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Oprah and Oksana -- Ebony and Ivory

10/4/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine this ... Oprah Winfrey the most powerful person in the history of television -- and now the tool of one Oksana Grigorieva ... who is using the talk show queen to jump start her music career.

Sources tell TMZ ... a camera crew from the "Oprah" show rolled over to Oksana's home in Sherman Oaks on Friday to shoot some footage for Oksana's upcoming appearance ... but there was a secret agenda.

As we previously reported, Oksana agreed to do an exclusive sit-down with Oprah and spill her guts about Mel -- but in return, Oksana wanted to showcase her musical "talents" on TV ... and Oprah caved.

As for the sit-down part of the interview -- we're told "Oprah" producers are trying to push it to happen ASAP ... but so far no firm date has been set.

No comment from Team Oprah.



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As much as I have been Team Mel, I have taken offense at people using Oksana's ethnicity as a judjement against her.
Furthermore Does anybody really believe she would be found guilty of extortion meuch less go to jail.
Do any Mel supporters really believe anybody would take her kids away from her? seriously..get a grip.
Oprah is a big fan of Josh Grobin and as much as I hate to believe it.OKSANA HAS A COMPELLING CASE AGAINST MEL GIBSON

1449 days ago


@Belinda - Elvira won't cry. Sociopaths only cry when they are feeling bad for themselves. She will however dab at dry eyes to give the appearance of crying.

1449 days ago

Fidel's niece    

OPRAH got fooled by James Frey first,
now second time by HO$ana,

Oprah, Oprah, girl you are loosing it!

The great Oprah getting fooled twice on her own show! LOL!

1449 days ago


TrumanD, thanks for pulling an Ok$ana and leaking the email despite it being STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

I know I asked for it, but I wasn't aware of the privacy verbiage in the email (although I should have known it would be there). I don't want to get anyone in trouble or otherwise jeopardize the site. Did TMZ did a copy of the email before it was posted here?

I wonder if the Oprah show acquiring video taped opinions are a tactic to grill Ok$ana without Oprah getting her hands dirty?

I am mostly curious about whether the gag order has been lifted? If it hasn't been lifted, shouldn't the Judge either force her to terminate the interview or limit what is said?

1449 days ago


"Will Herzog and Horowitz be at Oksana's side during the taping of Oprah? After all, she cannot make a move without them telling her what to do. bwhahaha!

Posted at 11:15 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by kickaboo

No Horowitz will be in the studio with the celeb O where he likes to be. O the Ho and the Porker will be live from the Jacuzzi where she likes to be. Hopefully the show will air on Halloween with a rerun on April Fools Day.

1449 days ago


"CLICK" off goes my TV

Posted at 11:01 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by Mike


Yes, much better to get your "news" from gossip rags like TMZ. Go TEAM MEL! *rolls eyes*

1449 days ago


Oprah is a big fan of Josh Grobin and as much as I hate to believe it.OKSANA HAS A COMPELLING CASE AGAINST MEL GIBSON

Posted at 11:37 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by zoody

If by "compelling" you mean based on lies, doctored tapes and photoshopped abuse photos then yes it is is "compelling." It's compelling what a sociopath will resort to for money and revenge. GIbson is obeying a gag order and hasn't even begun to play yet. Then you will see what compelling really means.

1449 days ago


So it appears the reason Oprah's production people asked for film from people that wrote to her was that so Gollumwitz could see the faceless people behind the insults. Oprah complied. Oprah's people said it was a show in emails. Oprah lied. I tried to warn you guys to be careful of Oprah. That's why I didn't write to complain about the Ox interview. I don't trust that phony beotch as far as I could throw her. And trust me I couldn't throw her.

Posted at 11:14 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by Tellthetruth59


Hi Tell! I wrote an e-mail to the Oprah Show, but asked that I not be contacted for any kind of video or Q & A live contact since I would not watch this show. (They ask these questions on her website when you send in an e-mail.) I did say that they could use my name and city/state location if they wanted to refer to/read the e-mail on the show. I may be faceless, but I won't be nameless if that's the kind of game Horowitz wants to play.

