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Dog Chapman Hospitalized in Los Angeles

10/3/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles last night after he was injured while on a bounty hunt, this according to his wife Beth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter hospitalized.
Dog was taken to UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for internal bleeding. His wife posted a statement on Dog's official website, saying, "He was admitted for tests for a possible blood clot following an injury he suffered on a bounty hunt. Duane is in very capable hands and and we thank everyone for their prayers."

He was released and is expected to make a scheduled appearance at at the Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose, CA.

UPDATE: This morning, Beth tweeted: "Yes dog is injured it is an occupational hazard that we deal with he is very strong and in excellent condition he will 4 sure survive."


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Can we get a little more detail please?

An abdominal blood clot is a pretty vague diagnosis. If this is in the abdomen itself (peritoneal space), then it indicates internal hemorrhage, and requires exploratory laporotomy to track it down. He would probably go from ER to trauma surgery. If it is in a major abdominal vessel (like in mesenteric artery), then this could be a surgical emergency to prevent bowel ischemia. That could result from cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fib or mural thrombosis from an old MI). Alternatively, if it's in some other vessel, like hepatic vein thrombosis (Budd-Chiari), then it may be the result of stasis or genetic coagulopathy. Possibly low-molecular weight Heparin could do the trick, which is non-trauma.

1446 days ago

Moe Green    

Hey 97, TV is a visual media. It's certainly fair to comment on a how ugly reality tv stars appear on tv.

1446 days ago

Cmdr Red    

I have watched the show in the past and watched it to get a few laughs. Hacing been in the law enforcement field, I find it very funny that a guy can run down the street carrying a paint gun as a weapon along with a giant can of pepper spray shooting your under arrest. In my neck of the woods, we would have locked his crazy ass up along with his little posse. He is an embarrasement and yes a racist. I think if he tried that stuff in New Pork, Chicago or DC he would have been shoot or locked up. I harbor no ill will to him but think there our better role models out there than a bible thumping( alledged Christian) qho berets the person than try's to preach to them. GIVE ME A BREAK. Any way don't wish him harm and hope he gets better and maybe get off the air.

1446 days ago


this guy needs 2 take care of himself and his kids and maybe the last 2 wont be a screwed up as the rest and as bad off as all the ones he refuses to claim as his. christopher, wesley, james, tucker, barbara katy, nick, terry and jason all need/needed a dad 2 not just the ones on the show that help make u money.

1446 days ago


Funny looking racist creep.

1446 days ago

Moe Green    

Dog, Beth, think stylist. That tatted street look works with the kids. You two look ridiculous. Who dresses like that?

1445 days ago


Enough Already !!!! Does anyone take this clown seriously ? He comes
across like some tough bastard when all he ever tries to catch are
burnt out crack or meth heads.Let him venture into the HOOD looking
for dudes and see what happens.Or let him go after murderers and the
likes ? This STOOGE is a recovering Crack head and a known racist.
Why his T.V. show is still on the air is a joke ? I watched one of
his shows a few years back and he tried to arrest a Samoan dude who was at least 230 lbs. and when the guy said c'mon Dog come and put
me in cuffs,I dare you.He turned and got back in his car and called the police.Any one who continues to watch this A Hole is gotta be on
the crack also.His fat wife has more moxy then this clown.

1445 days ago


He has become a parody of himself.

1445 days ago


Why is this news??????????? Why do people need to know his personal health information?

I would think that should be something private between him and his family.

I hope this is not done for ratings. THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET.

I hope he is okay.

1445 days ago


As with other dogs put him to sleep, racist prick.

1445 days ago


If Brad and Angelina are "Brangelina".

Then wouldn't Dog & Beth be called "Deth" ?

1445 days ago


I wonder if he and Lindsay get their hair extensions done at the same beauty shop.

1445 days ago


@#111, FlBiker, I wanna say "thank you", but that was rough to read. Truth hurts. Dog made no sense in his rant. That's what is recorded, God knows what conversations they have in the office and at home. He is a racist, period. Anyone denying that, I hate to hear what comes out of your mouth.

And for those who cannot understand the negative comments...not for you to understand. Because those of us "hate mongers" look at your comments with confusion and sadness as well. But that is what makes the world goes round. Whether you type it or not, you have to agree that they look and dress absolutely ridiculous and out of date, touch and time.

1445 days ago


arf arf ..shhh im talking to his ugly wife,,

1445 days ago

get a life ho    

Calling him white trash .,.,.,,is an insult to actual white trash .

This dog has fleas and should be put down ASAP

Is it me or doesn't he look like Keith Richards long lost brother ?

1445 days ago
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