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Oprah and Oksana -- Ebony and Ivory

10/4/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine this ... Oprah Winfrey the most powerful person in the history of television -- and now the tool of one Oksana Grigorieva ... who is using the talk show queen to jump start her music career.

Sources tell TMZ ... a camera crew from the "Oprah" show rolled over to Oksana's home in Sherman Oaks on Friday to shoot some footage for Oksana's upcoming appearance ... but there was a secret agenda.

As we previously reported, Oksana agreed to do an exclusive sit-down with Oprah and spill her guts about Mel -- but in return, Oksana wanted to showcase her musical "talents" on TV ... and Oprah caved.

As for the sit-down part of the interview -- we're told "Oprah" producers are trying to push it to happen ASAP ... but so far no firm date has been set.

No comment from Team Oprah.



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Oprah is a two-faced lying POS.

1477 days ago


I wonder if she did a cover of Pink Floyd's tune "Money"?

1477 days ago


I was waiting for this...knew it was going to happen.

And now we have Oprah. She would never have gotten this show without the PR help she has now. I couldn’t understand why Horowitz was behaving more like some sleazy PR schmooze than a litigator. This isn’t about truth, jury pools, or tainting jury opinion…this is about selling her to the public…selling her music career…selling OG.

1477 days ago


I dunno what Oprah's angle is. They said this is her last season, so I'm thinking she may want some explosive shows on her way out. Don't count Oprah out yet. She's a smart woman who knows her stuff. This isn't her first rodeo, she undoubtedly knows how to search out people's backgrounds & check stories to see where is the truth & where is the lies.

She does have ties to many of the Hollywood execs, but for now I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt. She could be setting Oksana up. She could be wanting to help bring Mel down. We don't know, and won't know until the show is taped. I'm just going to pray about this. Oprah being a billionaire, I am sure she has had a bevy of people in her past that have tried to manipulater her, & extort her. She surely knows how some people are all too eager to try to take you down. Look at what Kitty Kelly has done to her with that book that just came out. Oprah knows the game, & how low people are willing to go for money & fame.

I'm just going to withold judgement because I don't know her. I'm just going to pray God's will be done. God bless her. I hope she does the right thing. It's a great opportunity for her.. She could send a HUGE message to extortionists. I hope she does!

1477 days ago


"CLICK" off goes my TV

1477 days ago


Tv screens all around the world are about to have a fuse blown on the day this is aired..........

1477 days ago


i am so tired of this woman. like heidi and spence, she has overstayed her 15 minutes. c'mon TMZ, bounce this **** offa here!

1477 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Oprah will lose all credibility if she lets the Nutcase OX on her show. What are you thinking, Oprah? How much are you paying her? Isn't there a Court Order NOT to discuss this case (fight) in public? It's not easy to witness a desperate woman going right down the drain but OX got herself in this mess by all her lies and money mooching.

1477 days ago


TMZ: Go right on posting these articles. You are one of the very few outlets that was reporting the truth and the facts all along. Bravo to you, Harvey!

1477 days ago


Yea, I didn't think they had taped it yet. I think they are still in the gathering info stage, before they sit down with her for an interview.

I think it's very telling Oksana demanded to perform, making that a condition to granting the interview. This is a trainwreck waiting to happen! If anyone wants to see the emails Oprah's show sent out, I got one & will copy & post it if you are curious. Just let me know.

Posted at 10:50 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by TrumanD


Please, please, please. I do think that Oprah can be swayed by public opinion, and I hope that she will do her best to expose the truth.

However, I do think that the Jerry Springer show would be a more appropriate venue.

1477 days ago


Nothing to say on this subject. We discussed it extensively last week. So what?

Tee hee

1477 days ago


Please, please, please don't tell me that Oprah is going to suck up to Oksy After all her years in broadcasting, this is beneath her. She has to see that Oksy's team is trying to use her.

On the other hand, perhaps Oprah is giving her enough rope to hang herself. By allowing her to "perform," everyone has to see that Mel had fallen into "stupid love" with this woman. There's no other explanation for giving her a contract.

I'm going to try and give Oprah the benefit of the doubt, but if Oksy's team doesn't agree to a date soon AND if they try and add too many conditions to this interview, it's defintely not going to happen.

1477 days ago


What was Oprah's secret agenda? Does she believe Oksana's Papa about there being rats in the baby's room? gmafb. Is Oprah that gullible?

True domestic violence victims will be hurt or murdered when Oskana is allowed to spin herself as some sort of hero on Oprah's show. She'll tell them to try this too....push their buttons, manipulate them, shake em down for $$$! Don't involve the stinking cops, do it all yourself by calmly, coldly, pushing every button on their soul, cause you know every one. Watch there be blood and mayhem on Oprah's hands.

1477 days ago


I've lost a lot of respect for Oprah. Why on earth would she want this money-grubbing gold-digger on her show? HoSana has already proven herself a liar and fame-whore. Now, she demans to sing on Oprah's show? Yeah. I have no interest.

1477 days ago


Is she going to say she didn't know he was a convicted felon? I can't imagine her distancing herself from Herzog that easily. It seems really odd that they share a lawyer. Could they have somehow bound Herzog that he will be unable to speak up in his defence?

1477 days ago
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