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Dwyane Wade's Ex -- Psych Tests Demanded in Court

10/5/2010 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwyane Wade's ex-wife needs a checkup from the neck up ... according to the attorney appointed to look out for the former couple's kids during their ongoing child custody trial.

According to new documents filed in Chicago -- and obtained by TMZ -- the attorney, Lester L. Barclay claims, "There is a question as to the mental condition and violent tendencies" of Siohvaughn Wade.  

In the filing, Barclay claims Siohvaughn's own testimony has revealed a history of extreme violence -- and he believes she has "homicidal" and "suicidal" tendencies.

Bottom line ... Barclay is asking the court to force Siohvaughn to undergo a psychiatric evaluation with a court-approved psychiatrist -- and he wants their two kids to stay with Dwyane while the trial continues.

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Thank god comments 12 to 14 were reasonable, the rest of you are shockers! And Rachel @Comment 2 you're almost scarier than her!

Mental illness can raise its head at any stage of life. Lawyers and the such, love to stick it to celebrities and be biased (even when they say they aren't) The kids attorney would have to truly be concerned for the kids safety to take them away from their mother. He doesn't base his opinion on what Wades camp says, he bases it on what she says and does!
Its unfortunate but some people have illness' that mess with your head, thats how come you read about all the nasty stuff in the real media. Parents who kill their kids and themselves, it happens everyday. It must be an incredibly scary experience for all people involved. Dwayne must be very relieved he has got his kids, and that his former wife will get the help she needs. I doubt he hates her, he must see shes sick.

1486 days ago

Desita Christopher    

It is sad that it has to come to this i don't think she's mad just broken hearted and cnt beleived that the man she was with when he was nothing became something and thought that she should stay where he met her on the outside looking in its looks like her whole world is coming down on her and the person she trusted with her life shot her from behind its dissapointing that gabriella smiles for the camera with all the trouble she has caused i wonder if something happens to him like an injury(god forbid) if she will be smiling or even around smh my prayers are with the you shiobvian hope u dont lose your kids in all of this just pray....

1486 days ago


"say all that you want about her; Dwayne was well aware of all of this before he married her". Wasn't they high school sweethearts?

save all of the drama, name calling for the birds; it's takes two to tango

I see that million contracts make people do foolish things;

Closing thought: "if you dig one hole; it's better to dig two because the hole you dig for me will be the one you fall in"

1486 days ago


OMG if you don't know the story then STFU!!! Dwyane was NOT the one to CHEAT, SHE DID!! Not only was she cheating, she contracted a STD from her lover and tried to say it was Dwyane so he wouldn't find out she was cheating...She was SPENDING Dwyane MONEY on ANOTHER MAN! She wasn't even sure THE KIDS was HIS!!! She is a VIOLENT PERSON as stated in this article...if u knew the SITUATION which is PUBLIC COURT DOCS...U wouldn't be trying to bash Dwyane and give her sympathy! The REASON he got his kids now b/c she wasn't let him see them as the JUDGE stated...this chick has messed up a lot of business deals for him...she CRAZY as hell..then u wanna know why he left her! how many basketball players you know can be faithful to their wives?? Dwyane was the faithful one, it was the WIFE who wasn't!! She let the MONEY get to her head!!! So b4 u go trashing Dwyane at least Know THE FACTS!!!

1485 days ago


This women must be emotionally distraught, behind all the emotional damage he has caused! I will never understand how people destroy you and then judge you!

1485 days ago


She not crazy, she is hurt. Has any one including her cheating husband sat back and realized the situation she is in. First of we are talking a bout a couple who have been together for sometime, who made two children a family for her as a black women have to wake up and realize not only is your husband leaving you, wanting OUT, But he parading around the bitch he ****ing HELLO PEOPLE. And the worst is to go to court and find out that one of your best friends who you have known all your ****ing life turn they back on you and talk about what you have done( Siohvaugh Wade) had an abortion either by her husband or some guy she was creeping with, her friend told it in court. then for a couple of days later for Dwayne to come out and say " oh now i know where i got the STD from it wasn't my "jump off" it was my wife". yea whatever so lame but i could see how she may be loosing it. But you know Gabby gonna get hers no matter how people think. You don't **** with nor parade your raped ass around the public with no marry man like it's ok. no wonder why her husband didn't fight their divorce that man ran for the hills. Dwayne and gabby belong together they so disrespectful. it won't surprise me if one of them popped up dead behind all this.

1484 days ago


The minute a woman stands up for herself against(especially a powerful man)in a divorce she is labeled as crazy and unstable "Yeah right!"Keep on Keepin on SioVaughn God's got your back Sis:)

863 days ago
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