But I knew from day one that this PR stunt was to showcase OG's "music"...very little to do with Mel.

1449 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Oprah got duped by James Frey (A Million Little Pieces) which turned out to be a million little lies,

now Oprah is being duped by Ho$ana...

Oprah selling Ho$ana's "Music"...
That is why Ho$ana insisted on playing her music,
and "playing" Oprah too!

Sad, Oprah, you have lost your grip!

1449 days ago


I'm a little surprised and disappointed that Oprah would jump on that before the dust even settled. Oksana for sure is going to try to discredit Mel 'cause what else would anyone want to talk to her about. It's a little unfair to Mel unless Oprah, that same night, airs an interview with Mel. Nobody cares about Oksana's singing.

1449 days ago


"Will Herzog and Horowitz be at Oksana's side during the taping of Oprah? After all, she cannot make a move without them telling her what to do. bwhahaha!

Posted at 11:15 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by kickaboo


I don't doubt for a minute that either Horowitz or her legal team will be there to coach OG on what to say when Oprah questions her.

1449 days ago


Yes, much better to get your "news" from gossip rags like TMZ. Go TEAM MEL! *rolls eyes*

Posted at 11:44 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by gimmeabreak

hey, slime ball, do you have anything to add other than insults????

No, I didn't think so. Can't fit much thought in that pea size brain of yours. Better get back to your shinebox, boy....

1449 days ago


The "Team Mel" fools are starting to look like the biggest tools around. Oh well, ignorance is bliss as they say... *rolls eyes*

Posted at 11:34 AM on Oct 4, 2010 by gimmeabreak

You are free to voice your own opinion, as the rest of us are. I am not afraid of Oprah, or Oksana, or Harvey, or anyone else. These are comment boards, we are all free to give our own opinions. Whether we are right or wrong, we still are allowed to say what we think! I have said time & again in my posts that these are MY opinions. And I stand by them. I am not ashamed for speaking out on what I think are right & wrong things going on in this mess. And nobody can tell me what to think, or what to say or not say. As long as I abide by the TMZ rules on posting, I am free to voice my opinion. This is not a communist nation where people cower in fear, & are afraid to speak their minds. As long as I am not yelling FIRE in a theatre, or outright lying in an attempt to defame someone, I will continue to exercise my freedom of speech. This isn't China, this is TMZ for Pete's sake! Let Freedom Ring!!!

People have already been sued over blogs & comment boards... the precedents have already been set. I don't think anyone here has broken any laws in anything they've said, or any information they have passed along, in regards to Oksana. This story interests many of us. We have a right to come here to TMZ & engage like minded individuals & discuss this case. Sorry that so upsets the people here defending Oksana. Surely you knew this was going to happen. We're Americans, we are not morons. The truth of her past was bound to come out. What, are we not allowed to talk about her? Get outta' here... that's what celebrity gossip comment boards are about! Just ask Teli Tequila... and Brittney Spears.. and Paris Hilton... and Lindsay Lohan... and bla bla bla.

We gossip. Get over it. None of us here posting put any of this in motion. Oksana has done this. It's not Mel, he hasn't spoken to anyone about any of this. It's your girl. She did this. For money, she said it in the email she sent Mel. Out of her own mouth. No use crying over spilled milk. It's done now. Can't be undone. It is what it is. Deal with it.

1449 days ago


truth, I don't think Oprah would share who these people are, unless there is a court order.

As for me, if I were asked to give my opinion on a show and it came based on info on the web and I was giving my opinion. I'd do it. Everyone is so afraid of lawsuits that justice never prevails. When you sign up to oprah it states they won't give out your info.

If they did that all the time there wouldnt' be a show. I would hope that she shows some sense in this. If not, then the two will be saying what they have found and what their opinions are. If you site news articles then how exactly can they get you?

If you are a domestic violence victim and you are standing up for something you believe is slighting DV survivors then how can they say much to that?

1449 days ago


Well said, TrumanD!

1449 days ago
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