an education, all of my teeth, my very own business, and I LOVVVVVE GAY PEOPLE.

1482 days ago


Hey don't forget besides Tiger, David Boreanaz and Derek Jeter rode the galloping horse too. This creature must be really strong to keep up with all these cowboys.

1482 days ago


her lips are hideous!! yes, she DOES look like mr. ed and probably blows horses w/her horse lips. no doubt she has a pair of stinky horse lips in her pants. nayyyy! like we really care about her opinion!

1481 days ago
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