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Lisa Rinna's Banged Up Boutique

10/5/2010 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pictures tell the story -- Lisa Rinna's boutique in Sherman Oaks was burglarized this AM, courtesy of what looks like a crowbar.

As we previously reported, Rinna and hubby Harry Hamlin were about to go live on "Today" when their phone rang and they learned someone had broken into their Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks.  We're told the thief/thieves made off with a bunch of clothes -- including jeans, jackets, sweaters and dresses.

The alarm went off at around 7 AM PT. 

No suspects, but be on the lookout for a possible male suspect wearing a really stylish dress.



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I missed this obvious high alert breaking news because the second I saw that these two were going to be on the Today Show, I turned the TV to local news. They'll both show up for an envelope opening. TIRED THIRD ACT, both of them.

1443 days ago


Maybe they thought her lips were in there....those things are so phoney and scarey looking. Does she really think she looks good?

1443 days ago


I definitely call it staged/fake. They needed a way to plug their boring show that wasn't as boring as all the others plugging their show, plus why would the cell phone be on while they are preparing to go on the air?

Let's hope those two ***clowns (and their L.A. accomplice "burglar") get thrown in jail for wasting the cops time from investigating real crimes and for insurance fraud.

1443 days ago


SUSPECT: Oksana Grigorieva?

1443 days ago


who watches tv land this is a joke

1443 days ago


I soooooo agree, this was a PR stunt!! That harry is soooo damn OLD n ole hag LIVER LIPS thinks she's 25-years old, you're 125 LIVE LIPS!!! Why even bother w/ this stupid ass show, the ratings ARE already -50 -50 MINUS!!!! Bye-Bye!!!!

1443 days ago

Mel from Malibu    

Improperly secured Door Lock System.. It was easy to use a crowbar because of the soft wood door sash..It needed a steel plate to cover the door sah recessed into the frame.. it would be near impossible to pry it open...but then There's this glass door to smash through .. It could have been made secure with some pretty ornamental iron work to keep the intruders from passing through.. and for the large picture windows they have roll-down metal shades during closing time.. In this day and time of thievery one must take precautions..

1443 days ago



Your stupid. You forgot your OWN password YOU set up, how would ADT know it was you and not some burglar who cut YOUR phone line and broke into YOUR home, then picked up the phone and couldn't identify the password YOU set up. Seriously, imagine if that had been a real break in at your house and they just said "oh ok I believe you I wont send the police".,...6 hours later, FAMILY MURDERED ON XMAS...ADT failed to verify the caller. I would rather be safe than sorry, and its not their fault YOU forgot the password YOU set up.

Also, you ripped the system off the wall, so yeah ADT can't monitor if you ripped it out stupid.

Also the LA police department ONLY responds VERIFIED to alarm events, that is why people in the LA area who have alarms need to have armed guard response. The last thing the police department needs is to respond to false alarms. ADT has no idea if there was an actual break in OR just the door being opened. ADT monitors homes/businesses for alarm events, break ins and smoke/fire. If the motion detector goes off, they cant tell if its a person or an animal. It just detects yeah, someone might get a call because of the alarm going off.

1443 days ago



You wrote: "Your stupid."

Your words, not mine.
It should have been, "you're stupid." As in "you are". Not, "your stupid."

So, who's stupid now?

Sorry, couldn't resist, lol.

1443 days ago


no wonder celebs sometimes snub people, who the heck can they trust? people could be sizing them up listening in on private convos and strike when they know something will be unguarded i.e. house, car, boutique they (celebs) cant trust anyone any more! cept' maybe their cat or dog probably not so much the cat, you can never tell what they're thinking!! just trying to lighten the mood. i feel bad for Rinna hope she had insurance!

1443 days ago


Poor Lisa. First, her this.

1443 days ago


I always thought they seemed like a nice couple. I really hope their show does not come off as the usual reality BS.

1443 days ago


Oh pleaseeeeeeeeee, give me a break. The call just happened to come in while harry holding the phone in his hand, talking during an interview on TV, yeah right !!!!!! Lisa didn't look too upset about it. Worse PR stunt ever !!!!!!!!!

1443 days ago


What is up with the invisable yet seen mustash above her upper lip????? She should really stop it already, I really thought he was the smart one of this twosome but he falls right in line with her...

1442 days ago
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